Monday, August 18, 2014

Tman and Jbird's Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated Tman and Jbird's birthday with a joint party at pump it up. We've decided that since the boys birthdays are only 3 weeks apart, we'll make it a joint celebration from here on out. My boys love to jump everywhere and always enjoy the bouncy houses so we decided to indulge them for their birthday celebration this year.

Family and friends came to celebrate with us. We had a ball and so did the kids. Tman told me this was his best party (I know, that kid is awesome). I will just let the pictures do the talking; I hope you are ready for an overload of fun.

Before we left the house we of course got a family picture :). I know, my boys are all matching (it's like my disease, I love doing that)
It's party time. Bean with my mom and aunt. I love this pic of my baby and his rolls looking at the camera
My brother and my niece were there too, big girl is turning 1 next month
Me and my man before the craziness started
Tman went straight for the slides and kept going down with the biggest smile

Jbird got a chance to go down with my cousin and he was loving every minute of it

Even my niece got to go down the slide, she wasn't really impressed
I went down with my Jbird too :)
While hubby went down with Tman

And look at my little daredevil doing his thing
We moved on the jump house
And it was so much fun
We also had a bubble machine blowing bubbles throughout the party. My boys loved it. I knew it would be a nice touch
Bean was there too, hanging out with his granddad most of the time
Hubby's mom was there too hanging out with my niece
J and her family joined us for the celebration
She got cozy with Bean. I don't blame her, he is an adorable baby
And so is her daughter JOE
The mommies with the babies (of course Jbird was acting like a big baby as he does)
Hubby and Jbird hanging out when he wasn't attached to my hip
In the jump house with my boys
My mom and Jbird hanging out
2 of my boys with grandma and granddad
Hanging out with my big boys

Tman requested a TMNT cake and we indulged
Tman was so excited about the cake, he started jumping for joy when he saw it
Happy birthday sweet boys of mine
Enjoying some pizza in their royal chair,

After the party, we went home where we let the boys open presents. One of them were the ninja turtles stuffed animals that we made for them a few weeks back. They loved it, we added music to them and let me tell you, the TMNT anthem is stuck in my head :).
My boy was so happy about his new friend Michelangelo.
We had a great time celebrating Tman and Jbird's birthday with our family and friends. They enjoyed every minute of it and Tman talked about it for days after the party. The boys are so loved and we are so lucky to be surrounded by such awesome friends and family.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jbird is 2 years old

My second boy, Jbird is 2 years old. How is that even possible. I know, I am officially a broken record when it comes to my babies growing up way too fast. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this boys of mine has been. From the moment we found out about him growing inside of my belly, he has been the healer of hearts.
Before Jbird, we lost a baby to a miscarriage. Our family was brokenhearted and Jbird came to our rescue and healed our broken hearts. He was an easy pregnancy, filled with anxiety and fear, but easy nonetheless. He was an easy newborn, one that never slept but was easy in every other aspect. He was an even easier baby, particularly once he started sleeping. From 6 months until today, he has been sleeping in his own room and his own bed. I know, I told you he was amazing. He has grown into an even easier toddler.
He is the biggest mama's boy of all my boys but I must say I love it. He wants me to hold him all the time and though it's tiring, I am so happy that he needs me. I seem to be the only one that can calm him when he is flustered and I thank God that Jbird wants and needs me daily. He knows that Bean is there but he doesn't really understand it yet. I know he will be a great big brother in due time.
I want to wish a Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful and amazing Jbird. He was the added blessing that our family needed and dreamed of. He is calm, cool and collected just like his father. He is such a happy boy. I know God did not owe me anything but if he felt like he did, he surely repaid me above and beyond anything I could have ever expected with our Jbird. Happy birthday sweet child of mine, our family is so much happier with you around.

On his actual birthday, our families came over to watch him blow his candles and wish him a happy birthday
He was so embarrassed when we sang the birthday song
He is lucky to have a big brother who is always looking out for him and helps him blow his candles :)
These two I tell you, best of friends
And of course a few family pictures

It was a great celebration of Jbird on his actual birthday. Happy birthday sweet boy of mine.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer fun and Jbird goes to daycare

We have been having a blast this Summer I tell you. There is something so beautiful and awesome about a nice weather that just makes Summer the best time of the year. Because it's so nice outside, all weekends are busy and it is light fairly late, we've been planning play dates mid-week. This past week we met with my friend A and her kids. Between us we popped 5 kids in the last 4 years. Long gone are those college nights spent drinking and partying. These fun times are keeping us busy but I swear, I am exhausted.

Our youngest boys, only 5 months apart
 We met at a local park and let the kids run around at will. They had a ball

 We successfully captured a pic of all 5 kids, great success :)
Jbird started daycare last week. For the first time in his life, he is being cared for by people that are not family in a setting that is not familiar to him. My poor child has been having a hard time adjusting to his new reality.
The first day he had no idea what was hitting him and was super excited. Tman was also excited to show him the ropes. Look at them having a good time together when we first got there.

As soon as we left, Jbird cried like a baby and wouldn't stop all day. He also hung out by the door all day hoping we would come back :(. Poor baby. This happened every single day when we dropped him off :(. I was so bummed, I know he has to go through this before it gets better but I hate seeing my baby so unhappy.

Something beautiful happened on Friday, he opened up a bit and seemed to enjoy himself. I know it's because they had water play and we know how much my boys love water. This awesome note from his teacher on his daily sheet made my day :).
It hurts to see him cry every morning but I know my Jbird will adjust nicely to this new routine. If only this adjustment could come quickly

Now that Jbird is in daycare, I have both kids at the beginning and end of my day. If I can help it, I don't make any pit stops along the way. This past Friday I had to make a stop at Bed Bath and Beyond with both kids after work. Oh boy, it made for an interesting stop. The boys actually behaved really well.
Selfie time in the parking lot with my big boys
On Saturday I took my aunt shopping with the boys. There were 3 adults against 3 kids so that made complete sense. We timed it right and Tman was asleep for a solid 2 hours :)
At the entrance of the mall, check out my Tman passed out over there
A little over an hour into our shopping trip, Jbird fell asleep and we now had 2 kids down.
So peaceful these two particularly when they are asleep :)
While the big boys were asleep, I hung out with Bean taking selfie's as you do
 Such a happy boy my little beanie man
Once the big boys woke up Bean fell asleep. They were taking turns
I enjoyed a nice shake with my Jbird while Tman was chowing down on some pretzels
It was a successful shopping trip during which all 3 kids got to take a nap while the adults got their shopping on. YAY, I love my little tribe
The rest of the weekend was awesome, we celebrated Tman and Jbird's birthday party with a joint celebration at pump it up. The boys had so much fun. I can't wait to share it with you all once I am done sifting through the hundreds of pictures I took. Happy Monday!!!