Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christmas celebrations 2016

We had so much fun celebrating Christmas with our family this year. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year and I always try to go all out for this celebration. This year was extra special because it was our baby girl's first Christmas.

6 years ago, we were celebrating our first child's first Christmas. 6 years later and we just celebrated our last child's first Christmas. We've come full circle and this definitely marks the end of an era.

My big boys were super excited about the celebrations. It was so neat to watch them get excited about making cookies for Santa and going to bed early so that Santa could pay them a visit. Tman's squeal in the morning when he found the presents under the tree. You guys, it was all so beautiful and endearing.

I compiled a short video of the boys opening a few presents in the morning. It's hard to film and take pictures at the same time. I need more hands. They were so cute though :)
Tman and Jbird putting their puzzle together, they did this a gazzillion times
Tman and Jbird playing with one of their favorite toys
Santa came, I just love this sight the night before Christmas
And of course the Christmas cards with the tree in the background
I snapped a picture of my mom with the kids in the morning
The boys couldn't wait to open presents so I use their excitement to convince them to take a few pictures with us. I present to you our 2016 family Christmas pajamas :)

I love this family of mine, our six pack :)

My mom joined in on the fun too. Don't laugh, I meant to order the "grandma bear" pajama but I ordered the "papa bear" one by accident. Mommy brain in full effect. My mom still looked cute in it.

3 generations :) :) :)
Our four perfect little pumpkins, I love my munchkins
And of course a picture of all of us, hello self timer
We then started to open presents like it was going out of style. The boys were loving every minute of it and kept getting excited for more presents

Look at my baby girl sitting over there like a big girl
We then moved to the playroom to show them their big present, they were ecstatic

Grandma and her granddaughter
Tman really wanted this game called "let's go fishing" and of course Santa delivered :). The boys trying their hand at the new game.

It was actually a pretty fun game
I love this picture that my mom capture of our clan so much.
After playing let's go fishing, we sat back down and opened a few more presents

Oh hi Emilia, enjoying her first Christmas

I always try and take a picture of me and my main squeeze of course
After opening a few presents, we made breakfast while the boys told us how excited they were about all of their toys. My brother who lives about 4 hours away that we rarely see decided to surprise us with a visit on Christmas day. What a great surprise it was
After they left, we opened even more presents

I love this picture so much, baby girl and I are looking at each other with so much adoration
We finally finished opening our presents then it was time to get ready for the celebration with the rest of the family

This being baby girl's first Christmas, I went all out with the matching. We got matching dresses and matching bows. Best part is that my mom told me a month before that she loved the matching and would love to be part of the group (music to my ear).

I present to you our 3 generations of girls, my heart is so full right now

I got us matching bracelets too, I know, I can't even help myself
This baby girl of mine is a total dream. I still can't believe we have a girl :). Matching with my mini me. Doesn't she look so grown?
Our family all dressed up for the Christmas festivities, love our six pack
My brother and his family, I love that the girls are coordinated too
We had a yummy dinner

I took even more picture with the rest of the family

Girls, girls and more girls :)
We opened even more presents with the rest of the group

My brother J loved his present
Christmas is definitely my favorite, family time is the best time
These two, I seriously can't even get over their cuteness right now

We did our annual family photo by the Christmas tree. Hubby's parents are missing because they were in England celebrating with his sister and her new baby boy.
That was our Christmas 2016 in a nutshell, another amazing time spent with our family and loved ones. This was our 7th annual Christmas and I love the fact that next year we will be adding another member to our group.  I hope you had a great time celebrating this year too.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Zoolights is Christmas Lights at the Zoo

We don't want to leave Christmas behind, I know it's hard to :). I am still working on sorting the pictures from Christmas day but I figured I would post about our Zoolight outing. The local Zoo is decorated with Christmas lights this time of year. We had been meaning to take the boys but frankly it's always so cold that I kept getting discouraged. Well, the weather changed on us and we got this Spring type weather in the Winter and I just knew we had to go.

We packed our crew and to the zoo we went. My brother, his wife and my niece joined in on the fun. I bundled the kids up but it was so unseasonably warm that we were all sweating bullets under our jackets and hats. I brought the good camera for this outing because I know the camera phones suck for night pictures and I am so glad I did. We got so many great shots of the kids

Our crew minus my brother who was taking the picture :).
The kids kept pointing out the lights in the shape of the various animals. They were getting up close and personal and loving it.

Tman and Jbird excited about the blue horses
Like father like son, my first baby looks so grown here. Did you notice the matching hats too :). I know, I am insane
The other boys were chilling in the stroller
My mom carried the baby who was chilling the whole time. Hubby was manning the stroller and I was chasing the boys around. I love this picture of Jbird wanting to give the baby a big kiss before he started running around. Are you loving that hubby and the boys were wearing matching hats :)
It was a busy night but the boys just loved roaming around the place
My favorite crew
Chilling with my Jbird
My mom and baby girl
My brother and his growing family with my mom and baby girl
Did you notice that my scarf was coordinated with the boys' hat, sorry not sorry ;)
Bean just wanted to run
So we set them free
I love this picture with my 2nd and 3rd so much
Walking with my babies
Photo op what up

The big kids were mesmerized by all the lights and all the animals they saw
This picture is hilarious because I was running ahead of hubby to get a paparazzi like picture of them walking around and this fool was chasing me so when I turned around they were right behind me. I did this at least 3 times before realizing what they were doing. Hubby and Tman were cracking up every time and I didn't know what was happening
I did figure it out in the end

Love this picture of hubby and my brother handling the strollers. They were not impressed by the display of lights but they sure loved that the kids were having a great time. How cute is this picture of them pushing the strollers around with the kids in tow
Before we left, we let the kids get some treat. I love this picture with everyone (except me)
The zoo was crowded, the lights weren't all that impressive and we couldn't really see the animals but the kids really loved this outing because they got to run around like free range chickens on a farm :). Our outing to check out Christmas lights at the zoo was such a great success. The weather was excellent for an outing in the Winter and though it was crowded, the kids were still able to roam free and enjoy the lights. We might have to add this to our list of things we do during the Holidays. Have you checked out Christmas lights at your local Zoo?