Friday, August 28, 2015

Tman's first day of Kindergarten

My first boy Tman started Kindergarten on Tuesday. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Ok, let me take a breather and tell you about his amazing first day of school. I had been dreading this day for a long time because I wasn't sure how he would handle the transition but he did amazing. He was a little bit shy and cried when we left but overall he did great.

You know I make a production of every first in our family. I prepped Tman's bag the night before while hubby gathered all the school supplies. When we woke up, we got everyone ready because we wanted to take Tman to school as a family. I love that Tman is wearing a uniform this year.

I present to you my first son, 5 years old, on his first day of Kindergarten
Our family before we left the house with our guest of honor, I love my family
 My mom is the most amazing mom I tell you, she surprised me by taking the day off to come see Tman off at school
 He was so happy to see her
 Walking towards the building with the crew
 We are here Tman, get your backpack let's go
 He was so excited and determined, love this pic of Tman and hubby
 And then he had a meltdown when we got to his class and he realized that we were leaving him
 Hubby had to stay with him for a while to calm him down
He was still apprehensive but realized that we couldn't stay with him
 I love their daily schedule, the school and the teacher. We are going to have a great year
Hubby giving Tman a pep talk before we left
 Ok parents time to leave, my Tman was still a bit scared but he waved us goodbye
I am so proud of my first son who is not a baby anymore. He went to school like a champ and had an outstanding for his first day. I thought for sure I would cry like a baby but seeing my baby so grown and so in charge reassured me and any fear that I had just melted away. Way to go Tman, we are so proud of you son. I am loving all the new milestones.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mother and son date

Every year my company host a picnic with lots of fun activities for the kids. I usually take the boys with my aunt and cousin and we enjoy a great day of fun. This year unfortunately my aunt and cousin left earlier than they normally do and I was left having to take all 3 kids by myself. Now, I love hanging out with the boys, but 3 young children at such an event is suicidal. I decided to take the babies to school and turn this into a mother and son date with my big boy Tman. He was so excited that we were going to spend the day hanging out together he could barely contain himself.

We dropped off Jbird and Bean at daycare. I didn't feel too bad because they had water play on that day and that's always a fun day for them. We used Tman and Jbird's backpack to pack a towel and change of clothes, Bean jumped on it and loved wheeling it around. I guess he is ready for a back pack of his own.
After we dropped the babies off, I took Tman to my office where we enjoyed a few donuts and met with some of my coworkers before heading to the picnic. Tman loved being the center of attention.

Tman started with the jump house, his favorite attraction
Then there was a mini shooting range that he wanted to try
 I was able to lift him up so that he could see

We took a few selfies of course. Tman pointing at my hair flying away :)
Then we got on the train and chilled for a bit
Smiling on the train
Making funny faces on the train
Then we met with my friend Anna and her daughter Mila (we traveled to Mexico with them last April)

Having lunch with Mila
Followed by some more jump house action
Then Tman wanted to go on a train ride with Mila so off we went
Riding the train with Anna and Mila
We concluded the event with a visit to the clown who was making balloons. Tman requested a purple sword and the clown made a belt to go with the sword. He loved it.

 My big boy and his purple sword :)
The minute we got in the car, Tman passed out
What a fun day it was hanging out with my big boy. I am glad that I turned this event into a mother and son date and was able to give him all the attention in the world. He truly felt special and asked me when we would go on a date again. That kid I tell you.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Jbird is 3 years old

My second boy Jbird is 3 years old. Seriously guys when did that happen? Don't mind me while I take this all in, I now have a 5-year old, a 3-year old and a 1 year old. Insane in the most amazing yet crazy way.

Jbird had an awesome year. He started daycare right before his second birthday and for the first time in his life he was cared for by someone that wasn't family. It was a huge adjustment for him. Then we hit a huge roadblock with his speech delay and inability to express himself using words but we've been doing speech therapy since April and he has made great progress.

Jbird has always been my calm, cool, and collected baby and nothing has changed in that department.  He has embraced his role of big brother really well and you should see how good he is with Bean. If he bumps into him by accident he immediately says "sorry" and gives him a hug and a kiss. He is Tman's best friend, they always want to do everything together. They love chasing each other around the house and play rough.

We spent the entire weekend celebrating our Jbird with our families.  On his actual birthday, we went on a pirate cruise followed by cake at home. I had seen those cruises advertised for some time and finally decided to take the family. My aunt, cousin and hubby's mom joined us for our pirate adventure and we all had such a great time.

Our crew on the docks just before we boarded
I love this picture of hubby's mom with Bean and Tman
Check out my Beanie baby smiling away

Our crew on the boat before we left
Hanging out with hubby's mom and the birthday boy
My aunt and cousin with the babies
We managed to get a family picture with the monuments in the background during the cruise never mind that none of the boys are not looking. By the way do you love it as much as I do that hubby dressed the boys and they were all matching with him ;)
There was a fight at sea and the big boys loved it. Check out Tman and hubby at war :)
My little pirates :)
There were also treasures at the end of the war
They sang a special pirate birthday song and it was so awesome
Tman and my cousin pretend sword fighting
Ahoy matey, my little pirate with his eye patch
Everyone had so much fun on the pirate adventure, we'll definitely have to come back for more. After the cruise, we had lunch in the city then went home where the rest of the family joined us to cut the cake. My brother J brought Jbird's favorite cake, oreo ice cream cake. I think it's my favorite now too :).

The family just before the cake came out
The look on Jbird's face when he saw the cake is priceless
Then we opened a few presents
We had such a great day celebrating our sweet Jbird's birthday. The next day we took the boys to our local splash park and brought my grandma along for the ride. This place has been our favorite hang out spot all Summer, I am going to be sad when it's not warm enough to go there anymore.

As soon as we got in the car, Bean fell asleep. We let him sleep in the stroller under grandma's watchful eye while we took over the splash park
My cousin was such great help with the boys all Summer all. It was nice to have her around. I was so happy that she was always giving Jbird the one on one attention that he so cravesazy kid
My mom brought her bathing suit this week because she wanted to get in water with with the boys

We are such posers, please don't mind us
Jbird had a ball, going down the slide backward and running around the park

Me and my mommy with the big boys. People always tell us how much we look alike

Bean slept the entire hour that we were at the park, that's my boy. I swear my kids will sleep anywhere
After the splash park we went to my brother's place and hung out there with the kids to include my adorable niece. It was so much fun. We try to get together at least every week that way we get to see everyone and Sunday is the best day because everyone is usually available.

My grandma with the great grand children
Uncle J and Tman playing games on the Ipad

I had to get the girls together for a quick photo op and Bean joined in on the fun
What an awesome weekend spent celebrating our Jbird. I love that we live close to family and can spend some amazing time with them often. Happy birthday sweet boy of mine, we love you to the moon and back.