Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bean is 7 months

My little beanie baby is 7 months, wooohoooo. He is growing like a weed, healthy and strong. I have a 7-month old you guys, it is so surreal, I feel like I need to start planning his 1st birthday party or something ;).

My favorite milestone this month is that Bean is now adorning our walls :). I know it's not a big deal for most but it was bothering me for months and I am glad I finally go my act together. My 3 sons are now all over our walls and I love it :).
Bean is officially crawling backwards. When you put him on the floor, he can get wherever he wants to go backwards. It is so much fun to watch. It won't be long until he is moving all over the house
Working out with daddy :)
Bean is still a very happy baby. I just love the giggles when we make eye contact. He is just so happy to see me all the time and I just love that. He is not quite sleeping through the night but we are down to waking up only once at night. Once we drop that middle of the night wake up, we are going to be golden. I can't wait for that milestone.
Bean makes the best faces right now and it is so fun to watch

Laughing out loud at this sweet face
We started solid food but Bean is not really a fan., he always starts with a happy smile then makes the craziest face once he tries the food. He is so funny my son. His first meal was avocado just like his brothers before him.
What is this green thing mommy
I am not sure that I like this
Ok fine, I'll try another spoon
I definitely don't like it
Give me that spoon mommy, I got this
His brothers are still so in love with him, particularly Tman. He always wants to protect him and make sure everything is ok. Tman showers him with kisses daily, he is one lucky little brother
Happy 7th month my sweet Bean, I am so happy that you are now all over the walls in our house. You are such an easy and sweet baby, how did we get so lucky. We love you to the moon and back.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall is here

Fall is here you guys and there is no turning back. The cooler temperature are here to stay. I love Summer but I definitely love these cooler temperatures. We've been enjoying this weather and our relaxed weekend.

Hubby and his dad went to a Redskins game this past week and geared up of course. We are trying to turn hubby's dad into a Redskins fan, clearly it's working :) too bad our team did not do so well.
I of course had to snap a picture of them with the boys. 3 generations of handsome men
Me and my boys just because they look so awesome

Bean is growing up so much. As the baby, he gets to spend loads of time with his grandmas. He is a lucky boy like that

We brought bike riding back. Now that water play is not an option anymore we are all about riding bikes. The boys were so happy to get the bikes outside and ride around the neighborhood. My boys just want to live outside I tell you.

These happy smiles say it all

By the way, Tman is full on pedaling now. So crazy to me
Speaking of bike, Bean tried his hand at the bike with granddad. He is definitely not ready yet.

Hello handsome boy
On Sunday the house was quiet for about a half hour and we thought we should check on the big boys. Look what they were up to in the office, tsk tsk tsk.
And because my beanie baby makes the most adorable faces, here are a few adorable pictures of him. Crying his eyes out because I took something away then 2 minutes later smiling
I told you he is a happy baby
Have you welcomed fall? are you excited for this new season? I am loving it and I hope you are too.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Our family pictures are here

Our family pictures are here and I must say I am absolutely in love with them. Despite the kids being crazy and uncooperative, our photographers still got some amazing shots. I highly recommend doing professional family pictures once a year of your family. It's nice to get everyone dressed up and immortalize those shots. I have already ordered about 8 of my favorites to update our family pictures around the house :). Bean is finally going to be all up on our walls.

We took the pictures in our backyard and our bedroom. I always like to do pictures with babies at home because it is so much easier to manage them in our own setting and I can do multiple outfits. I picked my dress and organized everyone's outfit around me. I must say the colors came together nicely.

We started outside and went straight for the family pictures. You have to get it while the going is good.
 Love love love this one :)
I also wanted pictures of each of us with the boys. Tman's face in this picture just cracks me up, that kid I tell you.
Me and my boys, blessed indeed
I wanted pictures of each of the boys individually and a picture of all of them together. Great success.

Our three sons
We got this bonus picture of Tman and Jbird loving on Bean
After the outside pictures, we came inside, put on our Redskins jerseys and took more pictures. The inside pictures were so much fun, we just played on the bed while they snapped away. We got so many great ones.

Check out my Bean drooling everywhere and looking so adorable
The boys were having a ball

I love that in this picture you can see the top of our bed with our pictures with each kid.
I changed the boys into these awesome shirts I got for them when we found out Bean was a boy. I really wanted a picture of them with those shirts on :). 8 months ago we took this picture during our maternity shoot, Bean was still in the belly.
I love that he is here today wearing his own shirt :).
I love how the photographers captured our family so well. I definitely think that we found our family photographer, they are awesome with the kids and I just like working with them. I have used the word "love" a million times in this post and that's because I really love these pics :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Football season is here

Football season is finally here and our beloved Redskins won their last game, woot woot. I love Fall, particularly early Fall, I mean who doesn't. Two weekends ago we were so busy it was out of control. Between the family photoshoot, a petting zoo and two birthday parties, our heads were spinning. I secretly love this chaos, don't feel bad for me :).

I got a sneak peak from our photoshoot and I am in love, I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. How appropriate that we are all wearing our jerseys. I think the photographer captured the chaos in our family so well. I present to you my new favorite pic of our family
I know, we are such dorks. I couldn't resist buying those coke can, I mean BFF and soulmate totally describe us :). Even hubby agreed and he usually doesn't agree with cheesy stuff.
We took the boys to a petting zoo and boy did they have fun. There were other activities there too so it was playtime, run around time, and pet some animals time. Hubby really got into using the baby carrier with Jbird and he loves doing that now with Bean. I love hubby carrying the baby and Jbird's happy smile because he was allowed to run around freely

Hotness, hubby carrying our beanie baby.
Multi-tasking at its finest, walking, talking and feeding the baby :)
The girls posing as you do on a beautiful day, Go Redskins :)
Saying "hi" to the goat because he was too afraid to touch him.
Jbird calling out the goat when he was finally ready to participate

After the petting zoo we went to a football themed birthday party with my mom, grandma and niece. Me and my grandma with the boys. HAIL :)
My cutie niece representing as you do
Look at those mini redskins fans
Jbird and that happy smile with my friend A and her son. Redskins nation what up
Such a dark picture but look at that happy smile on my Jbird
Oh hey Bean, you did get to spend some time alone with your mommy
We were so tired from all the festivities that weekend. The boys had a ball at the petting zoo and the birthday party. I try to keep them busy and entertained while the weather is nice because as soon as it's cold I am hibernating. My African blood can't handle all that cold weather :). That was a lot of Jerseys in one post. Hope you had a great weekend too.