Monday, March 31, 2014

Bean is 1 month

I cannot even believe it but my baby is 1 month old already. I am so in love with this sweet boy of mine, my 3rd son. He is such a nice baby and I am so loving this newborn phase. I don't want to rush it, I want time to slow down so that I can savor every single minute. Things are going so smoothly with Bean, the transition at home with his big brothers Tman and Jbird, our recovery, just life in general. I am so thankful for this easy transition as all my worries melted away once our Bean got here.

I took a  few pictures of my baby a few days ago and let me tell you, I just died over his cuteness. He totally was cooperating well for a few minutes then all hell broke loose and I had to stop. I did get a lot of great pictures, I mean look at this beautiful baby boy with his bear hat
Are you taking pictures of me
I think he is waving at me here :). This little boy is getting chunkier everyday. He is my best nurser so far. He gained almost 3lbs since his last visit and is now a nice 11lbs 6oz of perfection.
And of course any photoshoot with a baby ends in cries but his face is so cute I couldn't resist sharing
I took the hat off and put a shirt on him and he was a happy camper again :)
Sweet beautiful baby feet, I kiss these daily :)

And baby's hand with beautiful tiny fingers

And look who is ready for tummy time. Tman loved it and Jbird hated it, I can't wait to see how Bean feels about it. Oh and all the hair on his head is just so beautiful, my other boys were bald
Bean and I get our one on one time when the big boys are napping but even better when they go to bed at night. We usually don't go down for the night until well after midnight. He is not sleeping much, maybe about 2 hours at a time but that's totally expected at this age plus none of my other boys ever slept much until about 6 months or so. Now that he is more awake, we spent a good hour gazing into each others eyes and making funny faces :). It's the little things that make life sweet I tell you

I took a bunch of pic of me and Bean hanging out a few nights ago and it was so much fun. Me making faces at Bean while he was wide awake
 I am clearly boring because Bean is yawning like crazy
 Then I nursed him and he fell asleep on my chest. Loving the food coma sleep
 I am barely awake and Bean is sleeping peacefully
Complete happiness, just me and my sleepy Bean. I love this boy of mine and who can resist such a sweet sleepy face with his mouth wide open :)
It's been such an amazing first month with my 3rd son. I am so in love with the baby phase, the cuddles, the kisses, the food comas, the milk smell, the cheeks. I love it all and I am trying to soak every minute of it. I thank God everyday for this new blessing that joined our family a month ago and has changed our family forever for the better. Happy 1 month, we love you sweet Bean to the moon and back.


  1. He is so, so beautiful! I can't believe he is one month already!

  2. That little bean is adorable!! Happy one month.

  3. Time is really flying by... One month?!?! These pics are really adorable!

  4. 1 month already, time is definitely flying. Enjoy every moment you can.

  5. Gosh how cute is this little guy??? VERY!!! He looks like a very calm baby! Can't believe its already been a month. I feel like you just posted that you had him.

    Happy one month bean!

  6. He CANNOT be a month already LOL! What in the world- the time is really flying! He's beautiful (just like his brothers). Enjoy your time with your sweet boys!

  7. Oh my goodness, this post is just the sweetest!! His little hat is just adorable. Love all the pictures. I definitely did not savor the newborn experience and now that I can see things so much clearer now (thanks so sleep the past few months!) I can appreciate those moments now!! It goes by so fast!

  8. Bean is perfect! I am happy you are adjusting well and enjoying this time! You look incredible! Must be that post-partum glow!! :)

  9. Bean is just so precious...time is flying!! Can't wait to meet him this summer!!

  10. I love these pic's of you two!
    I am so happy everything is going well!