Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Second week at home with the boys

We have enjoyed the second week at home with our Bean. The boys have been doing very well. I haven't been at home alone with all 3 kids yet but so far things are going well.  Tman and Jbird entertain themselves all day by playing together, watching TV, and playing with their tablets. We've managed to get all 3 boys napping at the same time all week, YAY, hopefully I can keep that up once I am alone with them. 

Check out my little sleepy head, his cheeks are filling up nicely
We took Bean to his 2-week appointment and everything is perfect. he had a bit of a drainage issue in one eye but it's nothing to worry about. He has gained a whole pound and is now 8lbs13oz, he is so efficient with nursing I tell you. Us at the Dr office with our Bean.
Speaking of nursing, the milk is in, YAY. I am only pumping 3 times a day right now and nursing the rest of the time.
 Jbird ran to the milk and it was pretty funny, at least he didn't spill it
I was feeling pretty good one of the days and decided to clean around the house. My boys love to help, if only they were really helping. Aren't they so funny with the broom and mop.
 Taking their job seriously :)
While we were cleaning Bean was napping. I can't get enough of this sweet sleepy face
My boys are picky eaters (well Tman really, Jbird is not so bad) so I sometimes have to come up with ideas to get them to eat. We decided to have a picnic in front of the TV
Check out hubby and Bean sleeping in the background
A little close up of my boys napping, so sweet. Someone is clearly enjoying his paternity leave
One of the days, we took the boys to Costco for a quick errand. They had so much fun because we were able to enjoy some pizza and smoothies, my boys love those. I was happy to leave the house for some fresh air, win win.

My mother in law with the boys
Me and my boys, check out Tman holding his smoothie :)
And of course I have to share this awesome picture of my Jbird looking grown wearing his daddy's hat. He just turned 19 months you guys and he is oh so handsome
The second week at home with my boys has been awesome. We didn't do much but chill, watch TV, and bond. It felt so good. We are soaking in all the goodness of all 5 of us being at home right now.


  1. I loved reading this post. So cute! You guys are really adjusting very well. I love that everyone is smiling in most of the pics.

    You're doing great! Yay for a 1-lb weight gain! That's awesome! :-)

  2. What a fantastic week! Bean cheeks are so chubby and cute.

    I'm glad everything is okay and running smoothly.

  3. Jbird at the end!! COMPLETE CUTENESS!! But lets talk about the baby's cheeks! nom nom! he is SO cute!! Everyone looks great, (including you momma!)

  4. Yay, so glad to hear your weeks are going so well! Family time is seriously the best. Charlie's eye that watered since she was born, finally cleared up at 4 months! Gessh, I was thinking it would be gone way before that!