Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cancun bound

Hubby and I were planning to go on our babymoon next week and it was such perfect timing because it was also my birthday week :) (I know some of us celebrate for a week).  He got a new job 3 weeks ago and we are so grateful for this new opportunity. Unfortunately that put a wrench in our travel plans as he was not able to take any time off now for a few months.

My mom, who loves to go on trips with me :), suggested I go with her instead. Well, God works in mysterious but beautiful ways. It wouldn't be the babymoon I planned but it surely would be a relaxing vacation. My mom is loads of fun so yeah, we booked a week-long trip to Cancun and the best part is that I get to take my little man with us.

A few pics of me and my lovely mother in some of our adventures across the world :)

Me and my mama in Munich, Germany
 Wine tasting in Strasbourg, France

 In Thailand with the hubby

 One of my favorite pic of us, we look so alike in this one
 John Lennon wall in Prague, Czech Republic
 With T-man in the belly, Washington, DC
So we are leaving on a jet plane and will be soaking up the sun for a few days. I am so grateful that I always have someone to travel with.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our trip to Indianapolis

We had such a fun weekend. We left on Friday night after work and came home late Sunday night to make the most of the weekend. Our flight out to Indy was delayed (such a bummer) so we didn't make it in until 1am. Poor T-man was pooped and cranky and this made for a not so fun flight. He is usually good with flights and we always try our best to get direct flights so that there's less stress.

Saturday was record store day all across the U.S. My husband and Cathy's husband are fan of records (go figure) so they were all about it. The men left early in the morning to go do their record shopping while we slept in.

Our first born sons played all morning from eating breakfast to hanging out in the playroom. Then we headed out to one of the record store where they had a live band and enjoyed that for a few hours. T-man was so tired that he slept through the whole concert.

We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out with the kids and chit chatting away. I enjoyed hanging out with the new baby, he was so perfect and sweet, a total ham. If I wasn't pregnant already I would have definitely been working hard at it after this visit.

Such a sweet baby

 T-man is a little unsure about kissing the baby
 Boys will be boys
 They are totally having fun
 Such happy and smiling kids

 Me and the sweet new baby

 Our first born sons
On Sunday we just chilled all day at the house and played with the kids. It was nice to get a rest day.

This was such a great weekend. They are coming home in a month to visit her family and I am looking forward to more play time for the kids.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A weekend trip

Thanks for your sweet comments on my friends Lan and Cathy's post. I have been really lucky to share so many life experiences with these girls.

That's why this weekend we are going to visit Cathy who just had her baby a few weeks ago. Another little boy. She lives in Indiana now so we are making the trip. This will be T-man's first trip to Indiana, this little boy gets around and as you can see we are still non stop around here. I am so excited to meet this new addition to our group.

Speaking of new addition, bebe deux is growing and growing, we are now 23 weeks and counting...Thank you Lord for a growing baby. All is going well with the pregnancy. I am not missing anything and I am so looking forward to a great delivery and a healthy baby. The belly is getting rounder and rounder. See for yourself.
Oh and I forgot to share these great pictures from Florida with you guys. T-man is the cutest big brother. He loves to point to the belly saying baby, tries to listen to the baby, and sometimes gives the belly kisses saying kisses for baby. He is just the sweetest.

If bebe deux is anything like his brother, my job as a mom is going to get easier everyday.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Friends and babies

I have awesome friends. Our lives have pretty much paralleled each others and it's been pretty amazing to share the ride together. We went to college together, got jobs, got married and popped some babies. It's been nice to have people to share these life experiences with.

That's the case of my friends Lan and Cathy. We've known each other for over a decade and have shared some amazing experiences together. (I wish I was digital way back in the day).

At a party, 2005
Amusement park, 2007
Cathy's engagement party, 2006
Lan's engagement party, 2007
Lan's wedding, 2008
Lan's birthday, 2006
Lan and me pregnant with our first babies and ready to pop, 2010
Cathy and me pregnant with our first babies, 2010
Our first Xmas with our little ones, 2010
 Our first mother's day, 2011
Our second Christmas with our little ones, 2011
The best part about this last picture is that we are again all 3 pregnant with our second babies. What a blessing. I love these girls and I am looking forward to watching our families grow together.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Florida - Magic Kingdom

Our Magic Kingdom adventure was awesome. My husband was not impressed. He didn't think T-man was old enough for the adventure and didn't like waiting in line. T-man did have a great time once he was on the rides. He hated waiting to get on the rides so that made for an interesting time. I know he won't remember this experience but I am so glad we did it.

We got these super cute shirts from Universal a few days prior and I decided that we should wear them for our theme park fun.

We got to the park and took the usual pics with the castle in the background

Our first ride was T-cups. T-man loved it. We had to come back and ride it 2 more times.

We then went on "It's a small world" because it's one of my favorite rides here. T-man loved it. He was fascinated by all the animals and was so proud that he shouted their names once he recognized them.

We got on several other rides after this and T-man loved them all. He just hated the wait. He managed to take his 2 hour nap despite being out and about (such a great baby my son)

We didn't get to go on Splash Mountain or Space Mountain - that was such a bummer. I wasn't planning on getting on either one of them because of the crazy drops but I would have loved for the other adults in the group to get their fix. I guess we'll have to come back.

The day at the Magic Kingdom was definitely our longest day. We were so tired by the end of it but it was such a good day. We will definitely be back.