Sunday, November 29, 2015

We are back from Disney World

We are back from an amazing trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. We had such a great time, seriously, everything was just perfect. The weather was excellent, a beautiful 80 degrees and sunny everyday (except for the last day). The boys were in heaven and loving on everything they were seeing. We are so happy that we took this trip, they might never remember but we sure will and we have loads of pictures and videos to remind them :).

Our schedule was on point, we rested before and after a long day at the parks and that was definitely useful. Traveling with little kids is not for the faint of heart and it's not easy so obviously there were meltdowns and crazy moments but that is just to be expected. No one got hurt, no one was sick, and everyone was smiling ear to ear most days. I call that a victory. I am so glad that my mom came along, she was a great help and made the trip even more memorable. I don't ever want to travel without her, seriously.

Here are a few pictures from our getaway. I need to sit down and sift through all the pictures and do a real recap of each day. It was glorious :).

Me and my babies on our first day there. I love my clan
 We had some mickey mouse pancakes for breakfast of course
 We had breakfast with hubby's cousin
 We did nothing good with our life but chill on the first day and it was awesome
 Chilling with their tablets, typical
 We hung out in the pool all day
 Jbird was a jumping fool
 and so was Tman
 Hubby and Bean took a nice nap by the pool
 Tman and Jbird followed afterwards
 We enjoyed a nice dinner
We met Mickey mouse and the boys were super excited. Check out Tman and Jbird looking at Mickey in admiration, they couldn't take their eyes off of him
 Selfie time on the carousel
 YAY Dumbo
 Well hello magic carpets of Aladdin
 Tea cups was a huge favorite
 The boys napped in shifts
 Lots of napping always happening, we wore them out
 We even met Santa :)
 We went to Animal Kingdom and had a blast there
 Took the boys on the famous Kilimanjaro Safari
 We met Mickey mouse again and it was all hugs and kisses

 We found a ride that was just like Dumbo
 Then we met Goofy and Pluto
 We hung out by the tree of life and let the boys blow bubbles everywhere
 I love my little family hanging out by the tree of life
 Bubbles were a hit :)
We even had a chance to go out for some grown up fun the last night. I know, my mom is amazing.
What an amazing trip we had. We were a bit nervous about how the boys would handle this trip but they did great. They loved every minute of it and we are so happy that we took them now. We are excited to take them again in a few years. It would be awesome to see how different it will be when they are a bit older. Can't wait to get through all the pictures and do a full recap of each day. I absolutely loved taking this trip down memory lane.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

World Disney Bound

You guys I am so giddy with excitement about our trip to Disney World and I just can't hide it. Hubby's cousin who lives in England came up with the idea of meeting up there last Spring and we loved everything about that plan. As soon as we told my mom, she was game and we went into full planning mode :). I just love that my mom always wants to go places with us.

I am a planner and with 3 kids, I don't go anywhere without a plan of action. The plan doesn't always work out but I have an idea what I want to do. I am flexible with my plans and really only use them as blueprint to map out our day. We are staying at the B hotel and plan on just riding the shuttle to the resort every time we go.

We only plan to go to 2 parks on this trip, the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. I really wanted to do Hollywood studio and Epcot but we all agreed that the boys are way too young for multiple days of amusement park. We plan to do a day of rest before and after each park outing this way we actually get to hang out with hubby's cousin too. We will be chilling by the pool or checking out downtown Disney on our off days.

Anyway, here is how I planned our day at each park. Since I am somewhat familiar with the parks and read a multitude of reviews, I mapped out the things that I think my boys will love. The plans are flexible and I also booked a few fast passes so that we can skip the lines. When we come back I will let you know how well we did with these plans and if it was worth taking small kids on this adventure

Our day at Magic Kingdom
- First stop will be at the Town Square Theater to meet Mickey (this is a must, I gotta get my picture before the kids get crazy, plus I am hoping the lines won't be too long)
- Then we will go to Fantasyland where all the fun rides are. We plan to do:
- Peter Pan
- Winnie the Pooh
- Tea Party
- It's a Small World
- Dumbo (we have fast pass at 11:30)
- After all the fun, we'll do lunch at Columbia Harbour House
- Since we will be at Liberty, I plan to ride the River Boat after lunch
- Then we'll go back to Fantasyland and do the Prince Charming Carousel
- Followed by the Tea Party (we have a fast pass at 1:30)
- I am hoping the boys will be needing a break at this point so we plan on doing a show. We'll head to Adventureland where we'll do
- The Enchanted Tiki Room Show
- The Magic Carpet of Aladdin
- The Jungle Cruise
- Pirates of the Carribean (we have a fast pass at 4:30)

If we have time I wouldn't mind checking out buzz light years and the haunted house. I will be thrilled if we do half the stuff that I plan to do :).

Our day at Animal Kingdom
- The first thing I want to do is the Kilimanjaro Safari, I've heard so many great things about this and the boys are all about animals right now
- Then we'll get some cupcakes at the Kusafiri Bakery
- We have a meet and greet at Camp Mini (10:00)
- and since we are here we'll check out the Festival of the Lion King.
- We have a fast pass for the Kilimanjaro Safari, if the boys loved it we'll go back if not then we'll just forego it.
- Lunch at the Flame Tree BBQ, I heard great things about this place
- We'll go to the It's Tough to be a Bug since we are already in Discovery Island
- Then we'll head to Asia where we'll do a show if the boys are tired or a trek if we need to help them get tired :)
- Marahajah Jungle Trek
- Flights of Wonder Show
- After this we'll head to Dinoland to check out the playground and let the boys run around for a bit
- Boneyard playground
- Triceratop Spin

If we are not too tired then we'll have dinner at the Rainforest Cafe

We plan to be up bright and early on the days that we go to the park. It's going to be very interesting with the kids. I hope everyone does well and has as good of a time as I am planning. I am just so excited and can't wait for this awesome adventure. Have you been to Disney World with young kids? What kind of plans did you make and how well did you fare?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weekend fun - soccer game and birthday party

Last Saturday we had so many fun events planned. We had Tman's last soccer game in the morning and a birthday party in the afternoon. You know we like to keep it busy around these parts. It started raining when we packed the car to go to soccer and by the time we got there it was pouring down rain. I can't believe they still played the game. I am so proud of my Tman, he survived the whole soccer season :). It's the little victories that we celebrate.

I present to you my little soccer player with his participation trophy :)
My happy boy giddy with excitement
Jbird and Bean fell asleep so we kept them in the car the entire game since it was raining. Check out my grandma so excited to be hanging out with us
After the game, we headed to the second event of the day, a birthday party for a friend's daughter. The decor was on point, check out her cake
As soon as we got there the boys were running everywhere like headless chickens, gotta love my clan
They had a magician and he was awesome. He had a lot of fun tricks but also a great sense of humor, we laughed the whole time

J and I met through blogging and we've actually become real life friends. It's been such a pleasure to watch our family grow over the years. Check us out with our youngest babies
We tried to get the other kids to join us but it was like herding cats. Gotta love this beautiful chaos
Tman playing with the decorations
After a while the boys needed more excitement in their lives so we took them to the hallway and let them run around. The game was "run to mommy" and the first one to touch me wins. Tman took that very seriously and won every single round
My Tman is such a riot I tell you
Look at Bean keeping up with his big brothers
My boys are hilarious but oh so easily entertained
We came back in side and they started playing with balloons
Yep, that's my crew right there
Check out hubby making faces with Bean ;)
I tried to take a pic with the boys and the birthday girl but it was a total fail. At least they all made it in the picture, small victories I tell you
Then it was time for the birthday girl to blow out the candles on her cake
I just love this tender father-daughter moment
We had an awesome time at JOE's birthday party. The boys just loved running around everywhere and munching on all the yummy treats. Now that Soccer is over, Tman says he wants to do Karate. Lord help us, because we actually listened to him and he starts Karate in a few months. We are knee deep in a crazy busy but wonderful life with boys. Hope you had a great weekend too.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fall Happenings

Our Fall has been off to a great start, we've had lots of fun events and parties. I was able to attend both Jbird and Bean's harvest celebration luncheon at school. Halloween was the highlight of the past few weeks but now we are looking forward to our family trip to Disney World. The boys are going to lose their minds. My mom is coming with us (thank goodness for that) and I am just excited for all the fun things that we are going to do.

You know how much I love matching, it is no surprise that I got us a set of matching shirts for our day at the Magic Kingdom. Our shirts are here and I am so happy to get our Disney adventure started next week. This is going to be our first trip to Disney as a family of 5.
I was able to attend Bean's harvest celebration at school. I am so happy that he is big enough to have activities at school that I can attend
 Selfie time with my baby :)
 This face, you are killing me with your cuteness Bean
 Those beautiful big brown eyes
I was also fortunate to attend Jbird's harvest celebration. I am happy they didn't do it on the same day. Jbird was so happy to see me, it was definitely an awesome surprise for him
 I love how happy my Jbird was the entire luncheon
We celebrated hubby's mom's birthday. The boys destroyed her cake and loved every minute of it. We forgot to get a candle so they had to pretend there was one on top of the cake and blow it; they were hilarious

We've been hanging out with my grandma every weekends this Fall. Saturday mornings are always chaotic in our house but we do it all with a huge smile because we can
When Tman is in a good mood and request to have his picture taken, I indulge. I mean look at that perfect face and smile.
My friend S came over to visit and had a great time helping Tman make some cookies. Tman was so happy for all the attention he was getting
 He was doing a great job with the cookie too
 Of course he gave her a big hug when they were done, that's my boy
 Then she helped all the boys eat their dinner before they could get any cookies
It was so nice to have her come over and spend some quality time with the boys. I love friends that understand the chaos of our lives with kids right now and are willing to dive right in with us :).

I haven't talked about my hair lately because it has been a disaster. We spent so much time in the pool  last Summer that my hair was completely destroyed by September. I have been shedding like crazy and I just couldn't take it anymore.

Hubby took these great pics of me and Jbird and my mom and all I see in the pics is my hair looking crazy

I went to the hairdresser and asked her to cut it all off. Ok, not all of it but you know what I mean. She had fun with it and I must say I am loving the new look :)
 Well hello there bangs, fancy meeting you here
 I didn't think bangs would be my look but it's actually not bad
We've been busy making memories around these parts. With 3 kids in tow, everyday is full of adventure and fun stuff. Our days are long and busy but I must say that I enjoy introducing my boys to new things. What have you been up to lately? Enjoying Fall?