Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Family Pictures 2016

Our family pics are here and I am so in love with the way they turned out. Our photographers captured our family so well, we've used these girls for the last 3 years and they've never dissapointed. They did an amazing job because our kids were just running around like headless chickens I tell you but you absolutely cannot tell from looking at these awesome pictures.

I started doing family pictures after we had our first kid. That first photoshoot was really expensive and I thought maybe I don't need a photographer. In 2011 I asked my cousin to come over and just take a few pictures for us and it was a total fail. After that, I decided to invest in family pictures every year and get a photographer to capture our growing family. It has been my favorite thing to do every year since then and we've had some awesome pictures of our family as you can see in 2012,  2013,  2014,  2015.

This year we completed our family and I am just loving all the beautiful pictures of the kids that resulted from this photoshoot. I am so excited to update our walls with pictures of our newest arrival and official welcome our baby girl in our home :).

Our family of six, my whole wide word in one amazing picture
Our beautiful children, gosh we have 4 kids. It still feels so surreal
My handsome first son looking like a GQ model over here

My sweet and gorgeous second son with a heart of gold, I love that you can see his brothers in the background of this picture

My playful and gorgeous third son looking more like a kid and less like a baby everyday
I mean how gorgeous is this kid with his perfect little face, totally not biased
My beautiful and adorable baby girl who completed our family so perfectly back in July
They got some amazing shots of us with the kids, though we weren't all together. Check out hubby here with our Bean
I absolutely love this picture of hubby with Tman and Bean
And this one too, who am I kidding, I love them all :)
I absolutely love this picture of me and baby girl
Ok, I love this one too, can you see Tman's hand trying to reach for the baby :)

She melts my heart with that smile everyday. My very own daughter, I still pinch myself that she is here and we get to keep her
Hubby and his baby girl

She is such a happy girl
I love love this picture with my boys. Bean is always giving me kisses and I love that they captured it
Loving on my Jbird
I love this picture with my Jbird talking about I am not sure what
These boys of mine are so much fun
I love this picture with my big boys so much

We tried to get Bean in for a picture and chaos ensued :)
Chilling with my one and only daughter :)

Chilling with my happy girl
How cool is this picture of the boys
Check out Tman loving on his sister
My absolute favorite of the kids. We told them to give the baby some kisses and they cooperated, never happens. Baby girl is truly a lucky girl with this crew
I love love love this picture of me and my main squeeze. I love doing life with him so much and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives raising all these little humans God entrusted us.
Our family pictures turned out so beautiful this year. They are extra special to me because they are the first ones that include every single member of our family. I will chreish these for years to come. Our family is now complete and I am excited to watch our kiddos grow each year. Do you do family pictures? If you don't, you totally should consider them, they are so worth it.


  1. OMG! The fail pictures ... I remember that post and laughing so hard at that post, haha.

    It was a great idea to do them professionally because you've gotten such amazing pictures of your family over the years. These pictures this year are so extra special. Love to see how beautifully the boys are growing and just how beautiful baby girl is!

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  3. Love your family photos and its a nice tradition to have.

  4. I LOVE all the pictures! I can't decide on my favorite. Gosh...these are just too too cute!