Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Emilia's magical unicorn 1st birthday party

We had the absolute best party for our darling Emilia's 1st birthday party last July. Her actual birthday fell on a Sunday so we hosted the party on that day. Since she is my only girl, I wanted everything to be pink, pink and more pink. At first I thought maybe I should do something low key but who am I kidding, low key is not even part of my vocabulary. We never had a baby shower to celebrate her arrival so this 1st birthday became the celebratory event.

I got on Pinterest and completely lost my mind. So many great ideas. When I found the unicorn theme, I was completely in love. The meaning was so powerful: uni = one which was perfect for a 1st birthday and frankly, I still can't believe that we have a girl and we get to keep it. She really is our little unicorn. I shared our inspiration here.

The guest list kept growing so we decided to rent a place rather than hosting it at home. Everyone was so excited to celebrate our baby girl and we really wanted to include them all. To occupy the big kids, we thought about getting a magician since it went well with the unicorn theme. That's how we got our magical unicorn 1st birthday.

The main wall with the sweets table. Everything came together so perfectly.
A little close up of the table with the rainbow cupcakes
We had mini unicorn cookies
The cake turned out absolutely perfect. We had a mini fiasco with the spelling of the name but we fixed that in a swift. Are you in love with that unicorn cake topper like I am
The room was huge, perfect for the kids to run around while the parents just sat nearby and watched. We decided not to do anything outside because of the July heat and we wanted to keep everyone inside for the magician
We had a "happy birthday" wall. How cute is my little angel here
My boys were matching of course. I did get them shirts with their names on them and they loved that they said "big bro"
This is the best family picture that we could get
My mommy and her darling granddaughers
Hubby's parents with their only granddaughter
I took a million pictures with my baby girl. We were wearing matching bows as you do. Someone please pinch me, this can't be real life
Emilia and her parents. Hubby was a good sport and wore a pink shirt to match with the theme. His exact words "I might never wear this shirt again" hehehehehe
Emilia and her daddy. She is already spoiled rotten. Are you loving her pink Toms like I do
The food was delicious. We ordered sandwiches and pizza and made a few fruit trays
After we all started eating, it was time for the show. We had a really nice group of kids in a variety of ages and they loved the show
I think we ended up having about 50 adults and 35 kids. It was grand
The kids were laughing their heads off

I told the magician to include the boys in a skit. Bean was too busy playing but Tman and Jbird loved every minute of it
They loved that they had a big job to play in the entertainment at the party
They really loved the skit
They also loved being the center of attention for a few minutes :)
This magician was really good. The big kids were really entertained for the entire hour and didn't want him to leave

The Magician gave all the kids balloons after the party. It was awesome.

He also had a bird and he let everyone play with the bird for a bit
My niece with the bird
My mom trying to get Emilia to play with the bird
Jbird with the bird
And one of my favorite picture of Bean with grandma. My baby boy was not phased by that bird I tell you
After the magician, it was time for cake
YAY for birthday cake and cupcake
Grandma and granddad hanging out with Jbird and Bean
J from life with my 3Js was there to celebrate with us. I met J through blogging and we became real life friends.
College friends  that are more like family
My family, brothers, sister, mom, aunt, nephew and nieces. So happy to have them all here to celebrate the kids birthdays. Love my family.
Tman's sweet face here is so adorable
Jbird playing with his friend
My friend Anna and I laughing hard at something that I can't remember. i am sure it was hilarious
We really had a fabulous time
Holding our baby girls, a mere 5 months apart
Chilling with my friend G who gave birth to her twin boys 2 days after the party. Can you believe she was there celebrating with us so close to her due date. Great friends
My brother J chilling with baby girl. I really love this picture of them
My sis K got to hang out with Emilia too
This lovely bunch of people came out to celebrate our baby girl in style
It was such a memorable celebration. Our last 1st birthday party for our  own kid. You guys this has been the hardest, fastest yet most enjoyable year of our life. Becoming a family of 6 and completing our family with a daughter was simply the best. Happy birthday to our sweet girl, looking forward to celebrate more birthdays (surely more low key) with our little princess and the crew.

Me and my girl. She is really my girl and I get to keep her. Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming. Actually, I don't want to wake up, let me stay on this cloud nine.