Thursday, March 27, 2014

Aunt Melissa was here

My friend Melissa came to visit this past Saturday. She was so excited to see Bean and hang out with Tman and Jbird. She even brought her sister and aunt along for the ride. I just love that all of Melissa's family gets excited about hanging out with my babies :). It was also a beautiful sunny day and we definitely made the most of it.

Me, Melissa and her sister with Bean
Melissa with Bean chilling
We also celebrated Melissa's great success; she was just admitted in a Phd program at the University of Austin in Texas, I am so proud of her. She is going to be a Dr in a few years, well 5 years :).
Champagne all around
Then we took the boys outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and do some fun things like drawing on the concrete with some chalk and making bubbles.
 Melissa and her sister showing the boys how to draw with the chalk
 I love this picture of the boys getting busy drawing on the driveway
 Me with Melissa, her sister, her aunt and my 3 sons :)
 I hung out with Bean for a bit until he fell asleep
 Melissa showing the boys how to make bubbles
Chasing a bubble, I just love the face Tman is making here, is this pure joy or what
Tman did let Jbird play with the bubble maker for a few minutes before taking it back
Tman took back the bubble machine and it was on
Tman was making bubbles like it was his business while we were all trying to catch them

Tman's bubble and happy face :)
We went back inside and let the kids have dinner in the tent that Melissa brought for them. The kids love this tent by the way. We've been having lunch in it and even naps
And because we had some extra hands, we were able to finally get a somewhat decent picture of our family of 5, I love my growing family and I can't wait to have Bean in a matching outfit with his brothers ;)
It was such a beautiful Spring day. I am so glad my BFF Melissa came to visit and brought her sister and aunt along. I miss the days of her living down the street from us but I always enjoy the little bit of time that we get to spend together. Austin is going to be so far but you know us, we'll take any excuse to go on a trip. So Austin here we come :).


  1. Looks like a fun time was had by all. I love that you are already having guests over and enjoying the time with family and friends. I was too scared after I had my little one and it took me a while to start letting people carry her. I think it was more first time mommy nerves. I'll definitely be doing better next time.

    Love the smiles all around.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. hehehehehe, it was a total first time mom move, I did the same thing with my first. Now I know they are resilient and can withstand a lot more :)

      Thanks lady