Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Picture FAIL

 We decided to get some pictures done for our Christmas cards this weekend. Last year we paid a professional photographer a lot of money and ended up with some amazing pictures. It was my baby's first Xmas and I was sparing no expense. Well this year we decided to go on the cheap, my cousin came over and was going to take a couple of pictures of us.

T-man was not feeling his best since he was just getting over being sick but I was hoping that he will at least smile for some of the pictures. He was not having any of it. I gave him a lollipop to help and it was king of working but not really.

 He was ok as long as he had the lollipop, there was still no smile but at least he wasn't crying. Then we took the lollipop away

Big mistake, T-man started throwing a fit

 Full on upset over this whole ordeal. We calmed him down for about 20 minutes then tried again

He was not happy at all. This could have been an ok picture but my poor baby was not even looking

 He is really really mad in this picture

 Look at his face, he is not a happy camper

 Someone is really pissed off

 Look at his face in this one

 This could have been a good picture if he was looking

Oh well, this was not meant to be. I do love this picture tho

Well, luckily we didn't pay some photographer to take these pics, I would have been really upset. We'll try again this weekend if T-man is feeling up to it. If not I guess we'll just have to work with one of these not so great pics. Ah kids, they are so unpredictable. At least my hair looked somewhat decent. I will have to tell you more about my hair in another post.


  1. i know i shouldn't be laughing but i am! he is so hilarious in these pictures! he was def. not having any of it! too funny! i hope he is all smiles next go at it! but if not, i am sure some of these pics will make your friends smile! :)

  2. Faith - you can so laugh it was really funny :)

  3. Awww. Poor T-man:( You guys look great though. I can relate to not wanting to spend a lot of money on pro pics. We just did Santa pics, and Princess was not in the greatest of moods either. It wasn't terrible, but I wish we could have gotten a little smile out of her. hehe. It's ok. T-man and Princess still look cute in pics, no matter their moods hehe. We also did our own xmas card photos. We just order the cards online which is much cheaper.

  4. Your son is so handsome! The pictures crack me up.. that last one says it all. :)

  5. The more I look at the pics, the more I like them even with the pissed off face :). We picked one of them and ordered our cards.