Friday, April 29, 2016

My birthday celebration 2016

You guys, life is so busy these days it's insane. The days are fast and they seem to be running into each other and by the time we take a breather the week is over. It also means that time is flying by which is a very good thing. This past weekend we celebrated my birthday with the family. We all went out for a nice brunch then came home for some cake. It was such a low key but super nice celebration.

My mom, brothers and hubby's parents joined us for the celebration. I love my family because they are always up to hanging out and any excuse is a good excuse. I also love that we live so close to each other that we can turn these mundane celebrations into a family event.

Our family out for brunch last Sunday, I absolutely love spending time with my people.
The boys behaved so well during brunch, I must say I was really impressed. I need to bring them out more often. I didn't take that many pictures inside the restaurant, the lighting was a bit off.

The family enjoying our brunch

 These waffles were so delicious
 I just love this selfie of my brother J with Bean. Look at Bean mimicking my brother :).
After brunch we came back to our place, chilled for a bit then it was time to cut the cake. Hubby actually got cupcakes for me this year, he figured it would be easier for the kids. Isn't so funny how your priorities change once you have kids. The cupcakes were delicious and everybody loved them

We got a few pictures of course
 My kids were really into the group pictures at first because they were ready for some cupcakes :)

 And at this point they clearly gave up on pictures, hehehehehehe, it's hard to be the kid of a mamarazi
On my actual birthday, my mom brought over some balloons and they boys had a field day with them
 My Jbird super excited about his balloons
Tman and Jbird crack me up on a daily basis I tell you
I had such a great birthday celebration this year. I am already planning next year's celebration (I know, I am such a planner) and I am excited to say that we will hopefully be chilling on the beach somewhere for that birthday. I am one of those people that just loves to travel rather than getting gifts so anniversaries and birthdays for me are equal to trips somewhere around the globe :). We are taking the kids with us (because I want my kids there to celebrate with me of course) and that will probably be our first trip with all 4 kids. Bring it 2017, I am excited for what you have in store for us :).

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Birthday celebrations for JAE

Two weekends ago we got to celebrate JAE's first birthday. JAE's mom, J and I met when she was pregnant with her first daughter and I was pregnant with my second son. Many years later and 2 more (almost 3) babies were added to the group. It's been such a pleasure to watch these babies grow over the years. My mom came to the party with me, she is the best partner in crime I tell you. I don't know what I would do without her.

J did an amazing job with the decoration and the details of the party, she is a DiY enthusiast for sure. Look at the room and all that pink, loved it and so did Jbird
The food table
The black board with all the detaisl
The balloon and the cake, my boys took home half those balloons
And those cupcakes looked and tasted amazing
Funny story, we asked J's mom to take a picture  of us and her fingers were on the lens so we got this gem. Thankfully I always review my pics before I move on :)
We got this awesome redo, we couldn't stop cracking up because the mom wanted to ensure perfection with this shot and was taking her time, good times I tell you
My mom was so excited to meet J's mom, African moms are so family oriented
I managed to get a picture of the blogging mamas before the craziness. I am so happy to have met these ladies
My boys were in their element at this place, running around everywhere
There were into this basketball game
Check out my baby Bean in action over here

JAE, the birthday girl
And then there were bubbles
My boys love bubbles I mean who doesn't
The were catching the bubbles and loving it and I love that you can see my mom with her big smile in the background

Bubble joy of course
My boys are so easily entertained :)
After the bubbles, they were back on the carpet for some more games
My boys found a way to entertain themselves by jumping, they are crazy jumpers
Look at them in action, the picture is blurry but the action is definitely there :)
Oh Tman my little overachiever :)
And before we left, I managed to get a picture with my sweet boys
And with my mommy too, love this woman so much and I am so happy that we live close to each other and can spend a lot of time together.
After all the fun of running around it was time for some food
The boys loved their pizza and cake
We had so much fun celebrating JAE's first birthday. Though the boys didn't interact with the birthday girl much, they sure took advantage of all the play time available at this venue.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A baby update - Month 6

Wasn't I just doing a month 5 update like yesterday, ok, maybe that was more like a month ago :). I am amazed at how fast things are going now, the first few months seemed to drag on forever but these last months have been flying by and I love it. Here we are knee deep into month 6 with about 3 months left until the arrival of our sweet girl. Hello third trimester, I am so happy to be here.

We've hit the viability mark this month, woop woop. This is by far one of my favorite milestones in pregnancy. Knowing that my baby has a chance of survival just makes me giddy with excitement everyday. I hope she stays in there for at least another 12 weeks but how exciting that she would have a fighting change if she were to be born now. God is good.

This has also been my favorite month of this pregnancy so far because I have been feeling good the entire month. I still have aches and pain but that is just expected with pregnancy. The nausea has completely subsided, I have a lot more energy, and I am crossing tons of stuff of our to-do list before baby.

I have to share with you my latest finds. You know I am obsessed with matching, I know it's not for everyone but I just love it. Well, I found some awesome sites where I was able to buy super affordable matching outfits for my kids. I am so excited and I can't even hide it ;).

I present to you my babies first matching outfit :). Baby girl is going to fit right in with our crew.
And how cute are these matching shirts for me and my mini-me :). I know, I am allowing you to call me crazy because I definitely lost my mind and I really like it.
I didn't stop there, I have always wanted to do mommy and me matching and thought it would look ridiculous with the boys well it definitely won't with a girl :). I found the cutest shirts, dresses and matching shoes and I couldn't resist but buying them. I know we won't wear them for a while yet but are these cute or what?

Matching dresses for me and my mini. I am sure we'll grow this collection over the years
Matching shirts that say the cutest things :)

Matching shoes what up, next Easter we will look fly in these
I couldn't wait to share my awesome finds with you guys. Baby girl doesn't have a single functional outfit but she has a matching shoe and dress collection :). I can't stop and I definitely won't stop. You guys I am having a daughter, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

23 weeks with baby #4

 24 weeks with baby #4

25 weeks with baby #4, I forgot to take a pic with the craziness of Easter Sunday but at least I have this family pic :)
26 weeks with baby #4

27 weeks with baby #4

I have my glucose test this week, crossing my fingers that I don't have gestational diabetes. I didn't have it with any of my other pregnancies so I don't expect to have it this time around. We've decided on a babymoon destination, we are going to Chicago for a few days, yay. So happy that everything is going well with this pregnancy and baby girl is growing on target. Month 7, here we come.