Sunday, December 30, 2012

More Christmas fun

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my Christmas post. We definitely had loads of fun.

Hubby's sister and her boyfriend got in a few days after Christmas so we celebrated again with them. We saved the presents that we received from England and opened them while they were here. It made for a great celebration. I love that we got to do Christmas more than once. Tman definitely loved opening more presents.

My Tman getting ready to open a present for his dad. This kid just wanted to open everybody's present. I think he likes the idea of unwrapping things.
Opening his papa's present and realizing it's full of awesome English chocolate. Tman wants some now. Go for it my love, it's Christmas time.
I warned you about all the matching that was going to happen with my boys. They actually got these matching footies as a Christmas gift from hubby's cousin who live in Canada. They clearly know me well :). Tman showing his brother the piece of chocolate he just got.
Helping the boys open more presents, I just love the matching outfit
Such a happy baby my Jbird, we have such a great time together
I am so happy hubby caught this sweet moment with my baby. I was trying to give him a kiss on the cheek an he turned his head as if he wanted to give me a kiss too, it made me laugh
My big boy modeling his pajama, I love this kid
We got an awesome food hamper from hubby's cousins who live in London
The hamper was huge and full of awesome English goodies. We took a family picture with it so that we can send it to hubby's cousin when we thank them for this. Can't wait to devour all of the good stuff in there
I love this picture of Tman, he was trying to give Jbird a kiss but was totally leaning on him almost crushing him, his dad called him and he looked at him with that face, love love love.
Oh look who can fly, my little Jbird, I love this kid
How adorable is this picture of the boys. Tman hugging his brother is the best ever, melts my heart like butter every time
Poor Jbird doesn't have enough balance and Tman is trying to take him down with him, luckily I caught them :). It is still such a cute picture of the boys.
Christmas celebration number 2 was a great success. Our boys are so loved, everyone sent them lots of great stuff. We are so thankful for a family that loves us so much. I am so sad that Christmas is over already, I guess there's always next year.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had such an awesome Christmas celebration this year. My cousins are visiting from England so they got to spend the day with us. Hubby's parents were also here to celebrate with us. They've been coming to celebrate with us every year since Tman was born. It's so nice because we don't have to travel anywhere. This is my favorite time of the year and I just love to spend time with our family.

The Christmas cards we received this year. I got the idea on how to display them from another blog. Gotta love an easy DIY project. I just love receiving Christmas cards, I usually keep them for months after Christmas so that I can enjoy them longer.
Our Christmas tree right before I went to bed ready for the festivities of Christmas day
We started a new tradition for our family and I look forward to doing it with the kids over the years. We've decided to get the kids matching pajamas every year, I got over zealous this year and got matching family pajamas. My hubby was not sure about it but he went with the flow. Here are the kids opening their pajamas.
 Hubby made pancakes for breakfast and they were so yummy
Before eating we got the kids ready for pictures so that if they made a mess while eating then it wouldn't matter. I was telling Tman to be nice and hold his brother for a pic and I just love how this picture turned out
 My sweet boys posing by the tree
 My mom and the boys :)
 Us with hubby's parents
And one of my favorite pictures of the morning, us in our matching pajamas :). I am definitely going to keep up with this tradition.
 Tman did open a few gifts before we ate breakfast

We got him this trampoline and I think this was the highlight of the entire day. He has been jumping non stop ever since.
 The kids with my grandma and cousin visiting from England
We got dressed up for the dinner with the whole family, my mom and I were twinsies :).
 Me and hubby's mom
 With my sisters
Gift opening was awesome, I sat with Jbird the entire time to help him open his gifts. He was actually enjoying it
 Tman wanted to help his brother too and joined in on the opening of the gift fun
After the gifts it was time for some pictures. I put the boys in their matching red sweater (I totally got my money's worth with those). Four generations.
 The kids all dressed up with hubby's parents
Us with the kids. Since hubby wore the matching pajama, he decided not to dress up for the rest of the day. I guess it's all give and take huh?
 And of course our annual family picture of everyone that celebrated with us
It was such a great celebration with our family. I look forward to Christmas every year because I just love celebrating with my peeps. Hope you had an awesome time celebrating with your family this year. Did you start any new traditions or kept up with old ones? Do share.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Travel - T-man's first trip to London

Two years ago we were in England hanging out with hubby's family. T-man went to England for the first time at just 4 months old. He got to meet a lot of his English family members. It was his first international trip too. My brother was studying abroad in London that semester so we also got to see him while we were there.

Without further ado, the pics of the trip.

At the airport waiting for our flight. We took loads of pictures with the Christmas decoration

When we got to England we visited with some of hubby's family and friends. We also hung out at home and had people come visit us.There was a lot of TV watching and card playing.

I just love this picture of T-man with his Grandpa watching TV
Oh and I love this pic of T-man sleeping in hubby's bed, how adorable is this
T-man with my brother. My brother came to see us every night during our visit
T-man with hubby's sister and my brother
T-man with my cousins and my brother, I just love this family picture
Me and one of my brown eyed boys
My cousin and her friend with Tman
T-man with hubby's grandparents
T-man with hubby's family

T-man with hubby's cousins
We had to take a picture at hubby's metro stop of course
Of course we had to take a few pictures here :)

London eye with hubby's friends
And just because :)
Tman with hubby's dad and aunt
How cute are Tman and his aunt taking a nap together
Tman and his great granddad
I just love this picture of the 3 generations
T-man's got to meet a lot of his family members on his first trip to England. We are looking forward to taking Jbird to England next May. I am so looking forward to taking both boys to England to meet hubby's extended family.