Friday, December 19, 2014

Weekend fun - Christmas lights and a movie

Last weekend was another great weekend in our household. We chilled on Friday but were busy on Saturday and Sunday. We took the boys to see their first movie at a theater on Saturday. Introducing a 4-year old and a 2-year old to the magic of the big screen was truly an awesome experience. On Sunday we went to see Christmas lights and hung out with some friends. It was truly a great weekend filled with fun activities and lot of excitement for the boys.

Our crew getting some popcorn before the movie, we left Bean at home with hubby's parents. Don't be fooled by the boys faces they had a ball :).
Tman and Jbird were mesmerized by the big screen. They each had their popcorn and watched the movie with such concentration
We watched the Penguins of Madagascar
Me and my happy Jbird at the end of the movie, this boy did so well, i am so proud of my 2-year old
Hubby and Tman who didn't want the movie to end
We are going to have to do this movie thing again because the boys loved it so much. Maybe we'll make this a monthly occurrence and use it as a reward for the big boys.

On Sunday, I dressed the boys up to go see Santa. We took that opportunity to have a mini photoshoot (as you do) before we left. We wanted a few family pictures for hubby's parents. The boys were so funny, we did end up with a few decent pictures.

Our little family with hubby's parents
The grandparents with the grandkids. i am so loving Tman's smile in this picture
Bean and his grandfather, this boy is so peaceful and handsome. Too much cuteness
Tman and grandma, I love their matching smiles
After the photoshoot we packed the boys and went to the mall to see Santa. The line was out the door and around the corner so we decided to go shopping instead. Hubby's mom came with me and we totally made the most of our time at the mall. The best part is that the big boys fell asleep for most of the shopping so this was a nap time shopping time kind of outing. Don't mind if we do
Later on that day we took the boys out to see some Christmas lights. We like to pack things in like that. It was such a perfect night for this outing, the weather was not too cold for a December evening. We met with our friends and turned this into our monthly hang out.

Me and my Bean surrounded by Christmas lights
Hubby and Tman, I love this picture of them
Hubby chasing the big boys everywhere
We managed to get a family pictures surrounded by lights
The girls with Bean
And of course a group picture with everyone
After the lights we all went to Starbucks where we hung out for a bit, warmed up and got caught up on life. I just love this picture of hubby and Tman drinking their hot cocoa like best buds. When did my baby get so big? Like father like son
What a great weekend; despite being busy we made the most out of the time that we had. I made it a point to take the boys to see Santa during the week so that we could beat the crowds, genius I know. I am looking forward to our hang out this coming weekend and putting the finishing touches on Christmas preparations. We are leaving the boys with hubby's parents and enjoying a much needed date with lunch and a movie on Saturday. I am so excited because I know it will be grand :). I hope you all had a great weekend too and are ready for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas and pictures around our house

I have been meaning to share what I did with the pictures around the house after we received the canvases from our photoshoot  a few months back. I guess Christmas is a great time to share since the house is so festive. Red is hubby's favorite color (hello Arsenal) and I have grown to love it so much over the years. Because of that we always have sprinkles of red around the house. When Christmas comes, I go all out on the red :). Enjoy the tour.

Come on in, wreaths with red bows and a red bench seat cushion welcome you when you enter our house.
The view from the other side
These are some of my favorite pictures of the boys. They were taken around the same age (around 5 months). I just love looking at them when I come down the stairs. I took the pictures of Bean and Jbird while the picture of Tman was taken by a professional. from left to right: Bean, Tman and Jbird. I just love that Bean is all over our walls now just like his brothers :).
I copied this next idea from Pinterest and I like the way it turned out. I display our past Christmas cards and our pajama pictures on the bathroom door downstairs. I really love how festive this looks.
Our family room is full of family pictures and I love it. Our wedding picture (red bouquet, what up) is the main centerpiece surrounded by family pics galore
A close up of the family wall. I love the way  it turned out.
The TV wall has a few of my favorite family pictures, I know, everything is a favorite for me ;)
Our dining room is also festive. I love the pop of red here
A pic with the boys eating their dinner :), we do live in this space
A view of the family room from the dining room. I have the big boys yearly photo, can't wait to add Bean to that group. I also have our fun picture on the wall and every time I am in this room I can't help but giggle.
There's a bit of Christmas in the kitchen too, I got some red Santa towels and a mistletoe :). My hubby thinks it's so cheesy but I don't care because I am a cheeseball like that.
At the top of the stairs we have a small alcove where I have one of our wedding pictures. I also display cards here particularly the ones that don't have any pictures. I also have the latest bouquet of roses that hubby got me.
Our guest room is also festive, red is so our thing you guys. I moved our last family pictures that did not include Bean in this room. I love them too much to get rid of them.
The family room is my favorite room of the house, we spent most of our time here so it is so fitting. I took a picture while everyone was awake watching soccer this past weekend
A little close up of our fireplace. I love seeing 5 stockings on the mantel, family of 5 what up
I just love this time a year, this is my favorite holiday. After a long day running around, I like to enjoy a little me time at night when everyone is asleep and it's just me watching my favorite show in the dark, checking blogs and sipping on some hot chocolate with my feet up. Total bliss right here.
I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did. I love to decorate our house with family pics and I love to decorate for Christmas. This is my favorite time of the year for a reason, joy and happiness is just everywhere. What is your favorite holiday? Do you love this time of the year as much as I do?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Weekend fun - friendsgiving

Last weekend was crazy busy for us, we had something planned Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Gotta love the holiday season and all the fun events that come along for the ride.

On Friday we went to a Christmas party without the kids, we consumed some adult beverage and partied the night away. It was glorious. On Saturday we hosted our annual friendsgiving dinner. Every year we make it a point to have dinner with this group of friend. It's a potluck style where everyone brings a dish and we spend the night chit chatting and catching up on life. I've known most of these friends for over 14 years and it's nice to see our friendship and families grow over the years. On Sunday we went bowling with hubby's parents.

Out and about without the kids, love spending time with my main man
Working on the turkey, it was such a great turkey (side note, our new Arsenal shirts are here. We got one for each member of our family and here is hubby rocking his shirt)
Bean was really popular at this party, everyone wanted a piece of him. Hanging out with grandma
Hanging out with uncle Larry
Passed out with grandad
We chilled in the playroom with the kids, our families have grown so much over the years
Look at the big kids hanging out together watching a video on the Ipad
Me and my BFF L with our 2-year old. We have been making babies together since 2010
The food was so yummy
The company was even better. My mom always makes it a point to be there for friendsgiving dinner
We managed to get a group shot
The most adorable picture of my Jbird. He was eating some chocolate and had it all over his face
Bean is a climber. Check out Jbird in the background with the chocolate
Me and my Bean and our matching santa hats
This was such a cute moment between E and Bean
Me and my girls, over 14 years of friendship and counting. I love these girls
Oh hey there handsome, hubby was not impressed
I tried to get a family picture, you know that's my trademark. We got this gem with my niece (My brother and his wife went to a wedding that night so we watched her. I love living so close to my family.)
On Sunday we went bowling with hubby's parents. It was so much fun. Tman had a ball, Jbird was his usual crazy running around like a lunatic and Bean was just chilling.

Me and my big boys
Bean chilling with hubby and his dad
We did get a family picture though some of us are not looking :). YAY
Yeah, last weekend was a super busy weekend but we had so much fun. We only have two things going on this weekend and it feels like we are going to be resting. I love this time of the year when everything is so festive and everyone is so happy. We have lots going on until the end of the year and I am super excited about it all. Hope you all had a great weekend too.