Monday, October 24, 2016

My niece's 3rd birthday

My niece is 3 years old you guys, is that surreal or what. Weren't we just celebrating her impeding arrival at her baby shower, didn't I just announce her arrival like yesterday and didn't we just celebrate her  first birthday? Time is sure flying by and luckily we are making the most of it.

Her actual birthday was on a Wednesday and since we can't ignore the actual birthday, we had a very low key celebration with immediate family only. We all met at my brother's house after work and enjoyed a nice cake with the family.

I love my peeps :)
I also love this picture of my baby brother with my baby girl
The day that we celebrated her birthday happened to be hubby's actual birthday :). Talk about a busy birthday celebrations week.
Hehehehehehe, he is funny my hubby
My mom chilling with our baby girl, are you loving all the yellow like I am
Twinning with my mini-me. This is by far my favorite thing to do right now
While we were outside, I wanted to take a few pictures. I love this picture my mom captured of me trying to set everybody up :) :)
It was all worth it to get this gem :), I love our six pack
My mom managed to get a picture with all her grandchildren
How adorable are Tman and his cousin, the birthday girl
My mom was trying to get a picture with baby girl and Tman jumped in :)
Then my niece jumped in too :)
Oh hello there Bean, my 3rd son chilling with hubby
It got a little warm so we started undressing Emilia, don't mind her screaming over there
My nieces chilling with my baby girl
Hanging out with my mom, sisters and brother H
While we were chilling on the deck, I taught Jbird about selfies. He loved that he could see himself in the camera. Then I told him to copy mommy's face but he was a bit skeptical about that game
But then he got into it and we got these awesome gems. Colgate commercial what up

Kisses for everyone, I love my Jbird
We had a ball celebrating my niece's 3rd birthday. Time sure flies when you are having a lot of fun. Happy birthday Christine, we look forward to celebrating so many more birthdays with you. It was a crazy busy weekend but surely one for the books.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Our trip to the pumpkin patch 2016

Summer is my favorite time of the year because I love to be super hot all the time but Fall is a really close second. There are so many fun outdoor activities in the Fall and with 4 kids there is nothing better than being able to go play outside. We never miss the pumpkin patch as you can see here in our past outings in 201220132014 (I can't believe I didn't blog our 2015 outing.). Now that the kids are getting older, they actually ask to go, how awesome is that.

What I also love about the pumpkin patch outings is the fact that it's a great opportunity for awesome family pictures and we know I love taking pictures of my kids. This year my mom was out of town and couldn't join us so it was just the 2 of us with all 4 kids. It was chaotic and exhausting but I am so happy we did it.

We even managed to get a great family picture :). Check out our baby girl on her first of many pumpkin patch outings. I love my family
This particular farm had a huge maze and our big boy was hell bent on conquering the maze. We got lost in that maze for over an hour you guys. We walked over 3 miles. My Tman was super excited because we made him the leader and everyone else had to follow him. He even got a stick and he used it to keep his brothers in line, that kid I tell you
Telling his brothers they couldn't cross that line :) :)
Hubby carried the baby and manned the stroller. Is anything sexier than a man carrying a baby? I don't think so
While hubby took care of the baby, I chased the boys around the maze and the farm. Chilling with my boys
Check out my leader over there showing us the way out
We are really into making videos lately so I made a video of the boys walking through the maze here.

After the maze, we went straight for the giant inflatable pumpkin that the kids could jump on. My boys were in heaven, this is their favorite thing to do. I just love this action shot of my boys, if you couldn't tell they were excited to get on this pumpkin
The smiles were never ending

They were running and jumping then running some more

Tman is a riot, look at him doing a crazy bounce and jump :)

My boys didn't want to get off the giant pumpkin. 20 minutes later we literally had to pry them of that thing. We promised them that we would come back to it and that's the only way we got them off
We then went on a hayride, we needed the rest or at least the boys did.
After the hayride I wanted to get a few pictures before we left because I could tell everyone was getting tired. Trying to pose all 4 kids proved to be a challenge, we did get this awesome gem of our 4 little pumpkins. I love these kids of mine and I just pinch myself every time because I can't believe they are all mine
Some nice lady saw us struggling and offered to take a family picture. I was so happy because hubby already told me not to even try to ask someone to take our pictures since the kids were kind of crazy. Thank you stranger, that was so kind of you.

I love this series of pictures so much because it really captures the chaos of our family. Come on guys, get ready for the picture
Then Tman over there starts to pretend punch his dad in the face, at least Bean is smiling
Oh there is that smile Tman, too bad Jbird is not really looking
We went back to jump on the giant pumpkin before we packed up to go home. We had planned to go pick a pumpkin and do more before we left but we were just so tired. It's really tiring dragging this six pack anywhere for a few hours. When we got home, we all took a glorious 2-hour nap. It was so well deserved.

Later that day, my uncle came to visit with his family. Before they came, I got these great pictures of my youngest babies

Check out Bean's sweet face, this kid is so adorable and looks so grown now
Check out my sweet baby girl in her adorable outfit. I want to put this girl in a tutu every single day :)
My uncle's wife and their youngest daughter. Emilia is going to have girlfriends clothes in age in the family, I am so excited for her
My cousin holding baby girl
And you know me with family pictures :). So many little kids in our family, such a blessing. Are you loving Jbird with his big cheese face there :).
We had a great day hanging out at the pumpkin patch. It was a perfect day for an outing and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. My boys want to go back this weekend so we told Tman that if he had a great week at school we would. Pumpkin patch for the win. Do you guys go to the pumpkin patch during this season?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Outfit combination for family pictures

It's that time of the year for us, family picture time. Though it's always a stressful time trying to figure out what we are going to wear, I absolutely love putting clothes together for our family. I love doing these picture in the Fall because the foliage is amazing and frankly it's not too hot or too cold which always makes for a fun experience. You can see the outfit combination that we wore for our family pictures in 2012201320142015.

Every year, I have a theme in mind and I try make the colors work together. Since we will be using these pictures around our house and for our Christmas cards, I always tend to go with red. Family outfits with red just pop so well and add that extra bit of color to otherwise dull walls plus I think my family looks rather nice in red :). It is so tricky to plan for a family of six but luckily for me I love to have my boys in matching outfits so it makes my life so much easier.

My hubby thinks I have too much time on my hand because I was setting these up in our bedroom with such care :). He can't wait for me to go back to work so that I am too busy to do these fun things. Little does he know that I will make the time for my silliness because I enjoy it so much :).

So which one of these outfit do you like best?

Outfit 1 - This one is my favorite, I love the red dress, I love the tint of red everywhere but I wonder if it's too much red
Outfit 2 - I love this one too because the red is a bit toned down with the dress so that might be easier on the eyes but the red dress is still my favorite
 Outfit 3 - I love the red dress but I feel hubby's outfit is out there all by itself but maybe it makes sense not to have all that red
Which one is your favorite? Which one do you think we should go with. We have our pictures in 2 weeks and I am excited for this photoshoot. This will be Emilia's first real photoshoot with our six pack and I can't wait to update our walls with pictures that include the 4th and final member of our family :)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Post partum recovery - 3 months later

Three months after giving birth to my 4th and last baby, it's time to reflect on where we are. I wore the belly bandit from the day after I gave birth until about 6 weeks post partum. It's my absolute favorite item for post partum recovery. It doesn't make the belly smaller per say but it helps keep things together, somewhat flat and keeps the jiggle to a minimum. It will still take time for things to get back to normal but right away you will look pretty good in your clothes :). I highly recommend it.

Here we are, 3 months post partum after 4 beautiful babies

I am still a work in progress and I know I have to put some effort to get where I want to be. I love that things are somewhat flat but I must admit there is a lot of jiggle going on in the middle section :). I also have some stretch marks but luckily they are not too pronounced. I need to work on toning things in the coming months but I am must say, I am loving my post partum body. How could I not love this body that carried my 4 babies to term. Chilling with my littlest love
Check out my big boys running around us, they came outside with us though they didn't want to be in our picture. I am glad hubby was sneaky and got them in anyway.
As far as the weight goes, It's been a pretty good ride too. I gained about 30lbs this pregnancy and I lost it all already. I am back to my pre pregnancy weight at around 146lbs but I am still about 10lbs away from my ideal weight. I like to be between 135 and 140lbs. I am still breastfeeding and plan to do that for a whole year so I can see the weight lingering until we are completely done. 
The ugly part of my post partum recovery has always been the hair loss. I was hoping that since this was a different pregnancy I wouldn't experience hair loss this time around but I had no luck with that. About 3 weeks ago I started shedding like crazy and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I am at the point where I am scared of combing my hair because I get these clumps of hair every time I do. This pile of hair is just from one combing session
Post partum hair loss is for the bird, I mean look at the back of my hair fading away. The sides are next and I am ready for the baldness coming my way. I was sad when the hair started falling but I have embraced it now. I am now relishing in the fact that this will be my last ever post partum hair loss and I will start with a blank slate once it's over. My baby girl is worth all the ups and downs of post partum recovery
Post partum recovery the fourth time around has been pretty good overall. It's been exactly what I expected (you can see my post partum updates less than a month after delivering baby #2baby #3, and baby #4) and I am excited to get my body back and start focusing on getting back to my normal self. 6 years and 4 babies, you did amazing body, high five.