Friday, September 28, 2012

We went on a date

Since hubby's parents are leaving soon, hubby took a few days off to hang out with us. 6 weeks with his parents really flew by. My awesome in laws offered to watch the kids so that we could go on a date and we totally took advantage of that offer. It ended up being just a lunch date, we left after Tman went down for his nap around 2pm and were actually back before he woke up from his nap. It was a date nonetheless.

It was great to go to a restaurant without the kids and have some one on one time but I am not going to lie we talked about the kids most of the time.
Before we left the house, we attempted to take a few family pics since we were all looking somewhat decent. My Tman is such a ham, Jbird definitely has big shoes to fill. These two pics were my favorite of the bunch

And just because before we had kids we were an item, I made sure to take a pic of just the two of us. How funny that my Jbird managed to sneak in there
 A few days ago I was playing with the camera taking pics of me and Jbird in the mirror. He was totally playing along with me :)
 Look at my baby smiling in this one
I am so in love with this boy of mine, such an awesome baby
 And my Tman kills me with his smile, he does it on demand now, it's the best
 My mom with Jbird
 Hubby's mom with Jbird
 Can't stop kissing my Jbird's sweet face
The last few days with hubby's parents were well spent. We even did a mini family photoshoot yesterday. Luckily for us they are coming back for Christmas in less than 3 months, so psyched. I am so glad that hubby was off for a couple of days and we were able to sneak in a date, family pics, and some quality time with the kids. I am looking forward to next week, it's hubby's birthday and my friend Melissa is coming to visit. YAY.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Travel - Prague, Czech Republic

I have decided to do a travel series to break from the monotony of life with two kids. I was inspired by going through some of our pictures, I really got nostalgic. I also figured this would be a great way to document all the travel we did for over 3 years before having children.

First stop on our series is our first trip to Prague 4 years ago. We lived in Germany at the time about 4 hours away so we just drove to Prague for a 3-day weekend.

We were really into black and white pictures with a hint of color back then so you'll see lots of these
Here we are at the end of Charles bridge

We went to the Eiffel tower of Prague and they had a house with mirrors that did crazy things like this
This was the view from the top of the tower 

On the way down we attempted to take a pic with the background
I take lots of pics of signs, I need to remember where I was somehow

We were there during the Euro fest in 2008
We took a cruise, we pretty much did these everywhere we went near the water

We saw the Atomic clock downtown
And went back for a picture on Charles bridge
Self portrait pictures are my favorite
Sun setting on Charles Bridge, the perfect ending to our trip.
We loved Prague so much that we went back 3 more times. We went back to explore it more, brought our moms on one of the trips, and went on a bar crawl on another trip. Those will have to be separate travel stories. I have enjoyed this trip down memory lane. I would definitely love to go back to Prague with my boys.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend fun and misc things

The boys got some awesome gifts from their cousins in England. What I usually do is take a pic of the kids with the outfit and send them to the family members with thank you notes. We know how much I love taking pics so it works really well and it's clearly just an excuse to take more pics.

I put the cute outfit on the boys and did a mini photoshoot. Hubby's cousins loved the pics. I am sure we'll be getting even more outfit for the boys in the future :).

Jbird was not very happy but he is a cutie pie nonetheless

I love the way Tman is holding his little brother in this pic and doesn't it look like Jbird is smiling? Love it
Tman was invited to 2 birthday parties this past weekend one at chuck e cheese and one at a friend's house. We went to chuck e cheese first, Tman had a ball, this was his favorite game of the day
After chuck e cheese, we went to a one year old birthday party. It was a great party, my friend had crabs as the main meal, can't beat that. We sat outside, enjoyed the crabs, and celebrated the baby's first year. First birthday are so awesome.

My friend's sister took this pic with the birthday girl and Tman, too cute
 Future husband and wife maybe? adorable nonetheless
After both parties we were pooped. We came home and hung out with Jbird. Tman took a super long afternoon nap and was ready for tummy time with his brother. Tman's cheesy smile is my favorite.
 Jbird is much happier now that he is not on his tummy, he is not really fond of tummy time
 And a few pictures from the weekend

 Making the best of the last days of Summer
One month postpartum, ready to go to an 80s themed birthday dinner for a friend. I didn't have any cool 80s outfit so I went with bright colors, big hair and a bow :).
We are back to being somewhat busy and we love it. I love that Tman gets to go outside everyday and have fun. I love even more that my Jbird is growing strong and healthy. I can't wait until he becomes a rolly polly :).

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My baby is a month

My sweet little Jbird is one month old. How is that even possible (I know every parent says that every month, year their baby is alive and that's because it seems crazy every time). He is doing so well and thriving. He still eats like a champ and is overall a pretty chill baby. He brings so much joy in our lives.

My grandmother made this awesome blanket for Tman to celebrate our heritage. She knitted the Cameroonian and English (not British) flag together. We absolutely loved it and decided to keep it as a family heirloom. We took pics of Tman with it when he was about a month old and I did the same with our little Jbird.
Tman wanted to join in on the fun but didn't really want to pose. He just kept making funny faces
There was some crying of course
and there was a change of clothing :)

My sweet little Jbird, I think this one is my favorite.
here is a similar pic of Tman with the same blanket when he was a month old
My hubby's grandmother made this nice blanket for Tman with the colors of the American flag since he was born in America. We loved this blanket too and decided to keep it as a family heirloom and use it for all our children. We took pics of Tman with it when he was a month old and of course did the same with Jbird

Tman always wants to get in the picture. Here he was telling me that he was smiling for the camera
  And my favorite of the bunch 
A similar one of Tman with the same blanket at one month old
I am clearly not a professional photographer but I love to document every milestones. I am looking forward to our professional photoshoot next month. It's time to update some pics around the house and include Jbird in all of our family pics.