Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snowed in with the boys

Thanks to Presidents day and a lot of snow, I got to spend a few days at home with my boys and I totally loved it. We didn't do much but play, bake and watch tv during those two days and it was awesome. I just live for long weekends like these where we can do lots of fun things with the boys and spend every waking minute with them.

Now that I have a smart phone I take way too many pictures of my kids. Particularly now that I have figured out a few settings on my phone's camera and the pictures are not blurry or dark. I have been really impressed with the quality of the pictures on my phone. Most of the pictures from this post were taken with a smart phone.

Anyway, back to our few days. Once the boys were all awake in the morning, it was bath time. My boys love water so much that bath time is always a social event. I usually put Tman and Jbird in the bath and while they are playing, I give Bean a bath separately (he is too young to get with his crazy brothers, but one day he will, one day soon).

Check out the boys in the bath with Bean looking on
and of course a picture in the mirror with all my boys :)
After bath time it is breakfast time. I attempted to take a few pictures of the boys but it was a total failure. It's not easy taking pictures of 3 active kids.

After breakfast, we played for a bit, watched some tv, then I put the big boys down for a nap. I am so happy that they still nap so well. I don't mess around with nap time because I need that break you guys.

Once they were asleep, it was just me and my Bean chilling and relaxing.
After hanging out for a bit, it was time to make Bean sleep. Since he is still nursing, that is pretty easy thing to do. I will miss these special moments with my baby when we are done nursing but for now I thoroughly enjoy them.
3 kids down, what what. Mommy is now free to do whatever she wants to do :). I got caught up on the DVR, blogs, emails and everything and anything under the sun. Before I knew it, 2 hours went by and everyone was awake again. Luckily hubby was home by then and I was done being a single mom, woohooo.

Check out Bean practicing his new skill, good thing we have a gate.
We decided to make brownies and pretzels with the boys that night. Baking is a great way to keep the boys busy, they are really into it and are so proud of themselves when it's done.

I helped Jbird with the brownie mix because that was his favorite
 Hubby and Tyler were on pretzel duty, I love that you can see Bean roaming around in this pic

Check out Tman working really hard on his dough while Jbird is just eating the mix :)
 I remembered to take a picture of the final product before it was all gone :)
Check out the snow out there. Hubby was working hard clearing the driveway
The next day I decided to stay at home with the boys because they were talks of more snow coming down in the afternoon and I didn't want to brace all that with the kids. We had another awesome day. Tman called those days pajama days because after we took our bath we would always put pajamas on. Why get dressed when we know we are not going anywhere? That's what I say.

While we were watching some tv, the baby passed out. One down, two to go. 
 Tman and Jbird were chilling on their daddy's chair watching tv
I hung out with the big boys for a bit before putting them down for a nap too.

All 3 kids were down for a nap for about an hour before Bean woke up. It was grand. Nap time is the bomb diggity :). Before I knew it, the baby was awake and we were chilling and relaxing. I so love those cheeks and that happy face
Hubby had to work most of the time we were at home so one of the days he sent me this pic :). Well hello there handsome, those eyes get me every time
When hubby got home, I piled the kids on him and snapped a pic. My boys in all their glory, this is my whole heart right here
We had a great time at home and thoroughly enjoyed being snowed in. As much as I despise Winter, I love the free days I get to spend at home with my boys because of the horrible weather. Hope you enjoyed getting snowed in or at least you are being warm somewhere :).

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day Celebrations

We had such a great time celebrating Valentine's day this year that I might become a Valentine's Day lover :). Ok, let's not get too excited. Hubby's parents volunteered to watch the boys so that we could enjoy some alone grown up time and we jumped at the idea. It is so nice to get dressed up, put some make up on and just feel grown up. Hubby on the other hand doesn't believe in dressing up but he is still pretty cool.

Before we left we of course took a few pictures, that's what I do best. Me and my love on Valentine's day ready to go out.
On our way to the restaurant we started joking about how happy and excited we were for going on a real date in like forever so I asked hubby to do his best happy smiling face and this is what I got. My hubby I tell you.
Car selfies are awesome. This is more like him, his normal face with a smile and no teeth. This year we celebrate 10 years since we met and 6 years of marriage. Insanely good I tell you
We had a 4-course meal at the Melting Pot, my favorite restaurant. You have to cook your own food fondu style so it's an entertaining meal. They had a rose waiting for me when we got there, how sweet. We started the first course, a cheese fondu. I love me some apple with cheese and of course my first baby ;).
The second course was a caesar salad followed by the third course a variety of awesome meat. Hubby does not look impressed but it was delicious.
The fourth course was the chocolate which is my favorite. Hubby loves the chocolate too :)
Dinner was delicious. They even brought champagne so that we could have a toast. The Melting Pot's Valentine's dinner was the perfect way to celebrate this year
They even took a picture of us and framed it. My kind of nice touch. After lunch we came home to the kids chilling and relaxing with their grandparents. It was such a nice date for hubby and I. We need to do these more often :). Hope you had a great time celebrating this weekend too.

PS - As I sit here writing this post on a super duper chilly holiday Monday, I can't help but be content and grateful for my family. Hubby is at work, my feet are up, Bean is napping, Tman and Jbird are watching the Penguins of Madagascar. Life is good.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day everyone, I hope you have a great day celebrating today with your loved ones. We are not really big on Valentine's day in our house but hubby's parents volunteered to watch the boys for us so that we could go out and you know I had to take advantage of that. Hubby and I are going to a late lunch later today, without the kids, and I cannot wait ;).

Tman's school had a little Valentine's day celebration yesterday. I am so happy that I was able to attend and spend some time with my big baby. He was so happy. Though I don't care about Valentine's day, I love little events like these that are made special for the kids

Check him out ready to start the celebration
 He decorated this shoebox to store all his candy, how cute is this?
I made these for his friends; Made is a strong word, I pasted a piece of paper on some rice krispies :). I am no crafty mom and this was a last minute project.
 Me and my boy ready to enjoy some Valentine's day celebration at school
He decorated his cookie and was so proud
He had a muffin and a lollipop, he said it was the best day ever. Go figure.
After the events, we picked up Jbird and went to my parents house to hang out with my brothers. The boys enjoyed a game of ludo. Look at Jbird in total concentration mode.
We had such an awesome time celebrating Valentine's day at Tman's school. I just realized that I didn't take a pic of the 3 boys together, I'll get on that today :). Happy Valentine's day, can't wait for the one on one time with my love later today.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happening lately - Winter 2015

I fell off the weekend fun bandwagon a few weeks back but I am hoping this hodge podge helps me get caught up with what we've been up to. The past few weekends were spent hanging out with my cousin S, the boys really enjoyed having her. We were busy running around all weekend.

Last weekend before we headed to the mall, I took a picture with the boys all dressed up. It is now my new favorite pic of me and my boys
The sleep situation in our house is not the best, we are working on fixing things but right now it's pretty crazy. Tman has been sleeping in our bed forever and we were fine with that. Jbird was doing so well sleeping in his own bed until a few weeks ago when he decided that he wanted to sleep with his daddy too. So now hubby goes to bed with both boys, I know that's crazy

This is how the boys start their night
Then Tman and Jbird migrate towards each other

Some nights, if we are lucky, hubby will separate them
Tman always stays in our bed (by the way, we do wear those Christmas pajamas all year)
Our sleeping arrangements are not the best. We need to get those boys out of our bed pronto. I do love that the boys always want to spend time together all the time.

Whether they are watching TV in the basement
Or chilling on the couch upstairs
I digress. I was hanging out with Tman the other night and he requested that we take selfies. How is my kid old enough to understand the concept of selfies. I am totally enjoying my Iphone and all the fun apps and things I can do :)
We made chocolate brownies the other day for Jbird's class. It was a bonding exercise for the parents and the kids and we were supposed to make something with the kids and write down the recipe. This was a fun exercise, Tman and Jbird really enjoyed it.

Before we started, I took a pic of Jbird with the ingredients (don't mind me, I used the boxed mixture)
Mixing the ingredients together
I split the ingredients in two so that Tman and Jbird could do it together
Tman loved this mixture
Jbird loved making the brownies
The boys were so proud of themselves. They talked about it for days. I wished I took a picture of the finished product. It was so delicious. I guess we'll have to make another batch :).

Oh hi there Bean, you are so handsome
My brother came over the other day and all the kids piled up on him, Jbird was not loving it but I love this picture so much
 My cousin S with Tman and Jbird the day before she left
We took the boys to the mall on her last day here and after shopping we let them play for a bit, they loved every minute of it
Look at these happy faces
Bean came with us too
My cousin S with the boys chilling at the mall
It's been a crazy busy, yet fun few weeks. Though I don't love Winter, I am enjoying the fun times we are spending with the boys indoor. I hope you are all having a great weekend.