Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend fun - Getting caught up

The past two weekends were spent chilling at home, we didn't do much but hang out at home and it felt good. We definitely got our batteries recharged just in time to get into the awesome madness of the holiday season :). This is my favorite time of the year and I can't wait to go all crazy. This is also Bean's first Christmas and I can't wait to make him extra special for him

Anyway, back to my hodge podge of weekend fun times. Bean is pulling up everywhere and loving it. We always catch him standing all over the house and giggling. Such a big boy my Bean
Since we are indoor more often now, we started painting. I have to keep the boys occupied somehow and it is way too cold to go outside in my book (except today actually). My boys love to write on everything so they were thrilled that I was allowing them to paint things
Check out Bean roaming around and trying to pull up on the table
My big boys in action
Tman was so proud of his work of art
Check out my boys masterpieces
Jbird loves to paint things and his clothes too
My mom hanging out with Jbird and Bean when she got home
My little niece always comes over on Sunday to hang out with us. There's clearly a trend with my mom carrying 2 babies at once
Gosh, these two cousins are only 5 months apart and already playing well together (for like a minute)
Look who I caught climbing on the dishwasher
This is a trend by the way, all my boys love the dishwasher. Check out Tman, Jbird and Bean hanging out by the dishwasher around a similar age
Painting has become very popular in our house. We did some finger painting with grandma and really enjoyed it. I love that the paint is easy to wipe. The boys can have fun and I am not worried about a mess, win win :).

Bean, our little mover and shaker, is into everything and loving it
This was a scene from nap time the other day, all 3 boys passed out all at once in the family room. My new favorite sleeping picture of all my boys
Hanging out in the playroom with grandma. We moved the patio chairs inside for the Winter and I am loving that we now have seating in the playroom

This past weekend my mom and I attended a 40th birthday party. Hubby watched the boys so that we could go party, it was awesome. I know, my hubby is pretty awesome like that. I forgot my camera and had to settle for grainy Iphone pics. I don't know how people only use their phone as a camera. I am glad we had that though or there would have been no pictures.
Out with my mommy and her friends, so happy that we were able to go out without the kids and hang out like the grown ups that we are :)
Selfie time with my mommy, did we say colgate commercial?
Well, I am all caught up on what we've been up to lately. Bring on Thanksgiving and putting up the Christmas tree. I can't wait. Hope you had a great weekend too.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weekend fun - Birthday partying

I am so behind on my weekend celebrations, it's about time I get caught up. Two weekends ago we had loads of fun celebrating J's daughter's birthday. She turned 2 and that is just so surreal to me. J and I met through blogging when she was pregnant with her daughter so I remember reading about the pregnancy, her babymoon to Italy and JOE's arrival. How she is 2 already boggles my mind.

The birthday celebration was at Gymboree, such a fun location. Tyler had fun running around while Jbird slept like a baby and didn't wake up until it was time to eat. Bean just hung out with hubby and that kept him content.

J and I getting ready to party with the kids :)
Jbird fell asleep the minute we got in the car. I knew for sure he would wake up once we got there but no, this baby just slept his way through the party. I wonder if this is a new trend.
Hubby hung out with Bean most of the time
While I hung out with Tman
Tman had a ball playing with bubbles and jumping around all over the place, that's my boy

 Oh there is the birthday girl. I love that in this picture you can see 2 of my boys and the birthday girl
Tman got to play with the birthday girl a bit
Hubby and Bean had fun chilling on the side lines.
J and the birthday girl, she was not happy
After a super long nap, Jbird woke up just in time for pizza. My boys love pizza, I mean who doesn't. Jbird was also a huge fan of J's homemade wings. Check out hubby and the boys, I just love that Bean is trying to go for that pizza :).
The cupcakes were so yummy. The boys really enjoyed the cake and cupcakes.
The birthday girl and her parents
Blowing on the candles as a family, so cute
Tman tried to take a picture of us, he is a budding photographer my little one. He clearly takes after his mommy
I did attempt to take a family picture but let me tell you what a disaster it was. I still love that we got one. This is how chaotic our family is right now :)
It was a great weekend celebrating with friends. We did nothing productive the weekend after that and for a good reason, I needed that break. Hope you had a great weekend too.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Celebrating Tom and Nikki - an English wedding

I met Tom the same time that I met my husband almost 10 years ago. Tom and my hubby used to live in the same house. They've been friends since their Freshman year of college 12 years ago. We've kept in touch with Tom and Nikki throughout the years, they attended our wedding where Tom was a groomsmen, we visited them in London several times,  and they visited us in Germany and the U.S.

Tom and Nikki have been together for what seems like forever (10 years), the speculations as to when they would tie the know were rampant for years. They finally did it, they became husband and wife and we were there to celebrate with them :).

This was my first English wedding and I was super excited to see how all the traditions would unfold. They got married in a court house with a small group of people in attendance. It was so cozy and fun.

Bride and groom exchanging vows
 After they signed their book
Outside the court house
They rented a red double decker bus to take all the guests from the courthouse to the reception hall. Such a great idea especially for a tourist like me. We got to ride with them and get a mini tour of London while we made our way to the reception. To say that I was excited is an understatement.

In front of the bus with our champagne
The front of the bus
The reception hall was in a pub, so fitting for this laid back couple that spent countless days hanging out in pubs when they were in College. Everything about Tom and Nikki's wedding had a sentimental touch. The decorations were handmade, the food was so good, and the ambiance so fun.

The wedding cake was so yummy
 Us with the bride's parents, they were so sweet and welcoming
After dinner we toasted the newlyweds. I loved Tom's speech, it was so beautiful and thoughtful
The boys hanging out, Alex, Tom and hubby. They all lived in the same house in college
 The girls with the bride. C was just in the U.S. with us a week before the wedding
 C and I, drinking the night away. We polished those Disarono and coke
 Me and my handsome man
 Beautiful first dance
 Dancing shoes ready to take on the dance floor
Hubby made me laugh so hard when he said I would be dancing by myself (oh hubby, just get on the dance floor already
C was the queen of the dance floor
Hilarity ensued
Hubby did dance a bit for the bride, she is one tough cookie
Me and the bride
But of course you have do to shots, who dances without alcohol in them?
Cheers friends
Showing off our ring fingers because we are all married now :)
With our new friends Van and her hubby
It was such an honor to be there to celebrate Tom and Nikki finally tying the knot :). We are lucky to have shared in their lives since they started dating and look forward to continue sharing our lives as they grow their family (hint hint start making babies).

Congratulations to Tom and Nikki, here is to many happy years together