Saturday, February 22, 2014

Waiting for baby #3

I know he is coming at some point in life but this baby is really taking his time :). Our due date is tomorrow, and our not to exceed date is 10 days away, woop woop. I have been on maternity leave for a week now and I've been loving every minute of it. Not having to wake up in the morning and rush to drop off the kids, then work, then rush home has been awesome. I am so tired though, my body is aching everywhere, there is no comfortable sleeping position, and as much as I love pregnancy, I am ready to hold my son.

Our week has been great, the weather was awesome, the boys were very good, and having my in-laws here has been amazing. I managed to take the kids out a few of the days too so that was awesome. We did the indoor play area at Chic fil A, enjoyed some Panera bread, enjoyed a nice long nap everyday, and some fun time every night when daddy got home. Maternity leave has been good to us. We are all ready for you baby #3, feel free to come anytime :).

My boys chowing down on some chicken nuggets and french fries. Chic fil A is always a sure bet
It was a nice day so we even had ice cream for desert, Tman was in heaven
Jbird sharing my sundae, my baby wanted to eat all by himself, gosh when did he get so big
Me and my boys self portrait style :)
After lunch we went into the play area and I let the boys run around and go down the slides. They had the best nap after this. Even my Jbird enjoyed the playroom, there were a lot of big boys always rushing him down the slide because they didn't understand that he was just a baby learning to go down the slide. He still had a ball though
Baby loving, my Tman is always giving the belly kisses, he is the sweetest I tell you
We've also done lots of horsing around. Tman's favorite thing to do is always to ride on hubby's back and pretend he is riding a horse

Jbird can't ride just yet but he is always trying :)
My sweet baby boy, can't believe that in a few days he won't be the baby anymore
We took the boys to Panera for dinner one of the days, I love me some Panera. My Jbird being super clingy as he does. Baby #3 you have some tough competition. I was asked how I plan to deal with that and my only plan is to continue to give Jbird his love and affection. My hubby can handle the baby, he won't know any different for a while. I am sure this is just a phase that will pass eventually.
Me and my boys, I am loving Tman's smile in this pic, my little poser. I told you he is my little mini-me down to having the same smile and everything :)
It's been a great week of maternity leave, the weather was perfect for taking the boys out and I did just that. I am worn out though. I am so lucky that both my boys nap around the same time which means I got to nap everyday this week with them and it was great. I am ready for the next kind of exhaustion that comes with having a baby :). Maybe my next update will have some baby pictures, one can only hope :).

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hair update - February

I am currently loving my hair and I am pretty sure I've said that a lot lately. After my last post partum crazy shedding I was so looking forward to my hair growing again and it did. It took less time this time around to get back to hair that I love. I am hoping that my next post partum shedding is much kinder to me.

I just got my hair relaxed last week in preparation for the baby and I am in love. I also finally gave in and cut over an inch to finally even up my ends and I am must say that was a good decision. My hair is long and actually feels long and I love the overall thickness and the evenness of my ends.

I am officially BSL with full thick ends, woop woop. PS - that is a 39 week pregnant waist, what up
I can't believe that a year before I started this hair journey my hair was neck length and thin. It took losing even more hair to get me motivated and I am so glad I did. Here I was 38 weeks pregnant with my first boy in July 2010 with short hair. We've sure come a long way.
Also my edges have completely grown in too and are back to being full and healthy again

Well, I am going to enjoy this hair until post partum shedding shows her ugly face. The silver lining is that at least I know it will all grow back so though I might lose my mind when it happens again, I will revel in the fact that we'll be back here again.

Monday, February 17, 2014

39 weeks

Yep we are still here waiting for our baby to make an appearance. We went from having lots of contraction to having a lot less contractions. I didn't even know that it was possible to go backwards. I assumed once you were engaged that was it, there was a baby coming. I swear our 3rd baby is as ADD as this Winter weather, he doesn't know what he wants to do :).

I am very happy that I survived the last week of work. I am now officially on maternity leave. Our due date is less than a week away, woop woop. There are clearly lots of positive. Now I will enjoy some time off with my 2 boys while we wait for our 3rd son to make up his mind.

39 weeks with baby #3, woop woop, the end is near
The boys were playing with hubby on the bed and it was fun to watch I had to take a million pics of course. We are spending way more time in the bedroom these days so that mommy can get a break :)

 Then it's crush daddy time, both boys jumped on hubby's back

I attempted to take a pic with my boys but they weren't having it, all they wanted to do was jump in the bed with daddy. Love my boys
 Me and my Jbird, he still loves to hang out with me all the time, YAY
We went over to my parents house to hang out and I got this awesome pic with my grandma, well hello belly, is that belly huge or what
I also got to see my niece who is the cutest little thing and wears bow all the time which makes me so happy. I am also loving the pink, my sister in law is a perfect girl mom :)
We had a great weekend, filled with some anxiety and loads of expectation but also some great time spent with the family. I am now just waiting for our baby and enjoying the last few days with just 2 kids. Hope you had a great weekend too.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

False Alarm

So we had a very eventful night Sunday night.

I have been having contractions a lot lately but then on Sunday night the contractions picked up significantly and then I started feeling some pain. We rushed to the hospital as you do. Plus knowing that Jbird was almost born in the car and I wasn't having that this time.

We got there, our contractions were 10 to 15 min apart with some pain. I was getting excited because though we were 2 weeks away from our due date, babies sometimes come early. I wasn't even ready, I mean I still had a week of work left, we have nothing ready for this rugrat because I thought I would do that this coming weekend.

Well, 3 hours later we were sent home because we made no progress. What a bummer. So no baby for us on 10 February but as I sit here having multiple contractions still, I know we are getting really close to the end and I can't help but get excited. I can't believe that we are days away from welcoming our 3rd child. Wowzer

This goes to show that even a seasoned mom doesn't know when the baby will come :). The Dr told me that I was pretty much a ticking time bomb at this point. It could happen today or it could happen in a week.

Check out this 38 week belly. Since I am having a Winter baby, I figured I should probably take a snow belly picture when I have the chance :)

And since I took some awesome pics of my mom and the grand kids this weekend, I might as well share. Now that my niece is big enough, we are back to having my mom and grandma with us every Sunday. They just bring my niece along for the ride.

How cute is this little girl getting. I think she looks so much like my mom I swear
Then my mom attempted to get a pic with all her grandchildren, it was complete chaos

Yeah, we didn't get a pic of any of the kids looking at the camera, I love it. I can't wait to add baby boy #3 to this crazy family.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

3 kids 3 and under, here we come

I am scared shitless right now as I am getting ready to welcome my third son into the world in a few short weeks.

I always knew that I wanted to have a house full of kids running around, there is something about that chaos that is just beautiful and amazing. But I never actually gauge how this would work on a day to day basis. Now that we are approaching that chaos, I am scared shitless.

My hubby is taking 3 weeks of paternity leave to help us get into a routine and we are lucky enough to have his parents here with us as well as my family to help with this transition. All this support will certainly take the edge of things.

The kids hanging out with grandad and playing with trains

I have to keep all 3 kids with me during my maternity leave because the daycare is just too far for me to drive the big boys there plus I want them to bond with their little brother. I am lucky enough to be able to stay at home with them for 3 months and I definitely want to savor and enjoy every minute of it.

Lots of things are obviously going to fall by the way side while we are adjusting to this new life.
- I am not so worried about labor, I've done it twice and survived :).
- I don't care so much about getting the house cleaned and picked up, ain't nobody got time for that.
- I am not worried about breastfeeding, I mean I think I got this now :).
- I am not so worried about sleep, I know that it's only a phase and I will surely survive
- I am not so worried about missing out on bonding time with my hubby because clearly it all works out as the babies keep coming :)

The kids hanging out with grandma and playing on the Ipad

I am more worried about our day to day at home juggling the baby and the big boys those first few months until we get an established routine.

- How the heck am I going to handle nap time. I mean there's no way the big boys are going to sleep when the baby sleep and I can't possibly sleep when they are awake.
- Making sure that the big boys are still entertained while staying indoors most of the time.
- Finding time to pump so that I have a milk supply by the time I go back to work.
- Finding time to bond with my new baby without the big boys feeling left out.
- Finding time to cuddle and sleep whenever possible while still taking care of the big boys.
My Jbird has been super clingy and just wants me lately, what if he doesn't get over that?

The kids wrestling with hubby

So yeah, I  have been asking myself all these questions lately and I don't have an answer. I know we'll survive, I am not sure how yet but as we are living in the throws of it I am sure it will all make sense and all these will be unnecessary worries. I am trusting God to give us the strength we need to get through this.

I always laugh inside when people tell me I make having babies look easy and ask me how I do it because all I am thinking is if you only knew that I am barely making it. Everyday that we are all alive, happy, and healthy is a victory, low expectations all the way.

My boys enjoying a ride around the house. I just love that these two are enjoying each other company's more and more each day. I can't wait to take them out to the playground with this ride, they love taking it for a spin

I just love this picture of hubby and Tman taking a nap together this weekend. They have the same facial expression :).
We don't have it all together but we sure try to be happy and enjoy every minute of this amazing yet tiring adventure. 3 kids 3 and under, ready or not here we come.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekend fun - Chuck E Cheese fun

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on the post about our full term baby. We can't believe that we are here either and that in a few short weeks we will be holding our 3rd blessing.

This past weekend we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party for hubby's friend's 3-year old daughter. I was so tired that I didn't really want to go but I figured I would muster some energy for the boys since they love it so much. I am so glad I did because boy did they have fun, even my little Jbird was really into everything.

My big boy Tman with Barney
My baby Jbird with the vibrating bike
Tman and hubby playing with the frog game, Tman really liked this game

Me and my boys hanging out :)
Hubby and the boys found another really interesting game
Even my little Jbird enjoyed it
Then onto the slides we went and Tman was loving it as usual
Then we came back to the fun hitting game after eating our pizza
We did manage to get a family picture. Well hello there baby #3 look at you sticking out
Us with the guest of honor who just turned 3
I am so happy we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese, they had such a great time. We spent the rest of the weekend resting and recuperating, which was a nice break for this pregnant lady. We had such a great weekend, next weekend is a complete resting weekend. We'll take advantage of that to get everything ready for the baby, I can't wait. Hope you had a great weekend too.