Saturday, March 25, 2017

Happy 3rd birthday Bean

Our baby Bean turned 3 almost a month ago and I am just now finally blogging about it. I am so behind with my blog.

It is so hard to believe that my baby boy is 3 years old. I seriously was just announcing his arrival. He had such a great year and he matured so much over the last twelve months. He is a sweet loving boy and for sure a super fun kid. His laugh is just the sweetest most adorable thing and he has the best personality too.

Happy 3rd birthday to my baby Bean
His actual birthday was during the week so we had a very small celebration with just the grandparents. We got him a cake and he was so excited to blow his candles. I love this picture so much
Birthday cake with my favorite
We also opened a few gifts and his brothers were super excited to help him out
We celebrated his birthday the following weekend at Rolly Pollies. It's a gymnastics place not far from us with activities for kids of a variety of ages. It was the perfect place for kids of a variety of ages.

Check out my boys in the big foam pit
They were climbing everywhere
and swinging everywhere
Jbird tried to swing but he wasn't really strong enough
Bean was chilling with his grandma most of the party and getting all the attention he deserved on his birthday
My Bean was so agile on the beam
I love this picture of Bean and his grandma

The boys also found the slides and they were in heaven

My boys are so easily satisfied
I just love this picture with my Bean. We were jumping on the trampoline and he was just loving it
Check out Jbird doing the birthday slide
Tman went for it too
J and her family were there to celebrate with us
The birthday cake for my Paw Patrol loving kid
They did a great job with the decorations

I love this picture that shows our guests in action. I love that we had the room all to ourselves
Chilling with my hubby. We actually met 12 years ago this month. I can't even believe that it's been that long and we get to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary in a few months
Chilling with my girls
My friend Gabby from college came out to celebrate. I don't get to see her often these days so it's nice when we get to see each other for a celebration
My boys loving the inflatable house
Our entire crew. We are so fortunate that our friends came out to celebrate our baby Bean
After jumping around like crazy, it was time for pizza and drinks
Jbird and JOE eating their pizza, they were so cute hanging out together
My mom was there too. She was chilling with Emilia who slept through the party :). Here she is chilling with her nephew and niece

Chilling with my happy Jbird
Party time
The party was in full effect

Baby girl did wake up at some point and got to participate in the festivities
Chilling with my brother J

Then it was time to blow the candles on the cake
Bean got some help from Jbird
I completely forgot to take a family picture before the party so of course it didn't happen. I know better. We had such a great time celebrating Bean's birthday with our friends and family. There is something so magical about celebrating another year of life and I want to make sure that I continue to make it a priority. Happy 3rd birthday Bean, thank you for an amazing 3 years with our family. We love you to the moon and back

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Emilia is 8 months

My baby girl is 8 months and growing. This has seriously been the fastest year of our lives. It's so funny to me that when I am pregnant it seems that time is not going anywhere fast and then the baby comes out and time just flies by.

I love doing these monthly videos of her every month. I also love that the boys always want to join in. Here is her 8th month video.
She went through so many milestone this month. She started crawling and moving around the house chasing her brothers. As if that was not enough, she also started pulling up to a stand. This little girl will be running after her brother in no time.

When I started doing her shoot, she was wearing a onesie but she kept standing so I thought she was ready for a dress :). Gosh, my baby is wearing a dress, this is never going to get old
Baby girl is the queen of funny faces. She is so expressive all the time. I love making faces and talking to her because she totally hams it up and seems to be responding to my antics. I just love it
Does she have the sweetest smile or what. Her whole faces lights up when she is happy
I love the smiles that show her teeth the best. Her cheeks are just so juicy, gosh I love her so.
Her two top teeth popped through right before she turned 8 months. You can't actually see them but you can definitely feel them. She's had a running nose and cough for a few days now and I think it could be from the cold weather and these teeth. I hope she feels better soon.
Baby girl is completely done nursing. I gave up on trying and I just pump exclusively now. Though I don't love pumping so much without the rewards of nursing, I make so much milk that I can't justify giving up now. I'll keep it up until she is 1 or I just don't feel like doing it anymore.
She is also eating more pureed food regularly. Oh hi baby girl, I am talking about you and your precious self

She has been so mobile this month and we are loving it. She can move all over the house comfortably now. We are getting a new gate for our stairs. Her favorite thing has been to stand. At first her legs were just so weak but eventually she got stronger. She always makes such a serious face when she is standing

There she is going back down. She can stand for really long periods of time too
Even though she was not feeling her best, she was still so happy. I just love that she is such a happy and chill baby. She is such a joy to be around.

This was so funny, she was attempting to crawl and I snapped a picture. It looks like she is doing push ups, hehehehe, we start them young :).
I still can't believe that she is standing like a big girl all the time now. I was just bringing her home yesterday you guys

Happy 8 months to our baby girl, words cannot express how proud we are of her right now. She is doing so well with all her milestones. She is a happy baby and makes us all so happy everyday. We love you to the moon and back baby girl.