Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bean goes to England

I had been meaning to post about Bean's trip to England last November but things got so busy during the holiday season that I never got a chance. Now that we are finally caught up with things and life is moving by at a much slower pace, it's finally time to take a trip down memory lane and relive that awesome trip.

Hubby and I were going to his BFF's wedding in London last November and we decided to take Bean with us. It was an great opportunity to introduce Bean to his English family. We made the most out of that trip by attempting to meet with everyone while we were there. I traveled with my grandma who was going to spend a few months with my aunt who lives in London.

Here we are at the airport getting ready to board. I love these two so much
 We made it to England, YAY. Me and my happy baby
 Hubby with my aunt, cousin, grandma and Bean
I am so happy we got to spend some time with family
My cousin and Bean
My aunt and Bean
Bean is so loved, he got loads of kisses from everyone :)
Bean hanging out with my cousins, aunt and grandma in London
 Bean and his aunt K
Me and my Bean at his aunt K's metro stop :)
Me and my Bean on the train to Chichester, hubby's hometown
Bean with hubby's cousin C. My baby was all smiles
Hubby's cousins treated us to an awesome lunch while we were there
 Bean with hubby's grandma and cousin, I love that they are starring at each other
Bean and his great grandma
Bean and his great grandpa
Oh yeah, Bean at the Chichester train station, I am a sucker for signs
Bean and Nikki the day before her wedding
LoL, gotta love this awesome crew
Bean and Tom the day before the wedding
Me and my baby checking out the reception the day before
Me and my Bean checking out the sights
Bean and his parents doing the tourist thing
Bean pulling up everywhere, I just love this sweet face
Bean having dinner with hubby's uncle
Bean and his uncle J
Bean with hubby's uncle
Bean with his great aunt
Bean got a lot of love from everyone
Bean with my cousin C, I love the expression on Bean's face here
Bean and B, yes you can pinch him ;)
Bean and his aunt M
Bean and hubby's cousin
Family time is always such a fun time

Bean and hubby's cousin
Check out my baby hanging out in a pub for the first time, only in England
We had such an awesome trip visiting hubby's family in England. We wish we had more time to visit extended family. I guess we'll just have to come back to England so that we can do that. The next time we go we'll have all 3 boys, it's going to be pretty crazy. Bean's trip to England was a great success, I loved taking this trip down memory lane.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Travel plans this year

You guys, we just booked most of our trips for this year and I must say I am giddy with excitement. We love to travel and though we now have 3 kids, we don't want to stop doing what we love. This year we won't be heavily pregnant or have a small baby so travel plans are in full mode. Our travel plans are coming together nicely and I can't help but squeal for all the fun things 2015 has in store for us.

In April, we are planning a trip to Cancun, Mexico. It will be a family trip with my mom, hubby's parents and probably one of my brothers joining the 5 of us. I am so psyched about this trip because it will be our first family vacation (since Bean was born) where all we are going to do is relax. We will also be celebrating my birthday :) :). I am so excited. I cant' wait to finally introduce Jbird and Bean to the beach. We will be staying at the Dreams Cancun resort. It is a beautiful all inclusive resorts with plenty of activities for both adults and kids.

I mean, check out this beauty
  We get to spend a week in this place
I absolutely wanted an infinity pool and I got one
How cool is this kid's club
Three months later in July, we are going to Riviera Maya, Mexico to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. I can't even believe that in 6 months we will be celebrating 6 years of marriage. Insanely good I tell you. We are going on this trip without the kids, family support is the best. A few of our close friends have actually decided to join us so it's going to be a super fun trip. We will be staying at the Grand mayan in Riviera Maya.

We are staying at this awesome place for a week without the kids :)
Pretty amazing I know
We'll get to chill at this tropical paradise at night
After two tropical vacations back to back I am not going to know what to do with myself.

In September, we are planning to go to Texas to visit my friend Melissa who just moved there last July. She lives in Austin and I have never been to Austin so this is going to be an awesome trip. We are taking the kids with us and turning this into a family vacation. I am so psyched because I love traveling with my kiddos. We are also going to visit hubby's cousins who live in Houston, ahhhhh. We'll make this a 10-day long trip where we fly into Austin spent some time with Melissa, rent a car and drive to Houston spent time with hubby's family, then fly home from there.

Hubby with Melissa during her last visit in December
We've been hanging out with hubby's cousin all over the world (literally) it will be nice to hang out with them in their new place in Houston.

Hanging out with hubby's cousin at Lake Louise in Canada when Tman was barely a year old
Hanging out with hubby's cousin in Houston with Tman and Jbird when I was pregnant with Bean
Hanging out with hubby's cousin in England with Bean last November
Travel plans are in full effect and I am so excited about all the things that we have planned. We love to travel and we've vouch to continue traveling with our kids. I am loving that the kids are getting bigger and will hopefully remember all these wonderful adventures with their parents. Do you plan your trips way ahead of time like us? Do you travel with your kids?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Weekend fun - A tea party

This past weekend was so much fun. We didn't do much but chill and it was glorious. On Sunday, hubby's parents hosted a tea party complete with crumpets and such and it was grand. They invited my family over for some English goodness. We all got together right before the game and spent the afternoon drinking tea and mingling. That's my kind of hang out right there.

Since we got our hair done and even put some makeup on our faces on Sunday, I convinced my mom to take a few selfies with me in the car when we got to hubby's parents house. She indulged because she is fun like that my mommy.

My new favorite picture of me and my mommy. People always tell us we look like sisters :)
Check out my mom ready to go. I know she is hot :). I hope to be just like her when I grow up
When we got to hubby's parents house, everyone was chilling watching the game while waiting for the tea and crumpets to be ready. Check out our families hanging out in the family room
And of course a close up of hubby and Tman chilaxing
I love this picture where I am holding my two babies (Bean who is 10 months and Jbird who is 28 months). Jbird should be a big boy but he loves to act like a baby. It's ok because I don't mind.
The boys playing with grandad. I love that you can edit pictures right from the Iphone and even add a filter, pretty cool huh. I know, I just joined the 21st century and this stuff is still pretty exciting to me.
The tea party was so good these two fell asleep on the couch when we were done. I love sleeping pictures of hubby with the boys
The rest of the pictures are some of my favorite random pictures from the weekend. We didn't do much but I always take a gazillion pictures of my boys doing random stuff.

Me and my baby taking pictures in the mirror. It's not the best picture of me but I am loving my baby's smile on this one. Look at all the paint on his shirt. I had to crop myself out of this gem :)
I love this picture of Bean, he has the best smile I tell you. Bean is such a sweet baby, he just has a great, happy go lucky personality. He definitely takes after his mommy :). By the way,  I can't get over his head full of hair and mouth full of teeth at a mere 10 months.
This is another picture I love. Tman and Jbird fight all the time but they also love each other so much. They are always hugging and I was so happy to catch this sweet moment
Talk about a sweet moment, check out Tman and Jbird passed out in our bed. They fell asleep in there and just slept the whole night. We didn't want to move them so we just let them sleep in the bed. In the morning they were all cuddled up. How sweet are these two.
The boys were painting on Friday night as you do and Bean decided to join in on the fun. The mess that followed I tell you. At least they all had fun despite getting paint everywhere.
And in closing this post I give you another selfie I took with my mom on Sunday. Please don't be blinded by our smiles :)
Another great weekend was had by all. 2015 is off to a good start, quality time with family and friends are my favorite things to do and I plan to do plenty of that. Hope you all had a great weekend too.