Thursday, July 30, 2015

Happy 6-year Anniversary to us

6 years ago, my hubby and I said I do in front of our family and friends. It was such an amazing day and I wish I could go back in time and do it all over again. Hubby is my best friend and my partner in crime, I've been lucky to have found such a perfect match. God has been very good to us and blessed us with 3 awesome boys (Tman, 5 years old, Jbird, almost 3 years old, and Bean 17 months).

In honor of this anniversary, here are a few pictures of us from our recent trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico last week where we celebrated our anniversary this year.

Hanging pool side with my main man
I wanted my hubby to dip me on our wedding day but we never got that picture so when we went to Chichen Itza, I wanted to recreate that moment. Hubby wasn't into it but luckily my friend took a million pics so I ended up with this gem :)
We always have so much fun together
Sipping on a coconut drink by the pool and taking selfies as you do

 There is that smile :)
I love this man to pieces
I look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with my favorite guy. Happy anniversary to us and cheers to many more.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Tman is 5 years old

Happy birthday to my big boy Tman who turned 5 on July 21st. I am baffled by the fact that he is 5. The last 5 years seemed like the longest of our lives but they also flew by at the same time. Someone gave me the best advice one day when I was struggling with breastfeeding my then 1 month old Tman, "Savor all the joys, trials and tribulations because these times are fleeting." She was so right. As I held my 5-year old son last night all I could think was "wow, I have a 5-year old"

We invited our families over and had some cupcakes for him. He gets a joint party with his soon to be 3-year old brother in a few weeks. Arsenal was playing so Tman requested that we all wear our Arsenal shirts. Whatever you want birthday boy.

I barely managed to get a family picture with my boys
The look on Tman's face when he saw the cupcakes was priceless
 Jbird really wanted to help him blow the candles
Then we opened some presents and everyone wanted to help him

 So happy that my family was able to come and celebrate my little man
Happy birthday to my big boy Tman, it's been an amazing 5 years. Being his mommy has been one of the most rewarding experience of my life and I am thankful for every day that I get to enjohy him and watch him grow.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

HJ's wedding festivities

My friend HJ tied the knot a few weeks ago and it was such an awesome time. After months of preparation and anticipation, the big day finally came and it was so beautiful. Family and friends gathered together to celebrate the lovebirds and it was such an amazing weekend.

We decided not to bring the kids to the event because after running after them all day at hubby's sister's wedding we thought we would give ourselves a break and enjoy this celebration. Plus they weren't in the wedding so their presence wasn't necessary.

We started the festivities with the rehearsal followed by dinner on Friday. I just love when we all get together to celebrate awesome events
The bridesmaids spent the night with the bride. We made all the beautiful bouquets and just talked the night away
The day of the wedding started with hair and makeup in the morning. We were up bright and early as you do. Doesn't her hair look so lovely
They did the first look which I thought was such an awesome idea. We all gathered outside and watched her walk to her future husband, it was so cute
 Then they went into full photoshoot mode
 And of course I was behind the photographer taking some awesome shots too :)
 These two lovebirds
While they were doing all the glamorous shots, the bridesmaids decided to go in photoshoot mode too :)

 And we included the groomsmen too :)
 Then we went inside and took even more pictures
 This is by far my favorite picture of them, we were told to laugh at a story and we really got into it
 The room looked really nice
 The details were well thought of
 How cute is this and those heels are so high
My mom was also invited at this wedding (my mom knows all my friends so she is always invited to every event, she is a cool mom like that). My family made it on time, I was so proud of them. With hubby, my mom and my brother
 Such an awesome crew
 Then it was time to walk down the aisle
 The wedding was a beautiful outdoor ceremony. It rained earlier that day but you couldn't tell
 YAY, wedding is done, now let's walk back down the aisle :)
 My brother and hubby were so dapper I couldn't help snapping a million pictures
 Me and my handsome man, love this guy
 Check out hubby going at it on the cheese table
Now that the wedding and formal pictures were over, it was time to party :)
 Our table was so much fun and the food was delicious
We saw these 3 boys at the party all in matching outfit and everybody asked me if they were mine. It was only fitting that we got a picture with them
 We danced the night away, check out hubby cutting a rug over there
The cake was made up of oreo cookies and they even had milk with it
 Love this crew of friends
And this is the funniest picture of the night, too bad it's blurry. I was basically dancing to "baby got back" and hubby was so embarrassed. I guess you had to be there
We had such an amazing time celebrating my friend HJ's wedding. It was such a beautiful family oriented celebration. I am so glad we didn't bring the kids. The very next day I was on a plane to New Orleans with my aunt, cousin and Bean. Our adventures never end in this family.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Hanging out at the Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo was so awesome and I took so many pictures that it deserved its own post :). Tman spent the first day of vacation watching the Lion King a gazillion times so when we mentioned that we were going to the zoo and would see animals, he was ecstatic. He really wanted to see the lions.

What I loved most about this zoo was the abundance of animals in plain sight every where and the proximity to us. There was no guessing what animals you were looking at. We were so close to the animals we felt like we could reach out and touch them yet we still felt safe enough that they wouldn't just jump out and eat us :). I loved this zoo a lot, I will definitely come back again

Hubby with his cousin, her husband and Bean
 Hanging out with Suzie before we headed to the zoo
 Our family of 5 at the zoo, Bean was passed out
Hubby was always carrying a child on his shoulder
 We saw the Elephants up close and personal
Tman came alive when we got to the Lions, he was so excited he kept calling the male Lion King Mufasa :)
Jbird was not impressed
Tman requested a picture with the sleeping Lion and I of course indulged him
I love this crew of mine
We took a break to have lunch and let me tell you it was delicious (probably because we were hungry)
Hubby hanging out with the boys by the pond
I got so excited when we found the African forest :). My neck of the woods of course and I am totally claiming the entire continent. I made everyone pose for this picture, poor hubby didn't want to know me right at that time :)
The drums were a hit, Tman had to get down with it. My kid is hilarious
Jbird found a car and he was in heaven. It's the little things in life
We rewarded ourselves with some delicious ice cream
Hubby did a lot of shoulder carrying at the zoo, the boys couldn't get enough
We saw some giraffes and those are my favorite
How awesomely close are these giraffes, I could reach out and touch them
Tman and Suzie had a ball together the entire trip
My boys are hilarious
We ended our zoo adventure with a carousel ride, the boys loved every minute of it
We were so tired after spending the day at the zoo that we all passed out by the time we got home. What a great day it was discovering the Houston Zoo. This was a day well spent for sure. Have you ever been to the Houston Zoo? You have to check it out when you are there, it's totally worth a look.