Thursday, June 27, 2013

#projectmilf - updates and Summer fun

We've decided to do monthly updates for our #projectmilf. My goals when I started this project was to grow my edges back and basically have overall healthy hair as well as lose about 10lbs and achieve my perfect weight.

The weight is not doing so well. I have decided to officially break up with my scale. I gained about 10lbs while we were on vacation, which was to be expected. I wasn't going to resist those pain au chocolat or awesome croissants.

Anyway, though I feel pretty good about the way my body looks, my scale gives me anxiety. I work out, I try to eat healthy but the lbs are looking at me like I am crazy. I have decided to stop weighing myself constantly and just go with the way my clothes fit.

Here is a pic from a month ago with my mom
My hair on the other hand is doing awesome, I am so happy with that. The sides have completely grown in and my volume is coming back in full force. Woop woop. I am back to enjoying my hair again. I wear it out pretty much all the time now without worrying about holes showing up if the wind blows :).

I got my hair relaxed a week ago and I am loving it. I am back to doing flexi rods for volume and waves. I am marking this goal as achieved because I am happy with where I am and I am done documenting every growth.

A few pics from yesterday while I was hanging out with my Jbird. Yeah, I am happy with my hair right now

Oh and today we were supposed to share something fun that we are doing this Summer. My fun thing right now is taking the boys in the pool. We are going swimming once a week for the next month. So fun. I also plan to take them to a splash park near our house. So exciting. YAY for Summer fun
 I mean look at my Tman's happy face, this boy loves water

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend fun - Hanging out with the family

We didn't have any plans this weekend and that was awesome because we are booked solid for the next few weekends. On Saturday we chilled with my mom and went shopping, I love me some shopping time. On Sunday we just hung out with the family, it was great.

My mom and Jbird hanging out, such a happy kid that little one 
On Sunday my sister and dad came over and we finally celebrated my mom's graduation. We wanted everyone to be there to celebrate so it took us a few weeks :)
I absolutely love this pic of my brother with the boys. When he showed up with the same shirt that the boys own, I knew they all had to be matching. The bonus is that they all look happy in this pic. Score for sure, I am printing this one :)
 Me and my Tman, such posers we are, well at least I am and Tman is just enjoying his lollipop
Since the weather was nice, we all went outside and hung out for a little bit and let the kids run around. Somehow it turned into a mini photoshoot but of course, you wouldn't expect any less from me :).

My grandma hanging out with Jbird outside
 Me and my sister with the boys
 My mom and the boys
 Mom, grandma and the boys
 Me and my Jbrid
 And of course we got a family picture before everyone left
My mom took this awesome pic of me and my Jbird with her Iphone and it's actually pretty good. I guess if the lighting is right the Iphone pics actually look decent.
Another great weekend was had by all. I love that my family lives close enough that we can hang out practically every weekend. We needed this slow paced weekend filled with lots of family time. July is going to be a very busy month for us. Hope you all had a great weekend too

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Swimming with the boys

I am an avid swimmer and absolutely love water. It's no surprise that my kids also love water. We were waiting for the weather to be warmer before we took some swim lessons with the boys. Frankly I just wanted to get the kids feet in the water and get them familiar with it. We did it with Tman and it was about time we got Jbird in the pool.

We took both boys to the pool for the class and we all had a blast. Tman loves the water so it was no surprise that he wanted to stay forever and a day. Jbird was a total natural, you would have thought that he did this before. It was great. I am really happy that we finally did it.

My happy boy was loving the water
 And so was his brother. Tman was kicking away and was so proud of himself
 Me and my baby chilling in the pool :)
 Tman was in heaven, pool time is definitely going to be a must in our household
 Tman chilling on his back
  Encouraging Jbird to make some moves
A sweet father and son moment after hubby caught Tman after his jump
 I caught a jump too, Tman was in heaven the whole time
 Oh yeah, Jbird got to jump too
And before we left, I made sure to get a family picture. Tman was not happy, he just wanted to go back to jumping
Swimming as a family of four was a great success. The boys loved it and we definitely loved it too. I am glad we have 5 more mommy/daddy and me classes on our calendar. Next thing I want to do is take the kids to a splash park.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jbird is 10 months

My Jbird is 10 months, woop woop. We are now in the double digits and only a mere 2 months away from his first birthday. I better get started on the planning.

My Jbird is a mover and shaker. He crawls everywhere all the time. He also pulls himself to a standing position and cruises holding everything in sight. He loves to chase his brother and follow me in the kitchen. He definitely loves this freedom and is always giggling away whenever he does anything. He is so much fun to watch

Cheerios are yummy, I like to eat them all the time
 What else can I get into
 And he is off to find something a little bit more exciting
My baby is still the happiest baby ever. He smiles at everything and for anything. If he seems upset all you have to do is tickle him or distract him and it's smiles galore. I kiss his cheeks daily and the giggles he gives me are the best. He definitely takes after me with all that smiling :).

Hanging out with grandma and smiling away
 Look at this happy smiling boy, melts my heart every time
Look at all those teeth. My Jbird now has 6 teeth. He still doesn't like to chew much and chokes on everything in sight but he loves cheerios
Tman still loves his brother and told me that Jbird was his best friends. Sweetest words ever, music to my ears. Jbirds loves his brother and is always chasing him around the house. Jbird is such a big boy and watching him and his brother play together is just so much fun.

Tman pushing his brother around the house
Tman and Jbird snacking on some cheerios at their little table. Watching these two together brings me the greatest joy
Tman is really into kissing lately so he is always has his kissing face on
My Jbird is still sleeping through the night (more than 9 hours) in his own crib. How did we get so lucky. We didn't do anything different and while my Tman is a difficult sleeper at night (can't go to bed without one of us) my Jbird is the easiest ever. I swear this baby makes me want to have 10 more kids (if of course they were all as good of my sweetie pie)...just kidding I don't think we can handle 10 :).

Happy 10 months my sweet Jbird. You are the perfect addition to our family. You've made our family complete and we are so blessed to have you. We love you to the moon and back times infinity sweet boy. Definitely loving this family of four business :).

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our weekend through Iphone pics

So after my camera was stolen, my husband refused to buy me a new one. I mean 2 cameras in a month is pretty ridiculous. My hubby told me that I could use his Iphone as a point and shoot and continue to use the DSLR at home. I figured I would give it a try and see how it goes. Well it didn't go anywhere, most of the pics were grainy and blurry. I mean seriously Iphone, I expected a little bit more from you. Needless to say that I got my new point and shoot and I really hope nothing happens to this one.

My mom watched the kids for us on Friday so we went to happy hour with some friends. It was good times. I attempted to take a few pics but the place was kind of dark so the pics didn't really come out. I did get this grainy and blurry pic of us. A few drinks and we are happy campers

On Saturday we took a road trip about 4 hours away. We stopped along the way at this playground area to get Tman out of the car because he was going crazy. He definitely was not enjoying the never ending car ride. He got to hang out with big bird, not planned but a total hit. Another grainy and blurry picture of me with my boys. How funny is Jbird going for Tman's hair?
Look at my serious little Jbird here. This boy just loves to be carried. He is always chilling and relaxing when I am holding him. Love this sweet face
On our way back from our trip I played with the phone a bit to get familiar with the camera and the settings. While my hubby was driving, I was taking pics like these, hehehehehehe. He was not amused
Oh and my boys in the back not at all impressed
At some point I went in the backseat with the boys because Tman was getting anxious and we didn't want to make another stop. So I entertained him for a bit and of course we took a few pics. Man it was hard to get some not grainy pics. I gave up, these pics will do. Me and my boy smiling away
Loving on my Tman, I love this boy
After all those grainy and blurry pictures, I leave you with a high quality picture from my friend's baby shower a few weeks ago. She is having a little girl in less than 2 months. So excited for her
I must say that I am very happy to finally have a new camera. I can go back to taking millions of pictures of our adventures. Hope you had a great weekend.

Monday, June 10, 2013

What a weekend

This weekend started out beautifully with some chill time on Friday night followed by an awesome lunch with two of my favorite bloggers that have now become friends in real life.

Then Saturday evening happened. I went shopping with my mom and the kids and someone stole my purse while we were at the store. Arghhhhhhhhh. My keys, wallet and new camera were in my purse. Within a few hours they were using my credit cards at various stores spending close to 2 grand before we could shut the cards down.

You guys, my heart is aching. I know most of the things that I lost are replaceable but I am just so down. My brand new camera that I only had for a few weeks is gone and with it all the pictures from our trip to Europe. I have to call a million different places to get all my stuff back then go to the DMV to get a new license and the list goes on. I am just so down on myself. Why are people so dishonest? why was I so careless? This was my worst weekend in a very long time.

I have to look at the silver lining though. I was out with both kids and none of them were hurt. I wasn't hurt in the process either. I might have to buy a new camera, and purse, and a slew of other things but it could have been worse. I am just going to cry myself to sleep for a few days and go back to rebuilding my purse. I feel like I had my whole life in my purse :(. My purse is not going to have as much from now on, only the absolute minimum.

Whenever I am down on myself, I look at my kids and count my blessings. Since I don't have any pictures of this weekend (the only ones we took were with my mom's Iphone), I leave you with pics of my Jbird from the DSLR. His sweet little face always makes things so much happier around here.

Jbird's favorite thing to do these days is help me with the dishwasher
Then of course because I have the camera he crawled over to me
My happy boy with his beautiful infectious smile
Our little ray of sunshine, best smiling face ever :)
I might be down but I am definitely not out. Life can't always be rosy and despite this series of unfortunate events, we have to keep smiling and living. God is good.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Travel - Rothenburg, Germany

When we lived in Germany, we used to take day trips to nearby towns every other weekend to explore. That was the case of this quaint little town in Bavaria called Rothenburg ob der tauber. This medieval town takes you back a few hundred years with its fortified wall from way back when and it's cobblestone streets. This was a really educational and interesting trip, I am really glad that we got to explore this city.

Us standing in front of one of the most popular place in town :)
The town was surrounded by a wall from the medieval times, I mean this wall was built in the 1300s. You gotta love Europe for the national treasures that are old as dirt
We walked the wall and took loads of pictures. Here is a picture of part of the wall. I used to take pics from up high as the red roof tiles were my absolute favorite
 Here I am walking the fortified wall with a smile of course
The architecture of this town (as it is with many old European towns) is simply beautiful
There was a lot of flowers and gardens in this town. My hubby was in a phase of highlighting colors on the camera so he played with the camera a bit to highlight the colors. Check me out with rosy cheeks to match the flowers, not bad huh?
There wasn't a whole lot to do in this town. We explored the town taking silly pictures of things and ourselves as we do. Case in point, picture of random sweets in the window
After walking the fortified wall we were famished so we had dinner before we hit the road. One of the best things about Europe was walking everywhere so I never gained any weight even though I ate a lot :).

My hubby making crazing faces as he does
 Trying to highlight the color of the flower
And one of my favorite picture of this trip. The highlighting didn't work but we are actually both smiling at the camera.
I actually miss living in Europe where a day trip would just turn into in adventure in discovering a new places or traveling back in time. I sure hope that I can live in Europe with my kids one day. For now I will just enjoy the memories we've made there as a couple.