Monday, March 31, 2014

Bean is 1 month

I cannot even believe it but my baby is 1 month old already. I am so in love with this sweet boy of mine, my 3rd son. He is such a nice baby and I am so loving this newborn phase. I don't want to rush it, I want time to slow down so that I can savor every single minute. Things are going so smoothly with Bean, the transition at home with his big brothers Tman and Jbird, our recovery, just life in general. I am so thankful for this easy transition as all my worries melted away once our Bean got here.

I took a  few pictures of my baby a few days ago and let me tell you, I just died over his cuteness. He totally was cooperating well for a few minutes then all hell broke loose and I had to stop. I did get a lot of great pictures, I mean look at this beautiful baby boy with his bear hat
Are you taking pictures of me
I think he is waving at me here :). This little boy is getting chunkier everyday. He is my best nurser so far. He gained almost 3lbs since his last visit and is now a nice 11lbs 6oz of perfection.
And of course any photoshoot with a baby ends in cries but his face is so cute I couldn't resist sharing
I took the hat off and put a shirt on him and he was a happy camper again :)
Sweet beautiful baby feet, I kiss these daily :)

And baby's hand with beautiful tiny fingers

And look who is ready for tummy time. Tman loved it and Jbird hated it, I can't wait to see how Bean feels about it. Oh and all the hair on his head is just so beautiful, my other boys were bald
Bean and I get our one on one time when the big boys are napping but even better when they go to bed at night. We usually don't go down for the night until well after midnight. He is not sleeping much, maybe about 2 hours at a time but that's totally expected at this age plus none of my other boys ever slept much until about 6 months or so. Now that he is more awake, we spent a good hour gazing into each others eyes and making funny faces :). It's the little things that make life sweet I tell you

I took a bunch of pic of me and Bean hanging out a few nights ago and it was so much fun. Me making faces at Bean while he was wide awake
 I am clearly boring because Bean is yawning like crazy
 Then I nursed him and he fell asleep on my chest. Loving the food coma sleep
 I am barely awake and Bean is sleeping peacefully
Complete happiness, just me and my sleepy Bean. I love this boy of mine and who can resist such a sweet sleepy face with his mouth wide open :)
It's been such an amazing first month with my 3rd son. I am so in love with the baby phase, the cuddles, the kisses, the food comas, the milk smell, the cheeks. I love it all and I am trying to soak every minute of it. I thank God everyday for this new blessing that joined our family a month ago and has changed our family forever for the better. Happy 1 month, we love you sweet Bean to the moon and back.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Aunt Melissa was here

My friend Melissa came to visit this past Saturday. She was so excited to see Bean and hang out with Tman and Jbird. She even brought her sister and aunt along for the ride. I just love that all of Melissa's family gets excited about hanging out with my babies :). It was also a beautiful sunny day and we definitely made the most of it.

Me, Melissa and her sister with Bean
Melissa with Bean chilling
We also celebrated Melissa's great success; she was just admitted in a Phd program at the University of Austin in Texas, I am so proud of her. She is going to be a Dr in a few years, well 5 years :).
Champagne all around
Then we took the boys outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and do some fun things like drawing on the concrete with some chalk and making bubbles.
 Melissa and her sister showing the boys how to draw with the chalk
 I love this picture of the boys getting busy drawing on the driveway
 Me with Melissa, her sister, her aunt and my 3 sons :)
 I hung out with Bean for a bit until he fell asleep
 Melissa showing the boys how to make bubbles
Chasing a bubble, I just love the face Tman is making here, is this pure joy or what
Tman did let Jbird play with the bubble maker for a few minutes before taking it back
Tman took back the bubble machine and it was on
Tman was making bubbles like it was his business while we were all trying to catch them

Tman's bubble and happy face :)
We went back inside and let the kids have dinner in the tent that Melissa brought for them. The kids love this tent by the way. We've been having lunch in it and even naps
And because we had some extra hands, we were able to finally get a somewhat decent picture of our family of 5, I love my growing family and I can't wait to have Bean in a matching outfit with his brothers ;)
It was such a beautiful Spring day. I am so glad my BFF Melissa came to visit and brought her sister and aunt along. I miss the days of her living down the street from us but I always enjoy the little bit of time that we get to spend together. Austin is going to be so far but you know us, we'll take any excuse to go on a trip. So Austin here we come :).

Monday, March 24, 2014

Brotherly love

When we brought the baby home from the hospital, Tman and Jbird both had a bit of a runny nose so I didn't let them play or touch the baby. Well they both got over their runny noses and I was super excited to formally introduce them to their little brother. I waited until they were both in a great mood and I put the baby on Tman's lap and let them have fun with him. They were in heaven.

Tman was so happy and proud to be holding the baby, Jbird was a little unsure what was going on. These boys are my whole heart and happiness right there. Here are my 3 sons, my pride and joy. It just warms my heart to see them so happy together.
When we first started the photoshoot, the big boys were unsure what to do
Then I told them that they could give Bean lots of kisses and it was on
Kisses everywhere for my little Bean
Tman being protective of Bean, such a great big brother
Jbird giving his brother a hug, Tman's happy face is priceless
Jbird went in for a big hug, my poor Bean getting crushed by his loving big brother
Tman on the other hand gives nice soft kisses
Both boys went in for a kiss at the same time and bumped heads, these two are just too funny. I love these boys of mine
This is my view every morning, the big boys watching TV while I nurse Bean
 And of course they get really interested in their brother all the time
 Bean is so loved I tell you
The boys absolutely love their little brother, this just makes me so happy. They've welcomed him with open arms and loads of excitement. Watching my boys interact is the best thing in the world I tell you. We are truly blessed. Brotherly love is the best. God is good

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Playtime and visitors

Having a new baby means loads of visitors. I love visitors so this is one of my favorite part about having a new baby :). I have been feeling less tired and more energetic too so we've started having more playtime fun. The boys are definitely enjoying having more of my free time. Bean is 3 weeks now and growing like a weed, we couldn't be happier.

my mom and Jbird laughing hysterically, something must have been funny
 Jbird is such a happy boy
 Hanging out with the family, check out my niece with her nice big bow
Check out Bean with his eyes wide open making funny faces. Such a beautiful boy my 3rd son, I know I am totally biased

My boys are so funny, they move around the house and set up shop in various area. Look at them on their tablets, they were wearing their Arsenal shirts rooting for their team
Me and my BFF L and our 2nd babies. She is pregnant with her 3rd child. We managed to be pregnant together for a few months :). Our 1st and 2nd children are only a few months and a few weeks apart. We've basically been pregnant together throughout all of our pregnancies, we clearly planned that (not).
 While we had visitors, Bean just slept peacefully. Gotta love the sleepy phase
I try to do fun activities with the boys now that I am feeling a bit better and not too tired. Their favorite thing to do now is build with blocks then destroy everything
We were building a castle here
 Yup, check out Jbird destroying our castle
The trampoline is another great way to get the boys to spend some energy. Jump away boys
I love this 3 generation pictures with hubby and his father. Everybody is on a computer or a tablet except Jbird, welcome to the 21st century
We love having visitors and always enjoy loads of playtime whenever we can. Hubby goes back to work in a few days, I can't even believe how fast this time went by. Next week it will be me and the boys home alone (well, hubby's parents are here too so I guess that doesn't really count). I am excited for this new phase, I was able to give all 3 kids a bath the other day and I felt so accomplished. 3 kids all by myself is no big deal (jk), I totally got this :).