Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A day in the life with 3 boys

Since hubby returned to work last week, I've been home alone with the boys most of the time. My mom is off 2 days of the week and spends those days with us so I am really only alone with the boys 3 days of the week right now. The first few days were complete chaos but we managed to get organized and slowly but surely we are getting the hang of things. I have yet to take all 3 kids out with me by myself, I am not that brave yet but I am getting there (baby steps)

I discovered these cool collages and I couldn't help but make one of my little bear Bean. You guys, collages might become my new thing :)
Anyway, back to our actual day. I am lucky enough that both my boys sleep in. Tman usually doesn't get up until 8am and he is fine with staying in bed for another hour as long as he has the Ipad and can watch a movie or something. Jbird doesn't wake up until at least 9 or 9:30. I know, don't hate me. Bed time is the tricky part I mean Tman still sleeps in our bed but that's a story for another post.

Anyway once the kids are awake, I usually make them breakfast half awake and let them eat in the living room while I nurse bean and we watch TV.

By the time we are done with breakfast I am usually awake finally and it's usually about time to go upstairs and take a bath. Bath time is my favorite because the boys get to play in water and that makes them really happy. I am a pro at getting all 3 boys and myself showered and dressed all by myself now, woop woop.

I put Tman and Jbird in the bath and let them play for half an hour to 45 min. During that time I am usually hanging out with Bean while watching the boys do fun things in the bath like have a tea party or play hide and seek. My boys are hilarious

Check out Jbird's face, happy camper in the bath I tell you. Tman was hiding in the bath
Oh, there is my Tman. The boys are so happy during water play I tell you
I nurse Bean to sleep then separate the boys so that I can shower too. I take a shower with Jbird while Tman is in the bath doing his thing. Check out my sleepy Bean
Once I am done showering, I take care of Jbird and Tman. Once they are ready then I get ready while they run around in our room. I then take the boys downstairs to watch some TV while I clean Bean up. Today the boys decided to watch a cartoon on the kindl
Me with my Bean all cleaned up. I managed to get all 3 boys and myself cleaned up today, YAY
The boys decided that they wanted waffles for lunch and wanted to have a picnic. I indulged of course. As long as they are eating I am game
I joined the boys on the blanket for our picnic, gotta love self timer
Tman's face is priceless, he was so excited about the picnic and Diego on the kindl :)
After lunch I rewarded the boys with ice cream and they were in heaven
They both got on their tablets and went to the kitchen. They are funny like that
After lunch and ice cream, I tried to get the boys to nap by taking them into the tent (their new favorite hang out spot). I was inspired to take a selfie with all 3 boys, what was I thinking. Bean was definitely not having it, poor kid is not used to his mommy's taking loads of pics yet.
I love that Tman smiled in this one. Tman is the kid with a smile, Jbird has a confused look of let me drink my milk please, and Bean is not having any of it. I love my boys, how did I get so lucky.
Nap time didn't happen on this day but that was ok, we all just sat on the couch in front of the TV and rested for about an hour before they decided to start building with blocks. Build then destroy is the flavor of the week
While the boys played with blocks, I hung out with Bean until he fell asleep. I know, Bean spends a lot of time sleeping
We had some snacks and before we knew it, hubby was home, YAY. The big boys always chase him around or go downstairs to play video games or play with trains which gives me time to get dinner ready in peace and even sneak in a little half hour nap with my Bean. Power naps are the best I tell you.

After dinner, hubby made a smoothie, he has been into making those a lot lately. Anyway, the boys are fascinated by the noise from the blender
Jbird particularly thinks it's the funniest thing. Check him out laughing over there
Jbird really couldn't contain himself. I zoomed in on this picture a million times. The face of my Jbird is priceless
After the smoothie, we chilled for a bit, watched some TV and before we knew it, we had to get the boys ready for bed. Our bedtime routine is usually me chilling with Bean and Tman and Jbird joining me to drink their milk. Then hubby takes Jbird to bed and after that he takes Tman to bed. I didn't actually take a pic on the day I was doing this but this pic is from the next day. Me and my boys before bed
After everyone is gone to bed, it's just me and my Bean chilling and relaxing.
Our days are full for sure but I must say, it's a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Nap time doesn't always happen and we are not doing all the things I want to do but we are surely having loads of fun. I am glad we don't have much planned out so we just go with the flow of the day. I am so looking forward to the weather being nice so that we can let the kids loose outside and wear them out. That's our day in a nutshell, busy yet fun. I am hoping to get even more efficient as time goes on. This 3 kids business is not so bad after all :).


  1. Your boys are the cutest!! Glad it's actually going easier then you thought.

  2. WOW! You never cease to amaze me and you do it with a smile on your face too! Way to go momma! You really challenge me to do more and with a better attitude.

    Good job getting so much done. I don't even know how I would handle it but your post just told me that it IS doable!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon IRL!

  3. WOW is what i say too. i told my husband how easy you make motherhood look and reading this account and seeing these pictures solidifies it for me...YOU ARE AWESOME AND SUCH AN INSPIRATION LADY!!

  4. #3 looks like he fits in perfectly with his brothers!! I am very happy for you!!

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet words ladies. It surely is not easy but somehow it's working really well. I've wanted to be a mom my whole life, maybe that's how somehow I have the strength to handle everything thrown my way.

  6. You are seriously a super mom!

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