Friday, August 30, 2013

Baby #3 - All the details

Thank you so much for all your sweet congratulatory comments on my last post about baby #3.

We've always known that we wanted 3 or 4 kids about 2 years apart. What can I say, we want lots of kids running around our house.
After Tman, I had baby fever by the time he was 9 months but we waited until he turned 1 to stop preventing. I mean this baby didn't even start sleeping through the night until he was 9 months. We luckily got pregnant right after his 1st birthday but lost that baby due to a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks. Soon after we were blessed with our Jbird and both our boys are exactly 24 months apart. Talk about God's plan.
This time around, we had the easiest baby ever "Hello Jbird". By 6 months he was sleeping through the night and of course not even a month later my baby fever kicked in. We decided to wait until after our trip to Europe in May to do anything just in case. Though Jbird would only be 9 months, we felt pretty good about our decision.

The minute we got back from our vacation in May, we threw caution to the wind. Low and behold, a month later in June, we were starring at a positive pregnancy test. AHHHHHHHHHHH. We've been blessed beyond our wildest dream in the baby making department and we thank God everyday for his grace.

I called my mom immediately and told her to come over with my brothers and grandma. We put Jbird in a "I am going to be a big brother" shirt. That same day we told our parents and our brothers and sisters. We didn't want to sleep on such good news and we figured we needed all the prayers that we could get. They were so excited, African families love babies so that was no surprise at all
We went into full photoshoot mode as you do :). The boys had no idea what was going on but Tman definitely played along.
I just love this pic with our Tman a month away from turning 3, our 10-month old Jbird, and another baby in the oven. God is good.
The fear and anxiety clouded the next 3 weeks of my life until the first appointment in July. I was a nervous wreck, just scared out of my mind. The minute the Dr put the U/S machine on, I knew all was going to be well with the world. Our little bean just showed up on the screen with the most beautiful and loud heartbeat you've ever heard as if to say "don't worry mama, I am here to stay". We cried tears of joy, relief, and happiness.
Our littlest bean, 7 weeks young, the most beautiful sight ever

We had to wait another 5 weeks until August to see the babe again. Gosh this waiting game was crazy but it was all worth it to see this not so little bean again at 12 weeks. Oh and the babe showed us the goods and we actually know the gender....So excited
This pregnancy has seriously kicked my butt. I have been utterly exhausted but then again, like my husband says, taking care of 2 rambunctious boys is a tiring job. I have also been somewhat sick, no nausea but a never ending feeling of wanting to puke but nothing happens. We've survived the first trimester, our baby is growing strong and healthy, life is good.
My bump showed up so early this time, I guess that's what happens when you are on pregnancy #4 in less than 4 years. I must say that I love it because it feels like I am pregnant much longer. By 11 weeks I couldn't hide the belly anymore. We started taking bump pics at 8 weeks (we waited until we saw the baby, call me paranoid).
8 and 9 weeks when we were on vacation in Jamaica

10 weeks - Tman is not feeling these bump pictures this time around
11 weeks - yep, I am totally showing. My Tman does not care to be in my bump pics, it's going to be interesting to get both boys in pics weekly
 12 weeks - with my sis in law at Jbird's birthday party, twin cousins are coming
 13 weeks - bye bye first trimester, I am not sorry to see you go
We are 14 weeks now and all caught up with baby #3. What a blessing, we are super happy as you can imagine. We are so looking forward to this new adventure in our lives. Glory be to God for all good things come from him.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Party of 5 - our family is growing

I am so excited to finally share with you all that we are having another baby. YAY.

We are humbled, excited, and grateful to have been entrusted with a third baby due to arrive in February of 2014. We are over the moon with excitement about the newest addition to our family. God has been good to us.

"From the fullness of his grace, we have received one blessing after another" (and another...and another :))...John 1:16

Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend fun - Go Redskins

We had such a great weekend. A perfect mix of activity and chilling. We are really trying to keep up with getting some rest on the weekend now because we had a very busy Summer.

On Saturday we took the boys to their first ever Redskins game at the stadium. My hubby found some pretty affordable ticket and since it was a pre-season game, we knew it wouldn't be too crazy. We weren't sure if the boys would really last or enjoy themselves but they did so well. We managed to watch 3 quarters and half of the last quarter. Not too bad if you ask me. In good fashion, we got the boys matching team shirts :).

My boys all geared up for the game. Tyler was not feeling this pic
Me and my babies, let's go to the game boys.
We picked up my brothers and to the game we went. I just love how everyone was sporting their team shirts. Check them out walking down the street on our way to the game.

 All of us in front of the stadium, go Redskins

We had awesome seats, I mean look at our view. I am loving these pre-season games. We might have to do this every year. The weather is perfect and the stadium is not crowded.
 My brothers chilling at the game
 My brother and hubby
Me and my big boy, he actually wanted to take a pic with me
 We managed to get a family picture before we left
Go Redskins, we are going to rock this year
Our game day adventure was such a great success, the boys did so well. We weren't sure if they were going to last but somehow they did. We made it to 3 quarters and half of the 4th quarter. As soon as we got home, the kids passed out.

We spent Sunday chilling and relaxing. My Tman also got a haircut because his hair was getting out of control and he wouldn't let me comb it anymore. I couldn't get over how grown up he looked :(. When did my baby get so big? Love this sweet face.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A girl is coming to our family

My brother's girlfriend is having a baby girl next month. Eeeeek, I am so excited to meet my very first and only niece. So the day after Jbird's birthday, I threw them a coed baby shower.

We were so tired but somehow we turned the house around from a mess to a pink heaven :). This is the first grand daughter for my mom and she is thrilled. My boys are going to have to protect this little girl, I am sure they will take on that job like it's going out of style :). So yeah we decorated the place a bit to make it somewhat girly

A little welcome sign at the door
 "It's a girl" banner of course
We also had a pink table (don't mind Jbird's blue birthday banner)
 And some favors
It was a surprise shower, she had no idea. I am so proud of my brother for making it happen and making sure she was wearing pink on that day
The future parents, I am so happy for them
 Me and my aunt, chilling at the party
According to a Cameroonian saying if you are carrying a girl then the baby boys in the family will flock to you (and vice versa). It was definitely true for these two. Jbird loves her so much, they are best pal.
There was some yummy African food and in good African fashion, there was some dancing too. Who has a party without dancing??? not us. Check out my grandma and my aunt cutting a rug :)
Then we had some cake, it was so yummy

 The future parents
 We took a few pictures

The boys had the most fun with the balloons at the end of the night

We showered my little niece with love and it was definitely a great success. I am so excited about this little girl's arrival. This might be my only chance of having a little girl so I will be taking advantage of every minute. I already have matching bows for me and her and as soon as she is big enough, there will be matching outfits too. Prepare your eyes friend, it's about to get girly up in here :).

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jbird 1st birthday party

We celebrated my Jbird's first birthday this past weekend and it was a great success. We invited a bunch of family and friends over and we showered our little boy with lots of love and attention. He was so happy the whole day. I thought he might have been overwhelmed but I am glad the just enjoyed the day with everyone. I ordered some cute shirts for the boys to wear on the day. I loved how they turned out.

Here is the birthday boy with his shirt. He was 24lbs at his 1 year appointment, such a big boy with the biggest smiles
And my Tman that I caught smiling :)
I tried to get both of them in a picture but these days it's almost impossible to get them to look at the camera
Because we had a lot of kids between the age of 3 and 9, we decided to get a bouncy house to keep them occupied. Let me tell you, it was the best idea ever. The kids spent the entire afternoon in this thing. Even Jbird loved it. We put it in the front yard and voila.

Here is a picture of the bouncy house before the party started. Tman just wanted to spend the whole day in this thing.
I used the same theme that I used for Tman's birthday (I am such a lazy parent). I just ordered the decorations online and added a few touches here or there. It was a prince theme and I totally personalized everything with one of my favorite photos of my little man
The invitation
The cake that we personalized with a pic of the invitation
The birthday banner with the food table, personalized banners are my favorite
I also had one of those 1st year picture collage and a birthday scroll that we are going to save for later
The favors
I forgot to take a family pic before the party started, big mistake (and I know better). So I ended up with this gem :)
My family was there to celebrate our sweet boy, we are so lucky that they live so close and we get to enjoy them daily

My mom and the birthday boy
My grandma and the birthday boy
My brothers and the birthday boy

We played in the bounce house for a bit

Then it was time for the cake. Tman was front and center wanting to help his brother with everything cake related. I am thinking that my idea of having joint birthday parties for these boys from now on is actually going to work out really well.
Jbird smooched the cake everywhere, he had so much fun with that :)
We went back on the trampoline and I had so much fun jumping around with my little boy
Me and my birthday boy
After the party died down and most people were gone, I attempted to get another family pic with the boys. They were so not interested
We had so much fun celebrating our little Jbird. Such a great year it's been. Now onto plan the next joint birthday party when the boys will be 4 and 2. Wow, crazy. My boys are growing and I couldn't be happier.