Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend fun - Homework, a photoshoot and a date

Last weekend was a fairly low key weekend, we had lots of small activities but we also had some great breaks in between. On Saturday we all cheered Tman at his first soccer game. He did amazing. I am sure there are going to be loads more games in store for us.

Once a month, the daycare that the boys attend is open on a Saturday so that the parents can get a break from their kids. We never took advantage of that option but we've decided that once a month it's not so bad to take a break and have an adult meal without chasing our kids. So after Tman's soccer game, we dropped the kids off at daycare and went out on a date.

We went to late lunch were we enjoyed a nice meal and some adult beverages :)

After lunch, we went for a walk, hubby was annoyed that I kept taking pics of us walking, does he not know me and my picture obsession?
Then we enjoyed some ice cream and chilled for bit before going to pick up the kids
We were smiling ear to ear after a few hours and I asked hubby to give me his best smiley face he showed all his teeth (which he never does) :)
We are knee deep in homework land. Tman gets a long list of homework every week and we have to do it a little bit every day to ensure that he finishes. It's a work in progress and he is getting better at it everyday.

Look at my studious Tman holding the pen so well :)
What I like the most is when he has a goofy happy smile on his face when he does something right
learning to cut with his daddy
On Sunday we had our family pictures taken. It's my favorite thing to do every year and this year did not disappoint. We've been using the same photographers for the last 3 photo sessions. The boys were crazy and ran around like headless chicken but I know these girls will get us some gems. I am so excited to see the final result.

This is what we wore for our photoshoot.
Behind the scenes during the shoot :)

After the photoshoot, we came home took a nap then went out to meet with our friends at the park. Bean was asleep when we left so hubby stayed at home with him. My grandma joined me for the fun. We let the boys run around the park and wear themselves out for hours

Tman and Jbird are hilarious when they are allowed to run wild :)

We enjoyed a nice picnic with our friends
and finished things off with some ice cream. My grandma loved it
I love this group of friends and all the awesome time we are spending together
When we got home, Tman and Jbird passed out within 30 minutes and we didn't see them until the morning. Another great weekend in the books. We did a lot of fun things but it definitely did not feel overwhelming. We are enjoying the last beautiful days of the season. Once it gets super cold I will be hibernating, I don't do anything out in the cold. My African blood can't take it. Hope you had a great weekend too.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I am officially a soccer mom

My big boy Tman started playing soccer a few weeks ago and had his first came this past Saturday. I am officially a soccer mom and loving it :). Hubby is from England and soccer is his sport of choice so all of our kids will be playing soccer until they tell us otherwise.

We registered Tman with a local boys and girls soccer club and he started 2 weeks ago. He really wasn't that into it at first and he pretty much had a moment the first few minutes at the field. After a few practice sessions, we noticed that he was slowly getting into it and enjoying it a bit more. Hubby takes him to the practice session after work and I just show up for the game on Saturdays. Since this was his first game, I invited the entire family. You know how much I love having my family involved in these activities.

Tman in the car ready for his first soccer game
My grandma, hubby, Jbird and Bean
Before they started the game, they had a little pow wow
Then they practiced shooting the ball in the net
My brother, his wife and my niece also came to support our big boy
Hubby's mom was there too
When the game started, Tman wasn't sure what to do then he got really into it and started chasing the ball around the field. I am so proud of that kid
While Jbird was not interested in the whole thing, Bean on the other hand was really into it
He was chasing the ball everywhere with my niece in tow
During the break, my brother shook Tman's hand because he was doing an awesome job
Check out Bean our future soccer player, how grown does that 18-month old look, seriously
Tman was running everywhere
And sometimes kicking the ball too :)
I was hanging out with my niece behind the camera
Family selfie what up, how cute is my niece, seriously
My sister Kee also came to support. We are so fortunate to have family nearby that always wants to be there for us and the kids. I of course had to take a group picture before we left
And because I love pics, I took a pic of Tman with everyone individually :). Hanging out with grandma here
Hanging out with aunt Kee
Hanging out with Uncle H and aunt I
Hanging out with great grandma
Hanging out with his parental unit
Hanging out with his favorite cousin :)
Tman's first soccer game was a great success. My boy is growing up everyday and I am loving all the milestones that are happening along the way. I am thoroughly enjoying my soccer mom status, good thing I also have a minivan. Do your kids play sports? Anyone into soccer? It's a great way to wear your kids out because they run so much plus it's affordable.

Friday, September 18, 2015

A trip to Chichen Itza

Boy did I get delayed in recapping our day trip to Chichen Itza in Mexico. I kept meaning to write about it but so many good things kept happening :). Since we didn't take the boys on this trip to Mexico, I figured it would be a great idea to add a bit of adventure to our agenda. This was our 5th trip to the Cancun area and we had yet to check out the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. I am so glad we went because it was definitely worth the visit.

We booked the trip through our resort and they had a few planned stops along the way which made for an awesome day full of adventure. We stopped at a Cenote for a quick swim, a local Mayan market for a quick shop, a Mayan restaurant for lunch, and a famous Mexican town for ice cream :). It was a long day that started super early and ended super late but we enjoyed every minute of it.

Quick pic at the entrance of the Cenote of course

 Before going down the stairs to the underground body of water
 This place was amazing
Hubby with our friends
I heart him
I jumped in that cold water like it was nobody's business
Pics in the water of course
After the cenote we went to a Mayan restaurant where we had lunch before making our way to the ruins at Chichen Itza
Our tickets to get in :)

We mad it to the pyramid, this place was massive and impressive
I am addicted to feet pics :)
View of the pyramid from the other side of the ruins

After all the tours were gone, we got the pyramid all to ourselves, beautiful
Our friends with the pyramids
Of course we had to take silly pics with this awesome thing

And we had to do a jumping pic because they are my favorite :)

We even did the dip, hehehehehe
Chichen Itza was amazing. After exploring the place we stopped by a very quaint Mayan town on the way back to the resort
Ice cream was in order to end this awesome day
We had an amazing time venturing out to visit the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. I am glad I never took the kids out on this type of adventure as it would have been too much to handle with them in tow. Maybe we'll take them one day, when they are bigger and can enjoy this experience. Have you even been to Chichen Itza? It's now a world wonder and you should totally put it on your list if you are ever in that area, it is totally worth the trip.