Sunday, February 26, 2017

A hair update - February 2017

You guys, my hair is growing back healthy and strong and I am so stoked to share what has been happening since the last update in 2016. 9 months is usually the sweet spot where my hair is completely back to normal (minus the length) after every pregnancy. We are only 7 months in and I am already loving the result so I am sure by 9 months I will be even happier with the progress.

Right before Christmas, I gave in and got a major cut. My ends were looking so sad and thin it was not even worth holding on to them. My edges also kept falling and I was so close to buying a wig and calling it a day. Luckily the shedding finally stopped and the hair started growing. I am so happy that after all my major hair losses, my hair always turns around and grows back.

I was really feeling myself after this relaxer. Can you blame me, I finally have edges again :)
Remember what the back looked like the last time I did an update.
This is where we are now 4 months later. I am loving my new thick ends. Though it's short, it is full and I love it
I went from losing this much hair during a wash day
to losing only this much
During the thick of the shedding phase, I didn't want to do much to my hair but just let it be. Once my hair stopped falling, I started doing my weekly deep conditioning again.
The most annoying part of my hair loss is always losing all my edges. For some reason I always go bald there first. This time was not different than any of my other hair loss post pregnancy

My edges on the left side went from looking like this in October
 to this in December
 and this is February (before the relaxer)
 After the relaxer. I am so loving my full edges and baby girl's sweet face. Do you see the short hair sticking out at the top of my head.
My edges on the right side went from looking like this in October
 to this in December
 and this in February (before the relaxer). Are you loving my baby girl's model face and all her rolls
 After the relaxer
I find that though I am prepared for the hair loss, it's extremely nerve wrecking while it's happening. I am so grateful that my hair  still grows back after all that. I am back on my healthy hair journey and I look forward to growing my hair longer and stronger than it's ever been. My babies are worth all the stress that multiple pregnancies have put on my body and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Birthday party for Addison

We celebrated Addison's 2nd birthday party last month. Addison is my friend J's only daughter. J and I met in the pump room at work years ago and have been enjoying celebrating milestones in our lives ever since :). Addison was actually born on Christmas day but J decided to celebrate her birthday a few weeks later so that it didn't conflict with the craziness of the holiday season. Such a great idea.

Chilling with baby girl and J
I just love wearing matching headbands with my mini me, sorry not sorry :)
Hubby chilling with the boys
J had a great set up in her basement for the party. She had lots of fun things for the kids to play with and my boys really enjoyed that.
There was also a TV with cartoons on and a ball pit. My boys were loving all the things that they could play with and spent most of the party going back and forth between the toys and the ball pit.
Bean on the slide
Hubby was chilling with baby girl while I entertained the boys. The party was on a Sunday and there was football on :)
J did such a great job with the decor. I am totally taking notes for Emilia's future birthdays

How amazing is this cake? It was really tasty too
Once it was time to eat, the boys were focused on some cartoon playing on the TV

Hubby and our 4 kids
I love the look on hubby's face so much. Someone complimented him on how poised despite having loads of kids. I love that I captured his smile. We are so done having kids you guys, we are on cloud nine despite being overwhelmed and that surely is the best place to be :)
Emilia chilling with the birthday girl
Look at my big girl playing with Addison
The ball pit was one of the boys' favorite, they spent a lot of time hanging out in here
I am really thinking about getting a pall bit for our house
We had such a great time celebrating Addison's 2nd birthday. I love getting my boys out of the house as much as possible in the Winter so that they can do fun stuff. Birthday parties with kids their age are always a hit. I am so looking forward to baby girl growing up surrounded by girlfriends.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Emilia is 7 months

My baby girl is 7 months, what the what. Time is flying at lightening speed over here. I know I say this every month but how in the world is she 7 months already. It's been a pretty awesome ride the past 7 months. She is doing so much more and is so interactive that the days just fly by.

I compiled this video for her 7th month. The boys really wanted to be part of the video so I let them hang out with her and they loved it. My favorite is definitely towards the end of the video when Tman and Jbird got super excited at Emilia trying to crawl. Jbird even gave her a "high five"
I absolutely love this picture of baby girl looking at her brothers with such adoration. They were jumping all around her and she was just giggling away. This is a new favorite pic for sure
Emilia is lucky to have 3 big brothers who just love being around her.
I love this picture of my four that shows their personality so well. Baby girl fits perfectly with our brood
She is so expressive these days, her face always tells a story. She looks like such a big girl in this picture
She is still such a happy girl who smiles on demand. All I have to do is look at her and she will just start giggling away. The picture is a little over exposed but I just love that it captured our sweet girl in a happy state
I changed her in this beautiful tutu outfit I got. When you are a girl after 3 boys, a tutu should be part of every outfit :)
She got her first fever this month and was down for the count for a few days. I don't like seeing my babies sick. Despite being sick, she was still as happy as can be and she didn't lose any of her rolls. I love my little chunky monkey
She also started babbling away and we are loving it. Sometimes she has such presence when she talks it seems she is trying to boss us around already. Go ahead boss lady, we are wrapped around your finger anyway
The drool, the teeth, the eyes and the attitude just make this picture so perfect
She started crawling a few days shy of 7 months but really didn't master it until today. I can't even believe that my baby is on the move you guys. I am sure she is going to try and keep up with the boys

She is such a happy and content baby. We just love her so much
I told you she has some pretty awesome faces and such beautiful eyes
She was so fascinated by that tutu :). Are you loving her rolls like I am? She is still bald
Happy 7 months baby girl, we are so happy that you joined our family. You've completed our family in the best possible way and we are so thankful that you are here with us. You've reached a big milestone this month when you started crawling and we are so proud of you. We love you Emilia and we are excited to watch you grow everyday.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Inflatable indoor playground

Have you guys been to indoor inflatable playgrounds? My boys love these places and we go every chance we get. While my friend was visiting from out of town, we decided to take the kids to one near our house.

Check out my boys trying a "pin the tail on the donkey" type game on the inflatable house
Our kids had a ball. We were there for about 2 hours and they didn't want to leave. We literally had to bribe them to get them to leave.

Tman going down a slide with a big smile
Jbird was loving it too
Look at my big boy Bean who was a bit unsure about it all
Jbird and that gorgeous smile
Tman and Jason doing a tandem thing down the slide
I had to try it too of course :)
I love this pic of us going down the slide at the same time
We moved to the jump house after a while. Tman being an awesome basketball player

 We tried to take a picture of us with all the kids, it was insane but we managed to make it happen.

Then we were all jumping for join in the jump house
C playing dodge ball with the boys :). The picture is over exposed but I just love all the smiles
Then we went to the "pin the tail on the donkey" type game and the boys were in heaven
My mom joined in on the fun

Tman was really good at it and kept reaching higher and higher

I also joined in on the fun and at first I was not really good at it
but I kept trying until I got it
I love this sweet pic of me and my Jbird. We kept falling and not pin the tail at all

Yay, I got it :)

Tman was so good at it

What a great outing we had with the kids. I don't like doing anything outside in the Winter. This inflatable indoor playground was just what the doctor ordered. The kids had a ball while the adults mostly watched them. If you've never been to one and you have young kids, do no hesitate, take them they will love it.