Saturday, March 22, 2014

Playtime and visitors

Having a new baby means loads of visitors. I love visitors so this is one of my favorite part about having a new baby :). I have been feeling less tired and more energetic too so we've started having more playtime fun. The boys are definitely enjoying having more of my free time. Bean is 3 weeks now and growing like a weed, we couldn't be happier.

my mom and Jbird laughing hysterically, something must have been funny
 Jbird is such a happy boy
 Hanging out with the family, check out my niece with her nice big bow
Check out Bean with his eyes wide open making funny faces. Such a beautiful boy my 3rd son, I know I am totally biased

My boys are so funny, they move around the house and set up shop in various area. Look at them on their tablets, they were wearing their Arsenal shirts rooting for their team
Me and my BFF L and our 2nd babies. She is pregnant with her 3rd child. We managed to be pregnant together for a few months :). Our 1st and 2nd children are only a few months and a few weeks apart. We've basically been pregnant together throughout all of our pregnancies, we clearly planned that (not).
 While we had visitors, Bean just slept peacefully. Gotta love the sleepy phase
I try to do fun activities with the boys now that I am feeling a bit better and not too tired. Their favorite thing to do now is build with blocks then destroy everything
We were building a castle here
 Yup, check out Jbird destroying our castle
The trampoline is another great way to get the boys to spend some energy. Jump away boys
I love this 3 generation pictures with hubby and his father. Everybody is on a computer or a tablet except Jbird, welcome to the 21st century
We love having visitors and always enjoy loads of playtime whenever we can. Hubby goes back to work in a few days, I can't even believe how fast this time went by. Next week it will be me and the boys home alone (well, hubby's parents are here too so I guess that doesn't really count). I am excited for this new phase, I was able to give all 3 kids a bath the other day and I felt so accomplished. 3 kids all by myself is no big deal (jk), I totally got this :).


  1. Arsenal is a great team, my fiance supports them as well. Full house and loads of activities.Bean face is priceless in those pics.

  2. Awww...I love this post! I can't wait until you start dressing all the boys in the same shirt! You are just the coolest mom with that!

    Bean looks so much like you! Has anyone told you that? He is definitely going to be a charmer!