Monday, May 30, 2016

Weekend fun - movie and a party

We had so much fun two weekends ago you guys. It was a rainy and cold May weekend but we managed to make the best of it of course. At first we had planned to have our maternity photoshoot on Saturday but as the weekend was drawing closer and reports of all day rain were getting firmer, we decided to reschedule the photoshoot and take the boys to see a movie instead.

We saw Angry Birds the movie and the boys really loved it. I love that our kids are getting to an age where we can take them all out for activities together. The movie was ok but definitely entertaining for our kids.

We got there early so that we could get some goodies before the movie started. Check out my boys window shopping for candy, shaking my head.
We got a huge tub of popcorn, which is always a hit :). Tman and Bean hanging out with the popcorn
 Jbird went to the bathroom with hubby and when he came back he wanted some of the popcorn :)
 Our crew chilling at the theater :)

After the movie, we went home and got ready for a graduation party. A family friend's daughter was graduating from College so we met with my mom and to the party we went.

My mom chilling with Jbird
 Hanging out with my Jbird
Tman and Bean passed out the minute we got in the car, we knew that was going to happen. Luckily for me my kids transfer easily from he car to the stroller. We were able to move the sleepy babies in the stroller and go enjoy the party.

My sleeping beauties
It was supposed to be an outdoor party and I must say the weather really ruined the vibe. They had such beautiful decoration but it was cold and rainy the entire time. We had to sit outside so before we knew it we were all wearing heavy sweaters and jackets. That did not phase Jbird one bit who took the umbrella and started having a great time with it.

It was a great party and I just wish the weather was a bit nicer. It's weird to be wearing a sweater or even a jacket outside in May but that's unpredictable weather for you there. It was a weekend well spent hanging out with our crew. A great mixture of busy and chilling.

Friday, May 20, 2016

A baby update - Month 7

Month 7 was another beautiful month in my world of pregnancy. I am so loving this stage of pregnancy. I am getting more tired but really I have enough energy to take care of the things we need to take care of. The boys are really starting to get excited about baby girl's arrival.

Month 7 was a busy and exciting one for us. We celebrated my birthday with the family and it was a blast, last pregnant birthday what up :). We also celebrated Mother's day with our moms and enjoyed spending quality time with them and taking them to brunch. I passed my glucose test with flying colors but found out I was anemic. I was also anemic with the boys so nothing new in that department. We celebrated hubby's graduation too.

This was one of my favorite pictures this month cuddling on the couch with my Bean and the bump :)
And I absolutely love this picture of the bump. Well hello there baby girl
Last week we had a routine appointment in the middle of the day and decided to take the day off instead of doing our normal rushing around. We dropped the kids off at school and daycare and took our time making it to the appointment. It was a great appointment with awesome news. We treated ourselves to a delicious meal in the city afterwards. We tried a French restaurant that we heard great reviews about and it definitely did not disappoint.

Check out hubby ignoring me taking a picture of him chowing down on some bread
I had a croque monsieur (really just a fancy French styled ham and cheese sandwich) and a french onion soup

After lunch we went for a walk to digest all the deliciousness and how awesome that the restaurant was only a few blocks away from the White house. We of course took a picture because this is baby girl's first unofficial trip here. We will definitely bring her back for a close up in the Fall :).
28 weeks with baby #4

29 weeks with baby #4

30 weeks with baby #4

31 weeks with baby #4 on mother's day. I can't believe that next mother's day, I will be a mom of 4

32 weeks with baby #4, are you loving that we are in the single digit in weeks until we meet this baby. I am getting really excited for her arrival

Month 7th was pretty awesome and month 8th is gearing up to be full of excitement too. We have our maternity photoshoot next week followed by our trip to Chicago for our babymoon. I am realizing that things are going to start moving very fast in the next few weeks and I am so excited about it all. We are less than 2 months away from meeting our 4th and last baby, AHHHHHHH. I am so excited and I just can't hide it.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Happy Mother's Day 2016

Happy mother's day to everyone, I hope you had a great time celebrating with your family this past weekend. Mother's day is one of my favorite holidays because there is nothing I wanted more in life than to have a bunch of kids :) and the Lord truly answered the desires of my heart.

We are fortunate to live within a few minutes of both our moms so we not only get to see them on a regular basis but they also get to hang out with the grand kids often. We usually host a brunch at our place to celebrate but this year we decided to brave the crowds and take everyone out to brunch. Our kids are growing and are finally somewhat decent when we go to restaurants :).

I totally want to give a shout out to my mom who is the most amazing mom ever. She has been there throughout my life my life supporting and guiding me every step of the way. I am all that I am and all that I will ever be because of this amazing woman. She truly is my best friend and I look forward to hanging out with her everyday.

So happy mother's day to all the moms out there but especially to this woman that I call momma.
Back to brunch, I picked a restaurant with a buffet to make our lives easier. The food was so delicious and so was the company. My boys were so well behaved you guys, not bragging, but I was seriously proud of them.
 Hubby's face, that kid and pictures I tell you
 Gotta love technology, hubby's team was playing and apparently he couldn't miss the game
 Hanging out with my Jbird
 Hanging out with my Bean
The whole table :)
My mom and Jbird chilling and relaxing
 Well hello there baby bump

After brunch we of course took a family picture with everyone. I love this family of mine and I thank God everyday that we get to enjoy life with each other. We might not always live this close but while we do, I will enjoy every minute of it.

Our crew on mother's day
After brunch we came home and chilled. I love me some relaxing time for sure. We almost forgot to take some family pictures but luckily I am always on the ball when it comes to these :).

Hanging out with my mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law. We are rocking this motherhood thing
My mom had a little dance party with the kids and they were hilarious :)

My mom really wanted a pic with her children and I just love this pic of all of us so grown up. Me and my mom and my brothers H and J
Happy mother's day everyone. We had a great time celebrating our mothers and I hope you did too.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Our trip to Cameroon

We had an absolute amazing time in Cameroon with my family last February. It was a long flight to get there but it was so nice to hang out with all my aunts, uncles and cousins and introduce my family to Cameroon. We had an absolute blast despite traveling with 3 little kids (5, 3, and 2 years old) while pregnant and I took so many awesome pictures that I really had to sit down  and go through them to do a recap that would capture how beautiful the trip was.

My boys hanging out with my aunt. She is my mom's youngest sister

We went to this popular cake place in town and I indulged in so many awesome treats. Chilling with my mom and my aunt. We could be sisters :).
I just loved the way Tman and Jbird always slept on top of each other :). How cute are these two
We went out with my father and the crew of course. I am so loving Bean's smile in this picture, this kid was just loving the whole experience
My brother J joined us for the food and fun of course
Check out hubby and the big boys chowing down on some awesome beignet haricot and ice cream :)
My cousin Alex was there too :). Beignet haricot used to be my favorite meal when I was little
We visited my aunt, my dad's older sister and she was so happy to meet the boys in person
Does Bean have the cutest smile or what, he really enjoyed all the excitement of the trip
We also got to hang out with my mom's side of the family. Chilling at my great aunt's house with the family, Tman was passed out on hubby's legs :)
We got to chill at my grandma's house
We walked around the neighborhood where I grew up. My boys weren't impressed :)
This is how we traveled Cameroonian style
Look at all those kids passed out in the car :)
We got to visit my aunt's place in the village
Hanging out with my cousins, we all live overseas but got reunited in our hometown
Hanging out with the great aunts in the village, look at my Bean's smile over there :)

My boys hanging out in our bedroom in the village. I used to spend Summers here when I was younger
My brother hanging out with my boys
My cousin and my Tman taking selfies, lol
Family pictures are the best
I just love this picture of me and my cousin cracking jokes, poor Bean was sleepy
All of us gathered in my grandma's kitchen and took a group pic, I just love this so much
The dust in the village was crazy, I mean look at our feet from just walking around
My mom and Bean hanging out in front of my grandparents house in the village
We took a family picture in front of my grandparents house. We all have the same grandma and granddad (except for hubby of course). How amazing is this. My grandma (in purple) is so proud of the family that she created
My mom and her daughter and nieces, Bean is a bonus :)
I love this picture so much. Bean was attached to my hip all the time during this trip and the minute he met my great uncle he jumped in his arms. Blood is thicker than water :)
I loved hanging out with my family on this trip and seeing so many family members. Clearly Bean enjoyed it too, look at that smile on his face, my happy baby
Car selfie with my mom and the babies :)
My mom and hubby hanging out with the kids in Buea
Chilling with the girls
Back in Douala and shopping with the crew. My brother was taking selfies for fun :)
Hubby shopping for soccer jerseys :)
My brother and his new wife, love these two
Hubby enjoying some delicious food
Loved hanging out with this crew
Group picture with my peeps on a day when we left the boys at home with my mom
Hubby hanging out at the bar with the family, he was in his element :)
Hanging out with my aunt and cousins, we did a lot of that during this trip
I just loved the way Tman and Jbird always slept next to each other
My brother hanging out with Bean in the neighborhood
Hanging out with my happy baby Bean
As we were getting ready to go to the airport, the kids were running around in front of the house
We all made it to the airport ready to make the trek back home
Hubby my multi tasker, love this man
Then we hung out at the airport in Paris with my cousin
On the plane ready to take off
We had an epic and amazing trip to Cameroon. It was a long and busy trip but man we enjoyed every minute of the chaos. The last time I went home before then was 11 years ago and I think I need to make it back more often. We decided that every 3 years might be more reasonable. Thank you for the amazing time Cameroon, we'll be back sooner rather than later.