Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend fun - the Halloween edition

We had such a fun weekend full of Halloween activities. I always prefer to do those on the weekend because it's hard to do trick or treating with little kids during the week. We'll eventually have to go out at night but we'll wait until the boys are old enough to force us to go out during the week.

We started the festivities with a costume party near my parents' house and before we did, we of course took a million pictures all geared up :). We were a spiderman family this year. I love the idea of family costumes for Halloween.

Our family costume Halloween 2013
 Hubby and Tman, how adorable are they?
 Hubby and Jbird, my baby was fascinated by the mask
 Me and my spidey boys
I did put the mask on Jbird for a second because he kept reaching for it but he definitely was not loving that mask on his own face
I also got a pic of my mom with the boys before we left. How cute are they?
The party was entertaining but we didn't really last. A local mall was hosting a trick or treat event for kids and we decided to take the kids to the mall for that instead of waiting for the week and brave the cold at night in our neighborhood. We put the kids in their costume and to the mall we went. Hubby refused to do the matching costume for the mall, oh well we can't have it all.

Me and my spidey boys at the entrance of the mall (PS - we got a new double stroller and I am in love, I've totally joined the BOB revolution. You know you are a mom when you get excited about a stroller I tell you)
Tman is passed out as usual, this kid gets his nap in no matter what. Check out Jbird reaching out for his brother's hand
After Tman woke up he was a man on a mission when it came to going after the candy

 Even Jbird had fun with collecting candy

 Me and my boys, all Jbird wanted to do was run away
Though this picture is blurry, I love it because it captures my littlest man in action running around the mall like a crazy person. I was surprised that he was having so much fun
 The boys were worn out after all the trick or treating
Trick or treating at the mall was such a great idea, we were able to do it on the weekend at our own leisure and we didn't have to worry about the boys being cold or Jbird falling from running everywhere. It was such a great idea.

Our Halloween celebrations were so much fun this year. This is the first Halloween Tman was really aware of what was going on. He had so much fun, he wants to do it again. Poor kid doesn't realize he has to wait another year. Hope you had a great time celebrating this Halloween.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rejoice with us

I debated about writing this because it doesn't actually apply to anyone in blogland but I suppose since I am sharing my life story why not.

A few weeks ago, I had an encounter with a mom at a playground that left me speechless. While I was there playing with the boys she was there with her 3 kids (2 boys and a girl). So right away we connected. As we started talking she told me that she was actually in the process of adopting her 3 kids, they were currently just foster kids. Music to my ears, I actually started really liking her because I thought, how brave of her for adopting 3 kids all at once.

She then asked me if I was having a girl and I told her no I am having another boy. The next thing that happened blew my mind. She went on to say that she was so sorry for me, she knows I must be dissapointed because she surely wouldn't want to have 3 boys. That's the reason she chose to adopt over carrying her own kids, she wanted to make sure that she had one of each sex and was not willing to take the gamble. She really only wanted 2 kids but the ones that she got were a package deal because they were siblings so they ended up with an extra boy.

I was floored, my jaw dropped to the floor. WOW, just WOW. You just met me lady, how would you know how I feel. I tried to end the conversation and walk away but before I could, she continued with I couldn't possibly not be a parent to a girl. Looks at me dead in my eyes and says, you couldn't understand, the relationship between a mom and a daughter is just so special. You guys, I grabbed my kids and ran out of there before I uttered any words and became super rude to her.

I completely understand everyone's fascination with having that perfect American family with mom, dad, one boy, one girl, and a dog. Heck, I have had that dream except with 2 boys, 2 girls, and no dog :). But the minute we found out baby#3 was a boy, I let go of that dream and embraced this new dream of having a house full of boys. I would love to have a girl one day in life but if I never did I would still be the happiest boy-mom on the block.
What I don't get is the reaction of "your family is not perfect because it's filled with boys" particularly from perfect stranger who don't even know me or my family. The amount of people that have told us that they were sorry for us because we are having a 3rd boy, I cannot even tell you (it wasn't the I know your pain because I have 3 crazy kids running around either).
"Sorry for us" for real. There are so many families out there that wish they could have one, two or three children regardless of their gender. There are so many families that wished they could have healthy babies regardless of their gender. The gender of the baby is not everything. We've been blessed beyond our wildest dream and are thankful to God for his grace everyday.
So to all the people that don't appreciate having 3 of a same gender, to you I say don't be sorry for us.
- Rejoice in this new boy that is joining our family.
- Rejoice with us because he is growing strong and healthy.
- Rejoice with us because regardless of the gender, a baby is a blessing, our 3rd boy is a blessing.
- Rejoice with us because our family is perfect and happy, 3 boys and all.
- Rejoice with us because the Lord gave us exactly what he knows our family needs.
Baby boy #3, you are loved, desired, and such a perfect addition to our family. Though we haven't met you yet, we already can't imagine our family without you. Continue to grow strong and healthy, we can't wait to hold you and love on you as much as we do your brothers.

23 weeks with baby #3

Oh even my Tman gets it. He told me the other day "mommy I want the baby to be a brother like Jbird", I was shocked so I asked him why and he said "because Jbird is so much fun, I want another fun brother"...I swear I cried tears of joy, even my 3-year old is excited about having another brother. God is good you guys, God is good.

"Happiness is not getting all you want, but wanting and loving all you have" - Unknown

Friday, October 25, 2013

Carving our pumpkins

After picking our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, it was time to carve them. We thought that Tman would be all about it and would want to clean it but somehow he was not impressed. He kept saying "ewwww", "nasty" and we were like "of course child what did you think". Jbird on the other hand was super fascinated and just wanted to put the seeds in his mouth. I had a ball taking pics of the boys helping (or bugging) their dad while he cleaned and carved the pumpkins

The boys were wondering what was happening here
 We had to get all the seeds because Jbird kept going for them

 How appropriate that my hubby was wearing Halloween underwear :)
 Hubby working hard at drawing on the pumpkin
 While hubby was busy carving, the boys moved on to the trampoline giving me the best faces ever
 These boys of mine, they have so much fun together
Then when the pumpkins were all done I did a photo op with the boys
 Jbird really wanted to hold that pumpkin too
The final product in the dark, hubby did good
Tman was so amazed when he saw the result and kept wanting to turn off the lights to see the pumpkins in the dark. Pumpkin carving was a great success. Next up Halloween celebration and trick or treat this weekend, how fun.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Pajama Party

I am usually not one to follow link ups but this one I absolutely love. Plus it doesn't hurt that I love love love Meredith from http://www.thetichenorfamily.com/. I mean she has 3 adorable boys that she puts in matching outfits on a regular basis and just gave birth to a little girl.

Check out this Little Ghosts and Goblins Halloween Pajama Party Link-up
Anyway, I already had these matching Halloween pajamas that we got from Target so I put my kids in them and snapped some shots.
 These two are the sweetest when they want to cooperate

 Tman even got super cute and gave Jbird a kiss
 And then he was done
So much fun was had by all. Matching Halloween pajamas are so much fun and so are my boys. Happy pajama party link up

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekend fun - Pumpkin patch

Thank you so much for your sweet comments and for sharing your hair stories on my last post. I have been on this healthy hair journey business for over 2 years and it is so nice to finally be in a place where I love my hair again.

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch this weekend and we had so much fun. Actually Tman had the most fun. I didn't even know that he was into pumpkins like that. He also wanted to pick apples, I guess I have to get in touch with my fruit and vegetable picking if my child is all about it. I digress, back to the pumpkin patch story we go.

As soon as we got there, Tman started running towards the pumpkins like he knew what he was doing
 Check out Jbird going at it too, my baby is so big now you guys
Next thing you know, Tman went for someone else's already picked pumkins. No child, we have to get our own cart and pick our own pumpkins
Before we did that, I managed to get a pic with the boys surrounded by pumpkins. My Tman was so happy to be at the patch, he was just smiling away. I love this age where the kids enjoy outings as much as we do

I obviously had my boys in matching outfits, as I do :)
 Hubby and his boys, he refused to wear orange with us, that guy I tell you
We went and got our own cart and Tman insisted in pulling it himself
It was much harder going uphill so hubby had to help him. Check him out leading the way to find the perfect pumpkin, he was so in charge my little boy
 Decision time, which pumpkin are we going to get papa
I was holding my Jbird most of the time while hubby and Tman were looking for the pumpkins
but all he wanted to do was pick a pumpkin too. Not that one Jbird, it's way too big for you
Tman finally found the perfect pumpkins, YAY
While hubby went to pay for the pumpkins and move them to the car, the boys (well really Tman) got excited about going on a hayride. I love that Jbird always tries to catch up with his brother
Me and my boys going on a hayride :)
Happiness on my Tman's face when we started moving, he loved the hayride
Tman did not want to leave, he wants to go back, we might have to go back next weekend. I did manage to get a family picture before we left (you know how I roll)
Pumpkin patch fun day was a great success. We might go back next weekend because my Tman loved every minute of it and requested to go back. He even told his grandma in England all about it when we skyped on Sunday. Hope you had a great weekend too.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Hair update

Since I hadn't done one of these hair updates in a while, I figured this would be a good time to do so.

I got my hair relaxed this week and I am so loving my hair right now. It's doing everything that I want it to do and the length is perfect. I must say I am very happy with where we are. I am only 3in away from my dream goal of waist length, woop woop. After I reach that goal, I am going to need to find a new obsession :). I hope to be there next Summer but with a 2in trim and potential hair loss after the baby who knows.

I am BSL again, woop woop. (I get excited to see my hair this straight because I only wear it this straight after a relaxer)
My regimen is super low key now. I don't really want to do much because "ain't nobody got time for that" :) plus I have 2 kids and another one on the way and it's not really an option.

I wash my hair once a week and maintain it for the rest of the week. I usually wash on Saturday because it's easier. I only use 4 products altogether. After trying so many different things, I decided that enough was enough. I use shampoo, deep conditioner, moisturizer, hair oil and that's it. Here are my easy steps:

- As soon as I wake up in the morning, before getting the kids up, I shampoo and put the deep conditioner in.

- I get the kids up and make breakfast while the conditioner is working, multitasking at its finest

- After breakfast, it's bath time for the boys so I put them in the bath while I rinse my hair.

-  I put some moisturizer in my hair and I let it air dry. A few hours later, I put some oil in my hair and style as desired.

- Some weekends, I have the energy to blow dry and curl or flat iron (usually if we are going out somewhere) but most of the time I don't even do that.

During the week I usually wear my hair in a bun or simply up. Unless of course I was brave enough to style it on the weekend then I wear it out because I can. Here are some of my favorite styles. I love all of these because none of them take more than 5 minutes in the morning.

Low bun with lots of hair pulled out
Braid flipped over and pinned down
Low ponytail
 High ponytail
Single braid (PS - I love that my hair is long and thick enough for a single braid now)
Wrap around bun
When I put a little effort into doing my hair on the weekend then it's down most of the week
I must say I love it when I actually style my hair after a wash, it has that extra something special
My hair is thriving, it's not growing as fast as I hoped but it's definitely doing well. I know there will be some hair loss after this baby but I also know we will recover from that. So I will enjoy my hair for the next 6 months and then we'll see what happens (or should I say, I will cry my eyes out). What are you doing to your hair these days? are you loving it?