Monday, June 25, 2012

We have a double stroller

So we finally broke down and made our first purchase for our second boy. Hope is a powerful thing. It also helped that we are having another boy so we pretty much have everything we need.

The only thing we really needed was a double stroller particularly since I plan on going for walks as soon as I pop this baby out :). I had a few requirements, I needed this double stroller to:
 - Be side by side and a jogging stroller
 - Accommodate a Graco baby car seat (very useful the first 6 months or so)
 - Have a separate tray for each kid
 - Have a shade that can be moved
 - Have reclining seats for when the little ones take a nap while we are out
 - and of course be reasonably priced

Well, the first thing I found that made sense was super expensive, yikes. After lots of research, I found the perfect stroller that was half the price of the super expensive one and had all the features we wanted and more. Some of the bonus features I didn't think about:
 - Can take a kid up to 50lbs on each seat (meaning I could use it for a while)
 - 2 cup holders for the parents (score, won't have to fight with the hubby)
 - The children trays are removable for easy cleaning
 - An attachment for an MP3 player.

Well here it is and I can't wait to use it :)

A trip to Philly

This past weekend we went to Philly to visit my friend Melissa. She always comes to visit us and we try to make it up there at least once or twice a year. We figured with the baby coming soon, we better make it up there (much easier to travel pregnant than with a newborn).

We got in on Friday night to get the most of the weekend. On Saturday we started with some fun time in the baby pool on Melissa's roof deck. Then we went outside and made lots of bubbles in the afternoon before we headed out for a walk in the city. We walked past the Magic Gardens and went for some philly cheesesteaks for dinner. On Sunday we spent more time in the baby pool then spent the afternoon at Melissa's parents before heading home. Fun times.

Filling up the baby pool
Letting the baby fill the pool himself, he was so proud
We got in the pool with T-man

Such a happy boy in the water

Splashing away with mama

We went outside and made some snake bubbles in the afternoon
 T-man loved following the bubbles around
In front of the Philadelphia Magic Gardens, very neat design
 We had some more pool time the next morning. My T-man is such a water baby
 The boys played a little bit of soccer at Melissa's parents house
How cute are these two? T-man's making an awesome face here :)
  I like this pic of us with Melissa's dad cleaning some fish, T-man was fascinated.
 and my favorite pic of the trip, me and my boy
We had so much fun visiting Melissa this weekend. I already look forward to the next trip. At least we get to see Melissa way before then, she is coming down next month for T-man's birthday.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Single digit, woop woop

We are now in the single digits (in weeks) until the arrival of our little boy, AHHHHHH. I am over the moon with excitement as every milestone gets us closer to a healthy baby. So freaking happy. I am 32 weeks and loving every minute of it. Thank you Lord.

We are booked solid for the next few weeks with a trip to Philly, a trip to Los Angeles, T-man's birthday and our anniversary. Feeling so blessed right now.

Here are some belly pictures of the last few weeks.

The belly in its glory at 29 weeks
 The belly at 30 weeks with my silly boy
 The side view of the belly at 30 weeks, we are growing people
The belly at 31 weeks
The belly at 32 weeks
And of course when my baby cooperates and is in a pic it makes me really happy
I can't believe that in 9 weeks (we are kicking this boy out if he doesn't come on his own by then) or less (God willing) we will be holding our second boy. It's crazy, crazy good. Thank you Lord.

Monday, June 18, 2012

What a great weekend

We had a good time celebrating Father's day this Sunday. We went to brunch in the morning and spent the rest of the afternoon chilling and relaxing. Holidays are always relaxing times for us. I didn't take as many pics as I wished but it's hard to when you are just at home eh :).

My husband and son, so in love with these two
Yep, that's my baby daddy
And the family picture of the day.
And just because it's father's day, here are a few pictures of my two favorite men together.

Meeting his son for the first time, I love this pic
With our son, only a week old
A month old, with their matching Arsenal outfit
My sleeping beauties in daddy's bed in England (this is one is another favorite)
My English men, aren't they so handsome?
In Cancun when our baby was a year old
Future soccer player, following in his daddy's footsteps
Chilling in Florida
And another favorite, in their matching Arsenal outfit a few weeks ago
My husband is such an awesome father to our son. I can't wait to see him interact with our new baby and watch them grow together. Happy Father's day.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What kind of mom are you

Having a child has been by far my greatest achievement in life. I know, so cliche but so true. It has also been a journey of self doubt more than any other I have ever been on. From pregnancy to having a baby, I have realized that I started questioning my choices more because of what other people did or said. I lost my confidence in a way. I have surely judged other mother's in the past for what I thought were bad decisions, I now realize how silly and totally pointless it was. I don't judge other parents anymore period (unless of course you kill or sexually abuse your child then we have a problem ;))

Well, I have owned my choices and I am all about "do what's best for your child and your family."
Someone out there will always disagree with a choice you make (during pregnancy, with a baby, with a toddler) but don't worry about it. All I am saying is make the choices that are best for you and your family and do not feel bad about it.

That being said, here are some of the stuff I have received criticism about and I am so over being guilty:

  - I use disposable diapers and I love it.  I honestly never even considered using cloth diapers. I don't regret my decision. Disposable diapers are a great choice for me and my family :).

 - My son is almost 2 and I don't even own a potty, what the heck, maybe I'll wait until he is old enough to sit on the regular potty. Oh and I really don't mind having 2 kids in diapers heck even 3 kids in diapers would be fine by me :).

 - I bought good old Gerber food for my baby and never looked back. Never made my own food nor did I use anything organic. I don't feel guilty.

 - I let my son eat candy, cookies, chips, and all sort of junk food. A little bit of junk food is not a bad choice plus this kid barely eats so I'll take it where I can.

 - I don't use a Shopping Cart or a High Chair Cover, let him build his immune system.

 - I breastfed my son and he never had formula but I also cried my eyes out the first 3 months because breastfeeding was freaking hard. Formula would have been just fine. So with all my other babies, I will try my best but I would not make it a ride or die situation. Yep formula is not poison and I will definitely give it to my kid for my own sanity

 - I am a working mom and I don't feel guilty about it, ok maybe a little but I am not willing to quit my job and give up on all the nice things that we can afford because I work. My son goes to daycare and he is a well rounded little boy. I realize that some stranger spends more time with my son than I do, oh well, so is life. Works for my family

 - My son still sleeps in our bed and has been since he was about 6 months old. I co-sleep and I don't feel guilty about it, I actually enjoy it.

 - I let my son watch cartoons so that he can give me a break during car rides. He is a huge fan of Thomas the tank engine. Not feeling guilty.

 - My son doesn't know how to count or say the alphabet and I really don't push the issue or care for that matter. He is not even 2 yet. All I do with him is play, play and more play. He'll sure know all those things by the time he goes to kindergarten.

I'm sure there are a plethora of other things we do in our household that aren't exactly like everyone else or might be frowned upon, but the choices we make are the right ones for our family. Don't let anyone judge you or make you question your decisions, you are the best advocate for your children and family.

I get to be the mom to my happy little boy  and can't wait for my 2nd boy to be here so I can love on him too :). We are a much happier family because of the choices that we make.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Rock and roll and birthday weekend

Well, at least my hubby loves rock and roll and I just go along for the ride :). We used to go to concerts all the time. My husband loves bands that you have never heard of ever. A few weekends ago we saw the Artic Monkeys (an English band) and the Black Keys. It was actually a fun concert. We left T-man at home with my mom (gotta love built in babysitters) and went to the concert with some friends.
Out and about without the baby :)

On Saturday we were invited to 2 birthday parties. One at chuck e cheese and one at a friend's house. It made for a busy day. We started with the party at chuck e cheese. T-man loves this place I tell you. He was running around getting into everything. He wasn't even scared of chuck e.

After the party at chuck e cheese we went to a friend's house for another birthday party. This was a more relaxed party and we just hung out with friends the whole time. T-man loved everything Elmo and was so excited the whole time.

The birthday boy and his family
The pregnant ladies, we are all due within a few months of each other
 It was such a busy yet fun weekend. I love kids birthday parties and I definitely love to catch up with my friends.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Maternity Photo - Sneak Peek

Oh my, I am so in love with the sneak peek pics from our maternity pictures from this weekend. I cannot wait to see more. I love the black and white look and my little T-man's smile. I just had to share.

PS - I found this photographer through a living social deal and I must say I am really really pleased with her work. She was super nice during the whole shoot and made T-man laugh the whole time. These pictures were all taken by her.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hair update

I haven't done an update on my hair in a while and I am proud to say that I am finally BSL (bra strap length). This is the longest my hair has ever been (cue happy dance).

Well, I am just touching the top of my bra but I am still claiming it :), I like to revel in all victories even the small ones. I am right on track to make it to MBL by Christmas.

I am only about 4 inches away from my ultimate goal of waist length, so psyched. Once I get there, I plan to trim an inch or so every relaxer until I have healthy beautiful even looking ends. As I near the 1 year anniversary of my hair journey, I am really pleased with my progress and will definitely continue to take good care of my hair.

You obviously want to see the picture :). This was taken in early May right after my relaxer.
I am actually 5 weeks post right now. I meant to write this post a month ago. Life gets busy I guess. I plan to do a one year anniversary post next month after I relax. I am hoping to be full BSL, we'll see.

Monday, June 4, 2012


 I was tagged by faith over at life, love & marriage. She is such a fun blogger (I swear I want to comment on all her post because they are just that good and I really enjoy them). We totally would be awesome friends in real life. Anyway, here are my answers to her 11 questions:

1. If you had 10 minutes to be on a popular television show, which show would it be? Hmmm not sure, probably American Idol. I love to sing tho I suck at it.

2. If you could have one superpower what would it be? I totally would want to be invisible like Faith said. Told you we have so much in common.

3. What TV show are you embarrassed about watching? That would have to be Keeping up with the Kardashian. I don't condone their behavior but they really are entertaining.

4. What is your favorite book? I really don't read, I know lame. I used to love reading whodunnit type novels, Agatha Christie any one.

5. What is the worst flavor of ice cream? I recently had some pomegranate and berry mix, don't try it, disgusting.

6. What is your favorite condiment? Ketchup.

7. What is the ideal comfort food? Tuna salad sandwich, I can eat that stuff everyday every meal.

8. What is the most important meal of the day? They say breakfast and I have to agree. I don't miss it for anything.

9. What is your dream job? Actress, I wouldn't feel like I am working. Imagine getting pampered everyday and pretend to be someone different every time. Dream

10. What subject do you wish you had paid more attention to in school? History, thank goodness for google I can get caught up whenever I need to.

11. What musical instrument do you wish you could play? A guitar, rock stars just look so freaking cool with their guitars.

Friday, June 1, 2012

A little photoshoot

My friend Adrienne attempted to take some maternity pictures of us while she was here a few weeks ago. T-man did not cooperate of course (it would be too easy). We did get some pretty fun shots. Luckily we have another opportunity to get some maternity pics tomorrow with a local photographer.

So we started in the bedroom, I was thinking casual pictures of us. T-man started screaming and didn't calm down until he had the Ipod touch in his hand.

I do like this picture of us a lot, I guess it is casual
 Yep he's moved onto the Ipod touch
 Good pic of me and the hubby but you can't even see T-man's face
 Then he decided to hug the baby, I love this kid
Then we moved outside in an attempt to get some better shots. Our backyard is awesome for pictures.

T-man only lasted about a picture before he started going crazy
 Look at him fighting here, I'll spare you the other crazy pictures
I on the other hand was not fussy so I took some solo shots while the hubby calmed T-man down :)

We moved to the front of the house to try for better shots, still no success. You can just see the look of defeat on our faces here
He is still the cutest kid ever my little boy, just wasn't interested in taking pics with us today
I went back outside to take a few bare belly pictures and this is my favorite of the bunch
Well, I hope T-man will cooperate when we have our actual maternity shoot tomorrow.