Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First week at home with my boys

We survived the first week at home with all 3 kids, woooohoooo. It's been a pretty interesting and actually very fun week. Tman and Jbird have enjoyed having their daddy at home all day all the time. Though it was cold, there was lots of indoor play time and the boys definitely loved that. Bean and I are doing well and healing nicely. Bean is such a great nurser, my best yet.

Of course I have to start the post with a picture of my beautiful 3rd boy. Check him out with his fart smile :). Such a happy baby already this little one and that head full of hair, love this kid
Hubby with his 3rd son, I love that the pic of the other boys are in the background in this pic
 My mom and her 3rd grandson with his eyes wide open
My mom, grandma and friend with the baby, they all look so happy in this pic
 My grandma is so proud. She loves babies and wants me to have loads of them like she did
Bean hanging out with his brothers :). I can't wait until he is big enough to join this crew
 My little sleepy head, gosh I love this kid
How funny is my Jbird, he wanted to show mommy how we use the pump stuff :)
We all got cleaned up over the weekend since there were visitors coming to see the baby. Of course we took loads of pics as you do. Me and my Bean, check out his full head of hair
We attempted to take a pic with all three boys, Chaos ensued

We are a family of five woop woop
I ordered a stork as I do every time we have a baby, I know I am so that mom :). While I was taking a pic of the stork with the house, the boys came through the door, check them out spying on me :). They are too funny I know.
 We did manage to get a family picture with the stork. Our little family of 5 and growing
Hubby and Bean hanging out
 Me and my little Bean :)
The first week at home with the boys was amazing. We are exhausted but so happy. Tman and Jbird are doing really well and adjusting well to Bean. Bean is healing nicely and we are so in love with him. I am thoroughly enjoying this time at home with my boys. God has been very good to us.


  1. I'm glad you survived your first week as a family of 5:) you guys look like you all have lots on energy over there too! haha that pic of jbird showing your mom how the breast pump works is hilarious, what a kid! congrats to you all!

  2. Peg these are wonderful and i am so glad the boys and you and everyone is adjusting. what a blessing! can't wait to meet him.

  3. Look at all these wonderful pictures!! You and your little family look so incredibly happy. Glad to hear the first week went well!!

  4. Gosh Peg. He is a seriously CUTE baby!!! All your kids are cuties though so no surprise there.
    I love all the pics. So nice to see you posting again. I am taking a hiatus this week cause I have just been so busy with work and life. I hope to be back next week or the week after.

    Take care!

  5. That first picture of him smiling, melt my heart! He is so beautiful which is no surprise since you have the cutest boys ever!

    So happy that you're all doing well!

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  7. Hahaha, I swear I did not see the comment above mine until after I posted my comment ... great minds think alike, LOL

  8. YAY he's here!! CONGRATS! He is SO beautiful! You look great also! That new Mommy glow never gets old I tell ya! :)
    Your hubby looks so happy and proud, I love it!
    LOL @ Jbird & the breastpump! These little ones pay so much attention! That is so cute :)
    I'm glad that you had a safe delivery and you and baby are home :)

  9. Amazing!! Love these pics! I'm glad you guys are doing well. I love squishy newborn babies... He is so adorable!,,

  10. He is so adorable. Beautiful pics of your family. You are blessed.

  11. I love his smile in the first picture. you guys all look so similar, just like their father. You are blessed woman with such a wonderful family

  12. Oh my goodness- his smile!!! So precious.