Sunday, April 27, 2014

A trip to Ottowa and more randomness

We've been busy busy around these parts and definitely loving it. My cousin who lives in Ottawa, Canada needed us to come help her out for a few days. Because I will have no time off at all once I go back to work next month, my mom and I decided to go now while I was still on maternity leave. I couldn't leave my tiny Bean behind at only 6 weeks so he came with us. He is my smallest international traveler to date, he got his passport at a mere 5 weeks old. I was so nervous but he did so well and did not get sick, YAY. I left the big boys at home with hubby and they did well too.

My mom and traveling partner at the airport
I loved that they had this cool waterfall with the name of the town at the airport, my kind of airport. Me and my Bean
We spent most of the trip hanging out and didn't do much sightseeing. It was actually snowing while we were there in the middle of April. Gah, Canada I tell you. My mom and I ended up wearing the same shirt on the day we went home (total accident), my husband joked that I missed seeing my boys in a matching outfit so that's why we did :). He is funny like that.
On the plane ride home. Bean was such a great traveler
After we came back from Ottawa, hubby's sister came to visit from London for a short but very fun trip. We love when they come to visit. I wish they could come more often. One of the days, we left Bean at home with hubby's parents and took the big boys to the mall with the visitors. It was such a fun day for everyone.

Tman in the car with our future brother in law
Hubby's sister with the boys
I love this picture of the boys walking around the mall with their aunt and future uncle
The boys got some play time while we were out, that's always a plus
Oh and let's not forget about Bean who is growing like a weed. He is such a happy go lucky baby smiling all the time even in his sleep
Well hello there Mr. adorable
Hehehehehe, the things I do to my kids I tell you
Bike riding outside is the boys favorite thing to do. Loving that the weather is nice enough that we can do that now
Playing soccer with daddy
Having a picnic in the car while watching a cartoon what what
A few days last week, I had my niece the whole day. 4 kids all day was so crazy you guys but somehow we survived and the boys really had fun hanging out with their cousin.

All 4 kids hanging out peacefully in the family room
Tman loved being close to my niece all day, such a great big brother my son
Both boys loved watching their cousin in the jumperoo
We totally slacked off in the picture taking department and this is the only pic I have of all 3 boys with their aunt
We've had a busy but fun few weeks between traveling and visitors, we are just finally catching our breath. I am loving every minute of this time at home with my boys. I sure want to make the most of the next few weeks before I go back to work full time.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekend fun - the Easter edition

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my last post. I hope you all had a happy Easter. We had an awesome chilled day with our family. We managed to wrangle all 3 kids and take them to Church (big score in my book) and after that we came home and grilled, had a little Easter egg hunt in the house and the front yard, and just spent the day relaxing.

As soon as we got home I made sure to take our pictures before the kids got dirty, that was an awesome move I tell you. You should have seen the boys after the egg hunt, they had chocolate everywhere.  I was so happy when I found a perfect matching shirt for all 3 boys, you know how much I love putting my boys in matching outfits. My husband even played along and put on a shirt that looked a bit like the boys. Easter miracle over here.

Our family of 5 on Easter, thanks be to God
My mom and niece spent the day with us of course. We attempted to take pics with all 4 kids, let me tell you it's hard to get 4 little kids to look at the camera
My boys all in blue :). I am a lucky girl for sure and hubby had his hands full for this picture
Me and my sister in law with the kids and their Easter baskets. Total photo op :). Don't you just love the color combination of my niece and sister in law? She did good for sure.
After the photoshoot, we went back in the house and had a little egg hunt inside. Tman playing shy with his grandma
Me and my Bean with his adorable cheeks, he was not into my photo taking but he is still so adorable. I love this kid
After the egg hunt inside, we ate lunch then went outside for another egg hunt in our front yard. It was such a beautiful day, we had to take advantage of the nice weather. The boys loved every minute of it. Next year, I'll take them to our Church Easter egg hunt, I think they will be old enough to actually enjoy it.

The boys ready for the egg hunt outside. I just love that they are making the same face here
 Tman took his job really seriously, here he is picking up his eggs
He even took Jbird's bag to help him out
Tman was so good, making sure that Jbird also had some eggs in his bag
 Me and my big boys after a successful egg hunt
My Tman is giving his auntie a kiss while Jbird is just stuffing his face with candy :)
And because we were all dressed up, I made sure to take a picture with my hubby. We clean up good
It was clearly a great day because the boys passed out after dinner. Tman passed out on the couch in the most bizarre position but I guess it's pretty comfortable
Jbird passed out in his bed
We had a successful Easter celebration this year. It was really low key but I think the boys enjoyed themselves. Easter is my second favorite holiday after Christmas. I look forward to celebrating and teaching my boys all about it as they get older. Hope you also had a great Easter celebration with your families.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Date night and a post partum update

Hubby and I went on a date night, woop woop. Three kids and we still manage to hang out, nah don't be fooled, my mom and hubby's parents are staying with us so we have plenty of hands to help out.  Getting a clean bill of health after my 6-week post partum appointment coupled with hubby finishing his class motivated us to go out without the kids for a few hours because we could. I couldn't be happier, it's nice to take a little break from the kids from time to time (though I couldn't wait to come home to my Bean, he needs me too much right now).

Me and my main squeeze before we left the house.
Us at dinner with no screaming kids. I must say it was nice to hear ourselves talk :)
Anyway, back to my 6-week post partum update. I still have hair on my head, YAY. I got my hair done in anticipation of the post partum hair loss craziness that always rocks my world after pregnancy around 10ish weeks. Right now my hair is doing amazing but obviously it's too early to tell, I am only 6 weeks post partum.

Me and my Bean with my hair done
I am enjoying my hair right now and so not looking forward to the hair loss but myy Bean is so worth any potential hair loss
As far as the body goes, I got a clean bill of health after my appointment. Also, my belly is down to a reasonable size, my normal clothes fit (though I am still wearing maternity pants, I hate the muffin top) and overall I feel pretty good with what I see, how I feel, and where I am right now

I am also loving the number on the scale. It's not my ideal weight and things are still jiggly everywhere but for being 6 weeks post partum with my 3rd baby, it's an amazing number. Ideally, I want my weight to be somewhere around 135lbs, we are almost there YAY.
This pregnancy was my easiest one yet both emotionally and physically. This has also been my easiest recovery. I guess they are right when they say it gets easier after each pregnancy :). If we are lucky enough to have another baby, I hope that pregnancy and recovery is just as good to me. YAY for an awesome post partum recovery.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

My little tribe

Watching my hubby interact with our children is by far one of my favorite things. I am so happy that I met the right person to build a family with. In the words of Ben Affleck, marriage is work but there's no one I would rather work with :). I present to you my little tribe: me, hubby and our 3 boys. Here are some pictures from the past week of my little tribe :)

My boys snacking and watching TV, check out Jbird looking so grown up in his chair
Welcoming daddy home on the driveway, the boys loved being in the car with him without being in the carseats
Since the weather has been so nice, we now take the boys out daily. Hubby hanging out with the boys

 These two have so much fun together
 Hubby taking Jbird to bed, he is saying bye bye and waving, such a good baby
And because I love pics of a sleeping baby, here is my little Bean taking a quick nap
This is what the boys were doing around Bean while he was taking a nap on the boppy
 Hubby and Bean chilling and relaxing, well Bean definitely is
Me and my babies getting ready to go on a bike ride :). Tman's cheesing just like his mommy, I love that kid
These two love spending time together, I am so happy that they love each other and like to spend so much time together
I am even happier that they are loving on Bean who by the way is now smiling on demand
 My boys hanging out in the family room, best view in the house
Me and my Bean, the newest member of our family. Such a great baby. He makes us so happy
I am so in love with my little personal tribe. Hubby is my partner in crime and I am so lucky that our path crossed and we are now raising 3 awesome boys. The boys are my pride and joy and I thank God everyday for being their mommy and I look forward to raising them to be great men. I am loving these days at home with my boys, I am going to be so sad when my maternity leave comes to an end next month.