Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Weekend fun - Halloween Party

Last weekend we were invited to a Halloween party. I was super stoked because I had our family costumes ready to go. I had to work on convincing my hubby to join the team. He loathes matching family stuff and usually just indulges me. The thing is this time we actually had to leave the house and hang out with grown ups. He was not keen on that but luckily the boys convinced him to be part of our team and he cooperated with a smile on his face. Everything for the kids right?

I present to you our family costume this year. We are the Incredibles :)
Well hello there sexy ;)
The party was at a friend's house. They did an incredible (see what I did there) with the decorations. We were really impressed

Spiders everywhere, this was so creepy
The candy bar was a huge hit with my kids. Don't you love that I was able to get everyone in the frame here :)
The whole house looked really spooky

We decided to take the boys outside and let them run around for a bit. They were in heaven. Our friends had an awesome backyard and the boys definitely enjoyed it.
Watching the boys run wild :)

We came back inside and chilled for a bit, hubby with the big boys
We attempted to take another family picture but of course no one was cooperating. I still love this crew so much.
This was hubby's "are you going to be done taking pictures soon" face :)
It wasn't long before the boys were running around inside the house, these boys of mine I tell you we don't call them tornado for nothing
I attempted to take a pic of my three incredible kids before we left :)
They were passed out as soon as we got in the car. Superheroes need to sleep too
We had a great time at the Halloween party and I am so happy that the boys are so into every type of celebrations. I am looking forward to trick or treating this Saturday. My boys are going to lose their minds.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Weekend fun - baby showers

Last weekend was such a chill weekend, we really needed that. We went to Tman's soccer game Saturday morning and visited some family friends in the afternoon. On Sunday we attended a friend's baby shower. it was a sweet low key event. I took Bean with me and left Tman and Jbird at home with their daddy. My sweet Bean and I had a grand old time. Can you believe that I only took 1 picture the entire time. I know, so not like me but no one else was really taking pics so I decided not to be that girl.

I did get this sweet pic of Bean and my friend's daughter. Don't mind my cry baby Bean :)
Two weekends ago we attended another friend's baby shower. Seriously, our schedule is always crazy. I actually organized this shindig for my friend's wife. It was a complete surprise to the future mom who thought she was going to a birthday party. We hosted the party at another friend's house to throw her off and it worked.

My mom and grandma came with me and the boys. Hubby stayed at home and enjoyed a quiet afternoon. As soon as we put the boys in the car they passed out and stayed asleep for a good 2 hours. I love that my babies still take naps

Sleeping beauties over here

My mom and I were free to get things set up and greet guests as they arrived. We of course went into selfie mode while we waited. My mom is the coolest, seriously
We decorated the basement and made it look very girly
The guests of honor, the surprise worked so well
Bean woke up at some point and was attached to my hip
Hello there smiley boy, such a happy kid my beanie baby
Hanging out with the future parents
Jbird woke up and hung out with my grandma
My mom and grandma with Jbird and Bean
Before we knew it, Tman was awake and the party really started
My big boys danced the night away

I absolutely love this pic of my mom and my boys
I did get a pic with my mom and the kids, Tman and Jbird were holding hands and dancing and did not want to be separated.
It was an awesome celebration of the future mom. I love when we get to do fun things as a family. It was definitely a great weekend of fun. I hope you had a great weekend too.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Anna and Joe's Wedding

This year was a busy year for us in terms of weddings. We were invited to 5 weddings and attended 4 of them. This past weekend we got to celebrate our friend Joe's wedding to his lovely bride Anna. I've known Joe since college and I was excited when he met Anna and was getting excited about her. I squealed with excitement when they got engaged last year and it was an absolute pleasure to watch them tie the knot last weekend in a beautiful ceremony.

The wedding was actually about 4 hours away from home in Anna's hometown. Thanks to my amazing family, we didn't have to take the kids with us and were able to celebrate with them without chasing our little one. This wedding was so family oriented and they clearly cared about the details. I loved everything about it. I was so bummed when we danced to the last song.

Hubby and I posing as we do. We clean up good ;)
Wedding program
A few of our friends made the trip with us to celebrate Joe and Anna's big day. Here we are representing :)
The absolute cutest thing was seeing Anna's niece and nephews walk in the church. Those are some awesome big brothers right there
And then the lovely bride came, the look in her eyes was priceless
They are getting married, woop woop
YAY, they are married :), congratulations!!!!
Our crew outside the church
There was a huge break between the wedding and the reception so we all went to lunch at a local bier garden before the reception
We went back to the hotel to get ready for the night. Check out my awesome date. Hubby looked amazing in his blue suit, I love this man so much
I tried to get a few selfies on our way to the reception but hubby was not game
I still love his non smiling face :)
The decor at the reception was so nice. Check out that cake
Instead of table numbers they had the names of locations that they visited together with a picture at said location. So clever and personalized

They had a Mr. and Mrs. table, how cute is that
 And the favors were cookie, I thoroughly enjoyed those
They had the cutest first dance you guys, too bad the lighting wasn't that great and I only have blurry pics
We managed to get a picture with the bride and groom in the midst of the craziness
I didn't really take many pictures after that because it was just too dark and they were all blurry but I got an awesome pic of hubby and I at the end of the night by the fountain outside. What an awesome day we had celebrating Joe and Anna.
Congratulations Joe and Anna, it has been an absolute pleasure to celebrate this beautiful day with you. We wish you many happy years and lots of babies ;)
I just love seeing friends getting married and starting their families. How many weddings have you been to this year? Don't you just love wedding season?