Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Boys are a crazy bunch

My boys are seriously hilarious and fun to watch. I got to spend almost a whole week at home with them because of weather conditions and it was glorious. I am not going to lie, it was also very tiring and draining. Let me tell you maternity leave with all 3 kids is going to be interesting. Thank goodness my in-laws are here and will be helping us with the kids full time.

Because it was super cold and I just don't do anything out in the cold, we just stayed indoors the entire time. Cabin fever anyone. I let them do pretty much all sorts of crazy things like ride their bikes inside, play computer games, help with cleaning and watch their favorite cartoons (Diego and Dora what up). I think there will be lots of cartoon watching when baby #3 gets here because it worked miracles to give me a much needed break when I needed it.

These two have so much fun together it's amazing. They also fight like crazy. They can go from loving and  kissing each other to kicking and screaming at each other. This is what they look like when they are happy and enjoying each others company. Well hello Diego
 Speaking of which, Jbird's new favorite thing to do is pull Tman's hair
 He starts to giggle like crazy when poor Tman is unhappy about it
 Tman was too busy watching Diego to care.
And what did I tell you, not even 5 minutes later they were back to be the best of friends. I just love watching these two together. I hope that their friendship continues to grow strong everyday
One of the mornings while we were chilling on the couch and Tman was watching something on the kindl and actually sharing with his brother. Score
Then I started cleaning and the boys really wanted to help. If only they really could help. I let them get their hand on the tools and it was on. Kids I tell you, it doesn't take much to entertain them most of the time. Pull out the mop and they want to clean the house :)

My boys are getting so big and handsome everyday. It makes me so happy to see them grow into happy, healthy, crazy kids. I am so proud to be their mommy and I thank God everyday for this blessing
My handsome Tman, 3.5 years. When did he get so big, seriously I can't believe he is going to be 4 years old in 6 short months.
My handsome Jbird, almost 1.5 years. Gosh, I just gave birth to this child and now he is about to become a big brother, insane.
The boys were riding their bikes around the house one of the mornings, indoor play all the way. I put some cartoon on the TV and they were hooked. Look at that concentration, you know what I mean now by there will be lots of TV watching when baby #3 gets here. Between pumping, nursing, and chilling I will really need them to be focused on something else.
Chilling before bed while watching Diego on the kindl. Tman actually shared with his brother and that's rare you guys. I am so happy that he is starting to share somewhat
You know I spoke too fast because a few minutes later there was no more sharing. Poor Jbird was just trying to get a peak. This pic captured my boys relationship so well.
I always enjoy my days at home with my boys but I am always left worn out I tell you. I enjoy watching these two hang out together, it's always such a treat. Now that Jbird is getting bigger, Tman is definitely enjoying him a lot more. My boys are seriously awesome and a lot of work but I wouldn't have it any other way. I am enjoying these last few weeks of just me and my 2 boys, definitely looking forward to adding baby boy #3 to our crazy family. Things are about to get even crazier in our house soon.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Maternity Pics are here

Our maternity pictures are here and I am in love with them all. I did maternity pics with my other two boys so it was no question that I had to do them with baby boy #3. I will actually do these with all my kids for sure ;).

I found the photographers through a Groupon deal and I must say I absolutely love their style. I have been searching for a family photographer for years since we do about 2 professional family pics per year and I think I finally found them. These are two moms that started their own photography business and they were amazing with the kids. What I also like is that their regular prices are actually reasonable too.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite pics from our session. Enjoy

I actually like this picture even though Jbird is wiggly he is smiling, plus I did this style when we were pregnant with Jbird and I hope to do this as the kids grow to see how much they grow each year
We also tried a normal family pic but check out Tman's face, that kid I tell you
Then the kids were crazy so we let them do their thing and took pics of me and the hubby. I absolutely love this one, so much love for our 3rd baby

We did one of these pics for each baby and I have this idea of doing a collage of the picse one day when we are done having kids and put in our room
Then it was time for some glamor shots, let me tell you I was a bit nervous about these but they actually turned out pretty nice. The belly took center stage and I didn't look awkward.
I love my belly and the baby growing inside :)
We attempted a pic of everyone touching the belly, yeah that didn't work but I still love it
And of course we had to do a kissy kissy pic, my kids will hate me for this one day
I also had the shirts I made for the boys and I had to take a pic with that. Boys not cooperating but I still love this pic, my boys are always in action I tell you. When Nathan gets here, I hope to get a pic of all 3 boys in it, probably all of them wiggling around :)
 We tried another family pics, Tman I tell you was not having fun with our pics.
Taking maternity pics with toddlers is a real adventure but I am so glad that we did it. I loved the photographers and definitely liked the way they worked with us and the kids. I am very pleased with the end result. Checking things of my list of things to do before baby #3 gets here.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend fun - Meeting Sandie and other randomness

Do you guys remember when around Christmas I had the most awkward meeting with someone that recognized me and I totally blew that meeting. Mmmm yeah. Well, luckily for me she understood what was going through my head and decided to have a do-over meeting. This weekend we met up for coffee and it was so awesome. We found out that we had so much in common and actually followed some of the same bloggers.

I am so glad that we were able to have a do-over meeting. The funniest is when I pulled out my camera and she just smiled :). Meet Sandie
This past weekend was pretty chill, we really didn't do much and it felt good. I love me a 3-day weekend that is also a chill weekend.

I went to my friend E's baby shower. We are due within a few days of each other and I swear we didn't plan it that way :). She is having her first baby and it's also a boy. We actually plan to start our maternity leave on the same day, how cool is that.

She had the coolest favors for her party
Me and E, 35 weeks with our baby boys

The rest of the weekend was spent chilling and relaxing. Looking at houses with the in-laws and playing with the kids.
 Jbird and his grandma
 Jbird and his grandad
Jbird's face craked me up. He tried some peas and corn and this is what happened. This kids is a total jokester isn't he
 Hubby in the kitchen with his parents making fruit juices with our new juicer
 Jbird took this pic and though it's off centered I love my Tman's face on it :)
I was so in need of a lazy weekend and I totally got it. YAY.  Not much going on next weekend either so yeah I am excited for more chill time. Hope you all had a great weekend too.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bantu knots my new favorite style

I get so excited every time I discover a new way to style my hair that I love. About a month ago I discovered bantu knots and I have been in love ever since. Where have you been all my life. It took me a few tries to get it right but I think I finally got it down to a science. What I love about it is that it only takes 10 min to prep and 5 min to style. Now that's my kind of hairstyle.

I usually do the bantu knots the night before and unravel the next morning. Now that I am loving the length of my hair and want to wear it out more often, I am so glad that I am finding great ways to style it. The only drawback for me is that it doesn't last very long, I pretty much have to redo it every other night for it to have that nice look.

This is the result I got from doing it mid-week. I didn't record the process but I totally loved the result and decided to record the process the next time I did it.
Most people do a lot of bantu knots to get more curls but I ain't got time for that. I only do 5 bantu knots and it's working for me. I put some a bit of oil in each section then do the knots. After I am done I put a scarf on my head and sleep with them. This is what they look like in the morning before I take them out.
This is what the front looks like
 From the side, well hello 35 week baby bump
I unraveled the knots and before combing and fluffing out completely
The final result, all fluffed out and combed out. I love it. I don't need the intense curls, I just want some volume, body and a bit of waves.
Have you tried the bantu knot method yet? you totally should it's definitely an awesome way to get some curls without using any heat. Bantu knots are a keeper.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Fun - The year of our 3rd baby :)

I have been waiting to say this for the longest time you guys (ok just the beginning of the year), but yeah, this is the year our 3rd baby will be born (God willing), AHHHHHHHHHHH. Let that simmer for a second. Not only that, if we are lucky enough, he'll be here next month, AHHHHHHHHHHH. Ok, enough screams for one post.

34 weeks with baby #3. I am telling you I have a torpedo belly, this baby is just pushing out and laying so low. Bring on next month, I am so ready to meet our 3rd boy.
The front view of the belly is always so deceiving, I love that my Jbird wanted to be part of my picture though and I am so loving how my hair turned out from curling it.
We got our maternity pics done this past weekend and I swear it was a total disaster. I hope that the photographer did her magic and we end up with a few decent ones. Since we were all dressed up I of course attempted a family pics before we left, not bad if I may say so myself :). Is Tman the funniest or what? Jbird always has that confused look, poor kid is probably wondering how he ended up in this crazy family. I love my family, can't wait to see how our 3rd boy will fit in with our brood.
After the photoshoot I took the boys to visit my family. My cousin S is visiting from England, the last time she was here, Jbird was only 4 months.
 3 generations of awesome women, what what.
My niece turned 3 months old and this little girl is looking cuter by the day. I just love all the bows and matching outfit, I must say I am proud of my sister in law :)
 My mom and my niece, don't they look so alike?
Tman wanted to join in on the fun
I couldn't possibly not add a picture of my beautiful 2nd boy. This boy is so active I tell you and he always does things on the DL; you never see him coming and bam he is on whatever he wants.
Having loads of fun with grandad doing laps around the house in his car. It doesn't take much to entertain kids I tell you
My new favorite pic of me and my first baby, my little mini-me. My first boy is so like me it's crazy.
And of course a picture of my crazy family at brunch. I love that we are all doing something different yet crazy except for Jbird who just wanted out :)
We've had a crazy busy yet fun weekend. I am not going to lie, I am looking forward to some slow days around here. The next few weekends are pretty chill so that should be good. Then it's baby time, woop woop. Hope you had a great weekend too.