Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekend fun - pumkin patch

We took the kids out to the pumpkin patch a few weekends ago and I am just now finally getting around to talk about it. I am so slow sometimes.

We have friends that we consider family that live far from us so we don't get to see them often anymore. To remedy that problem, we plan monthly event so that we know for sure that we are hanging out every month and our kids will grow up knowing each other. We call these family dinners. Now that we have kids that are big enough and want to do stuff, we plan our family dinners around activities for the kids.

Two weekends ago, we took the kids to the pumpkin patch. This was the first time that we went to this particular patch and I must say I really liked it. This is going to be my new favorite pumpkin patch. They have plenty for the kids to do in addition to an awesome pumpkin patch. The boys were amazed and loved every activity.

My boys were never interested in the corn maze but this year, they are big enough to appreciate it. Score.

We attempted to get a family picture and all the kids joined us. I guess this is what our family would look like with 5 kids
We went to the petting zoo and let the boys pet the goats, Jbird was all about it while Tman was not impressed
Then we did a few fun rides. The boys loved this one where they were being pulled by a tractor

After that we did the ATV rides. I went with Jbird since he was too small to ride
Let me tell you it was hard, I was struggling to go up the hill
Hubby tried to help Tman but he was not impressed because he was going so slowly
Luckily uncle Frank came to the rescue
He also came to the rescue when Jbird decided he wanted to go again and this poor mama was just too tired to pedal up the hill
Uncle Frank is pretty cool like that, he happens to be Jbird's godfather
We did manage to get a group picture on the hayride. I love these people just like family, can't believe we've been hanging out for the past 15 years.
Hubby looking super cool multitasking with Tman and the baby
The I decided to do the measurement for the boys. Maybe I'll keep it up every year and see how much they grow from year to year
My handsome and rambunctious first born
My calm yet fierce second born
After all the fun it was time to let the boys loose at the pumpkin patch. Let me tell you how much my boys love this kind of stuff, the freedom to run around unsupervised with no restriction, sign them up
They each picked their pumpkins and they were so proud of themselves
Jbird, please go for a pumpkin that is more your size

  Me and my big boy taking a selfie, my little mini-me right here
After all the running around, Jbird was tired so he got a ride with the pumpkins. Look at that happy face
We had such an awesome time at the pumkin patch. The boys had a ball. I am so glad they had a lot of activities to keep them occupied. We were so tired after spending 3 hours chasing these rugrats. The happy smiles on their faces make it all so worth it. Can't wait to take them again next year. Now let's do something fun with those pumpkins that we picked. If you haven't gone to the pumpkin patch, you totally should try it. It is a great way to get the kids out for some fun.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Randomness and we have a crawler

You guys I am so super excited because my baby Bean is crawling. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, he is full on crawling trying to chase his brothers around the house. Hold me, please, I can't keep up with this baby that is growing way to fast ( and though I love it, I also am nostalgic for the baby stage fleeting away.)

Here he is getting started
Yup, he is on the move
So proud of himself, good job Beanie baby
Back to my random post about a bunch of things that have happened in our lives lately.

It's been a year since my hubby got his lasik surgery done and let me tell you, he is so happy that he did it. His vision has never been better and I must say I love that he doesn't wear glasses anymore. I mean, why hide this beautiful face
I caught this sweet moment the other day, Tman was holding Bean's hand in the car to calm him down when he was crying then he fell asleep and didn't let go. Such an awesome big brother
My boys chilling in the playroom
Bean is such an adorable baby. He is just happy go lucky and easygoing. I try to give him as much one on one time as I can. After the big boys go to bed, it's just me and my Bean

Jbird is  still super clingy. He was diagnosed with a speech delay at his 2-year appointment and we are working on helping him with his communication skills. It is so good to hear him say new words and recognize letters. I am so proud of this kid
Tman is his father's child. He loves to do everything with his dad. That is so awesome because I have more free hands to focus on Jbird and Bean. Two peas in a pod these two
I love that hubby always takes the big boys in the man cave to play video games with him. They were totally ignoring me when I was trying to take this picture. My boys are doomed to be addicted to video games.
I hung out with my mom on Columbus day and it was awesome. We took the boys to the pediatrician to get their flu shots. I love that I have this awesome family support that makes trips to the doctor a breeze
After the pediatrician, we met up with my girlfriend C who was in town from Indiana and my girlfriend L who just had a new baby a little over a month ago. It was so awesome to get together and catch up on life. I love these girls like sisters.

The girls and I with some of our kiddos. Jbird didn't want to be part of our picture
The girls and I with our youngest, 6weeks, 6 months and 7.5 months
My mom hanging out with Bean and C's daughter
And because my mom and I were wearing matching dresses in different colors, we had to take a picture. It was so not planned but I love that we were matching :). I am so my mom's daughter
Oh and looks whose edges are growing back in nicely, this girl. It won't be long until I don't even remember this phase of my life. I guess 8 months post partum is where things start looking up. I need to remember that next time

That's all the random updates I have for today. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hanging out with the band

Last week we had an amazing experience hanging out with hubby's friend and his crew. It all happened during the week, which made me realized that I am too old to be partying all night like that anymore. But overall we had such a great time that I didn't really mind the lack of sleep and didn't mind having to recuperate for days.

Hubby's friend, who was the best man at our wedding, has been a DJ since I met him almost 10 years ago. He got together with a solo artist called Femme and he DJ's for her when she goes on concert. Femme writes and produces her own music, which is awesome and she has this trademark pink hair that is super cool. One of her singles is "Fever Boy" which is an awesome song.

Anyway, Femme was hand picked by Charlie XCX to join her on her North American tour as the opening act. That is a huge deal you guys because Charlie XCX is kind of a big deal, some of her popular songs include: "Fancy" with Iggy Azalea, "Boom Clap" and "I love it" to name a few. She is a huge English super star :).

Check out the all access pass from the concert :)
I digress. Hubby's friend and his crew arrived the day before the concert and stayed with us. That was so awesome because we don't get to hang out with him that often anymore so it's nice to get some one on one time whenever we can.
We took everyone on a tour of DC at night. All they wanted to do was go to Ben's chilly bowl and see the White House. We indulged them of course.

Before we left the house I got a group picture of course :), you know how I roll
At Ben's chili bowl, everyone is too busy eating and totally ignoring the photographer
Femme loves our president, she is a keeper
Photo op of course
 After Ben's chili bowl, we drove to a few monuments so that they could check them out. Everything was so dark for pictures but looked so beautiful in person.
 I can't leave without taking a selfie of course
We drove by the white house and did the tourist thing as you do
The next day we showed up at the 9:30 club with our VIP all access passes, so cool huh?
Me and my favorite Brit ;)
We got to hang out in the dressing room with the band. They had these delicious cupcakes that I devoured
Then it was time to get on stage and perform
 Check us out up there on the balcony
 Check out the crowd

We had the best seats in the house, a balcony right above the stage and it was just for us. Best view in the place I tell you. I was grinning from ear to ear.

After the show they joined us up in the balcony area

From there we all watched and enjoyed the main act: Charlie XCX. She was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the show

 What an awesome night it was. It was also hubby's birthday so a birthday kiss was in order :).
The next day everyone was hurting, it took us 3 days to recuperate from the late night weekday partying. The girls were so laid back, they spent the morning hanging out with the boys.
Femme even let Jbird wear her slippers :). How cool is that?
We had such an awesome time hanging out with hubby's friends and his crew. It's not everyday we get to hang out with grown ups and mess up our routine a bit. I will survive and eventually get caught up on the lack of sleep. Kuddos to my mom who put the boys to bed each night so that we could go out and party like grown ups. With this kind of support, it's no surprise we want to populate the earth :).