Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tman's 3rd birthday party

We had a blast celebrating Tman's 3rd birthday. Since we were leaving the next day to go on our trip, we wanted a low key celebration all about Tman that would not require us to cook or clean. So when we went to chuck e cheese for a party a few months ago and Tman said he wanted to have his party there, I was sold.

We kept it low key and only had close family there to celebrate with us. This was still about 30 people, gotta love big African families. I did love the fact that all I had to do was getting a cake and show up 30 minutes early. That was pretty sweet. I even had enough time to get my hair done, I might be doing chuck e cheese parties for the rest of my life.

The first thing I always do is take a family picture that way the kids are clean and somewhat happy. Who knows what they will look like a few hours into the party. Our family on Tman's birthday, love my little family.
The family before we started the festivities (grandma, brother and wife, mom, cousin, the kids, and hubby)
My brothers, me, and my cousins with Jbird of course
Tman hung out with his father the whole time
While Jbird hung out with my grandma
There goes my birthday boy
 A picture of the parents just because
My brothers were there to celebrate with us

We let Tman play for a little bit and he had a ball
Then it was time to eat
The kids at their table eating their pizza
 hahahahaha, check out my Jbird chowing down on some food with his front teeth
After we ate lunch, it was time for chuck e to come celebrate the birthday boy. Tman was a little bit scared, I guess I would be too
 My hubby had to go hang out with him to calm him down. My little rockstar
 My birthday boy all smiles
The birthday cake was so yummy

After a while Tman was not scared of chuck e anymore and really wanted to get a hug 
The birthday boy going inside the ticket blaster to get a lot more tickets. He was a bit scared so of course his daddy had to go with him
 Jbird got to wear the birthday hat too with my brother
 My sister was there too with my niece
And after being behind the camera all day, I did manage to get a pic with my mommy
The birthday party was a great success. I am so glad that we did not make a production out of it and kept it low key. It was so much easier to entertain a smaller group while making sure that my Tman was having a great time.

Great job chuck e cheese, my son had an awesome birthday celebration.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

4 years

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments about my Tman turning 3 years and my sweet Jbird being 11 months. You girls definitely know how to make a girl smile.

We are back from our anniversary getaway and it was amazing. I missed my rugrats like crazy though, way more than I thought I would. By day 3, I was ready to come home.

Anyway, let's get back to the post at hand. 4 years ago I married my best friend. We've had an amazing 4 years during which we made (with God's help) 2 beautiful boys. It's been such a great adventure. I am so glad that I am going through this experience with my hubby. I look forward to many more years and babies with my man.

Happy anniversary to us, life is so much sweeter everyday with you by my side.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tman is 3 years old

You guys, it's insane. I know I say that every update but I can't get over how fast time is going and how much my kids are growing.

My first boy is 3 years old today. I still remember the day he came into this world like it was yesterday, this amazing boy that so beautifully introduced us to parenthood. He was the best baby ever. My heart was filled with joy the minute he came into the world and I've never looked back.

My beautiful first boy, the day he was born
I was such a proud first time mom, holding my little Tman
 We were such proud and happy first time parents, holding our newborn baby
 When he was 1 month old we had a mini photoshoot, I treasure these pictures

Here he is today a big 3-year old, oh how you've grown my son
He has turned into an amazing little boy. He has such a strong personality, talks a mile a minute (just like his mama), and is so loving towards his parents and his little brother. This boy of mine warms my heart everyday. God has blessed us in a way we could have never imagined. Happy birthday to my big boy Tman. May God continue to grant you abundant grace and peace.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Jbird is 11 months

Seriously you guys, how is my baby only a month away from being a year old. Insane if you ask me. It's been an amazing 11 months. Jbird is such a calm, happy, sweet, and loving baby. He started sleeping through the night around 6.5 months in his own crib and his own room and never looked back. He rarely cries and when he does it can be solved by a hug or a kiss.

He is still the happiest baby you will ever meet. Smiles on demand and for no apparent reason. Just as happy as can be. It just makes me a happy mom

Yeah, he is a super happy baby
He loves to chase his brother around the house and it's the coolest thing to watch. When Tman says "come on Jbird" and he starts to crawl faster, I am just overjoyed. I hope these two are best friends for life. I love that they are so close in age and will never know a day when they didn't have each other.
Come on, hurry up, poor Jbird has to keep up with his brother
It's hard to get them both in a frame nowadays but I try my best. I love my boys, we got very lucky with these two, they make it easy to think about growing our family.
Jbird is a talker just like his mommy :). He babbles away like it's going out of style. He now says mama to me and it's the best sound ever. I know I already have a baby calling me mama but it is such a sweet sound to hear from my newest little man :)

Jbird is a mover and a shaker, he crawls everywhere faster than ever. He pulls to a stand and cruises along furniture. He actually stands on his own for a while now and has taken a few steps. It's now his favorite thing to do. Once I catch it on video, I am calling it, little walker in the house, woop woop

He is always so proud of himself when he stands or takes a few steps
Jbird is still a good eater, he eats everything and anything in the baby food department. He still drinks lots of milk, YAY. Funny enough he still chokes on regular food. I mean how is it possible this kid has like 8 teeth. I don't really push it, he has plenty of time to get accustomed to food.

My happy boy makes us so happy everyday, he is the perfect addition to our family

His birthday party is around the corner and I just can't believe it. This time next month, we'll have a 1 year old. Be still my heart, I can't handle it. Happy 11-month my sweet Jbird, it's been a really busy month for our little boy. My sweet Jbird, we love you to the moon and back and have enjoyed watching you grow everyday.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend fun - we were busy

this past weekend was so busy in our household, this was the 4th weekend in a row that we had things planned. We love to pack in as much as we can but I am not going to lie, I am getting very tired. The week is busy with work and the weekend is busy with activities. I need a break from my busy schedule :). It's so hard though because it's Summer.

I digress. Saturday we took the kids out for breakfast. It was so much fun. We had been planning to do that for a bit so when the schedule got crazy we didn't want to cancel.

My hubby and Tman playing around while we waited. These two are the cutest (I know, I am biased)

After breakfast, we had a play date with my friend K who has 3 boys. We met at her house and played outside with the kids for a few hours, it was awesome. She had a slip and slide set up for us and a mini pool. Water play is the best and the weather was so perfect for it.

My first boy and her second boy are only a few months apart and they get along so well. Here they are playing by the baby pool
My Jbird of course wanted to join in on the fun
Our last boys are a mere 3 weeks apart, I know like we planned. How cute are these two
We had pizza for lunch and popsicle for desert. The big boys loved it
Then it was time to go down the slip and slide, ah to be a kid again. It was so much fun

Oh and check out my Jbird standing all by himself, such a big boy, we are so proud of him.
 And I managed to get a picture of all 5 boys playing together. We are in awe at the fact that not too long ago we were in College worried about graduating and now we have 5 kids between us.
Me and my Jbird so happy after spending hours soaking up the sun and playing in water
After the play date we met some friends at their house for dinner. By the time we got home, we were so beat. We pretty much spent 12 hours outside our house. Thank goodness our kids nap anywhere.

The next day, my mom watched the kids so that I could go to my friend's baby shower. I am so happy for her, this is her first baby, a boy due this August.  We went to College together and actually moved in together right after College and had the best of time.

They were showered with so many beautiful gifts. The happy couple opening presents
How cool are these monthly onesies? they are huge Redskins and these are just so appropriate
I hung out with another friend's little girl, cutest baby girl. She made my ovaries ache for a little girl
Me, the guest of honor and another friend who is also expecting a little boy in September and used to live with us. How cool that it was Bastille day and we were wearing red, white and blue. Totally unplanned, yet totally awesome. 
It reminded me of this gem picture of us that I dug out from when we lived together 6 years ago and were single girls with no care in the world partying our lives away. It was a French themed party in my honor and my girls were wearing their red white and blue. Those were the days
After the shower, I picked up my hubby and we went out to dinner for another friend's birthday party. I know, we have way too many friends :). Since my mom was watching the kids, it was like being on a date :).  We thoroughly enjoyed it.
My happy but tired face
It was such a busy weekend. We had lots of fun and got to hang out with our friends but I must say that I am looking forward to more low key weekends. The great thing is that this time next week, we'll be in Jamaica sipping on some colorful drinks and getting plenty of rest. Hope you had a great weekend too.