Thursday, March 20, 2014

An unexpected snow day

We've had a lot of snow days this year. I was heavily pregnant for most of them and was not taking a chance of falling in the snow just to do a photo op of my kids in the snow. Plus let's face it, I hate being cold. Well, this past Monday, to my surprise, we actually got another snow day. Tman begged me to go outside and play in it and since I wasn't pregnant anymore, I caved. I am so glad I did because we had a ball. We only stayed outside for about half an hour but the boys loved every minute of it. Fun in the snow was followed by a warm bath and that is a successful playtime in my book :).

Tman was super excited about the snow and was all smile when I told him that we'll go outside and play in it later. He was so excited that he even smiled for my picture :).
Jbird chilling with his daddy before we went outside
When hubby decided to go outside and clear the driveway, we brought the kids along so that they can play in the snow a bit

My Tman making a snow angel
Me and my Jbird with snow everywhere
Me and my boys who just wanted to play in the snow
My Jbird looking cool as usual
Check out my Jbird rolling in the snow, he was loving it
The boys walking all over the snow, we got about 6 inches and man was it hard to walk in it

I had to take Bean outside for a photo op with the snow of course. I love that his stork was still there and I could have it in the pic
I am so happy that we got an unexpected snow day when I wasn't pregnant. After all the snow that we got this year it was only fitting that I could join in on the fun with the boys. Hopefully this is the last snow day of the season, I mean Spring is here now.


  1. It looks like a fantastic day with the family. The boys really had a great time especially Jbird.

  2. Your kids are seriously cute!!! I love that they cheese it up for your camera for you.
    I love unexpected snow days. Last week's though fell on my regular telework day so I didn't really get an unexpected day but it was nice to have hubby home for the day.