Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A trip to Sesame Place - Part 1

We took an awesome trip to Sesame Place this past 4th of July weekend. I love looking back at posts telling the story of the fun things that we did so I am trying to get caught up with all the awesomeness from our Summer. I have so many pictures that I will break this post in 2. We had tickets for 2 days at the park.

The first day we were there all day and didn't take a break so the kids did not last until the night parade. We decided to take a break the second day and come back for the night parade. It was a great idea because they were rested and excited to come back at night.

We met up with a few friends and their kids and it was a crazy kid fest for a few days.
Look at our group getting ready for a picture :), beautiful chaos
My niece came with us
The carousel ride was a huge hit
Picture attempt with the boys
My mom carried Emilia all day and pushed baby H in the stroller
Hubby and the big boys
Selfie on the ride
Look at us having lunch. I told you we had a huge group
Tman is such a jokester, always trying to be funny
That Tman I tell you
My babies who always sleep on the go
We spent half the day at the water park and it was grand. My mommy with the big boys
Twinning with my mommy. I love it so much and I hope my daughter loves doing this with us one day
Hubby took a power nap with the babies. I couldn't resist taking a pic when I found them like this
We did the day parade and the kids loved it. Hi Grover

We also went down the lazy river

Girls looking super cute
 That night the kids wore matching jammies. I think that will become might thing with my 4
We had a super busy first day at the park and the kids loved every minute of it. All the adults were worn out. When we came back to the room it was bath followed by bed. The next day was another beautiful adventure.