Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thanksgiving celebrations

We hosted Thanksgiving again this year and I catered the turkey again like I did last year and it was a great success. Being able to get a Turkey that's all done and only having to make sides has been such a blessing. My family and hubby's parents came over and we spent the evening eating and watching football. This was Emilia's first Thanksgiving :).

When my niece came over and we realized that she was somewhat twining with my mom, we decided to take a few pictures of course. Check out my mom and her oldest granddaughter looking cute

The spread just before we sat down to eat
Hubby's mom chilling with Emilia with my brothers in the background
I love this picture of my smiley Joshua being tickled by grandma

Tman and my niece were building in the playroom
I surprised them :). Are they so adorable or what
We only took a few pictures because no one was really interested in our pictures. I love all the happy smiles in the few pictures that we took

My brother asked us to do something different than posing with happy smiles and we didn't know what to do. I guess all we do is pose with happy smiles :)
Hubby's parents with the babies
Chilling with my Beanie baby. We have matching smiles here, love it
A picture of the girls and bean :). I love my family
We are hilarious I tell you
Bean and his grandma
My mom and sister with Emilia
My mom twining with Emilia
My mom really wanted to take a picture with her 2 granddaughters
How sweet is this picture with my niece giving Emilia the biggest kiss. Love my girls
We had such a great Thanksgiving celebration and I am so happy to be starting my absolute favorite time of the year, Christmas time. This year will be really special since it's Emilia's first Christmas. Are you ready for the chaos of the holiday season? Hope you had a great Thanksgiving celebrations too and are ready for the Christmas chaos.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Emilia was baptized

We baptized our baby girl over a month ago and I am just now getting to post about it. Hubby's grandma was visiting this past Summer so we wanted to get it done while she was here. The best part was that his aunt also came to visit for a few weeks so we were able to have them here with us to celebrate our daughter's baptism. My cousin also traveled from Paris and my friend D traveled from Canada to celebrate with us.

More than 7 years ago, hubby and I were married in this church in front of our friends and family and I am so pleased that we were able to baptized all of our children in the same church. I am such a sucker for traditions. We always try to keep the baptism low key but we always want to celebrate because we believe it's a key part of our lives.

It was such an awesome day, everything went so smoothly and everyone had a great time. We baptized baby girl at the church then came back to our house for some refreshments. It was so nice to spend time with our people. We took so many awesome pictures that day, here are a few favorite.

Our family of six,
The ceremony was short and sweet :)
I love this next set of pics. During the ceremony, the boys didn't want to sit still, they were giggling away while hubby was trying to wrangle them. These pictures put such a big smile on my face because they captured the current state of our family so well.
Bean's happy smile
Look at my Jbird giggling away
Ok, let's get this baptism started. Check out Tman's smiley face

She is getting baptized, wooohooo

Then it was the oil
Followed by the candle

Our people, there to support us always
After the ceremony, I made sure to take a few posed pictures with everyone that came. I love doing this that way I have pictures with everyone.

Emilia with my friend D, one of her godmothers
Emilia with my cousin G, another godmother
Love this picture of the godmothers with our baby girl
We don't get to be in the same place at the same time often but it sure is nice to have our family together.
4 generations, Emilia is a lucky girl

I love this picture of hubby with Emilia and his grandmother so much

My sister holding baby girl
My awesome family, my brother H had to run right after the ceremony so he wasn't in our pic
J and her family were there to celebrate with us too, so thankful for bloggy friends turned real life friends.
We went home and had a great time mingling and catching up with everyone.

My mom and baby girl
Hubby's mom and baby girl

Hubby's grandma and baby girl

J chilling with baby girl
Hubby's aunt and I totally twinning :)
Hanging out with the godmothers
Full house, by the way are you loving my walls full of pictures as much as I am
I love this picture of Bean smiling away. My baby has the best smile I tell you
Emilia chilling with my sister in law
Hubby's aunt and uncle with baby girl
Chilling with hubby's grandma
Hubby's family
J and I doing our thing :)
It was such a beautiful celebration of our baby girl's baptism. It fell good to check things off our to do list before I went back to work.

Another family picture from the church that shows our beautiful chaos so well
I just love checking things off our lists of things to do with baby girl. The first year is always so full of many amazing firsts and getting our baby girl baptized is a first that put a huge smile on my face. Everyday we thank the Lord for our sweet blessings and on that day we were thankful to have her joined our Christian family.