Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Crazy responses to our 3rd baby

You guys, I cannot even tell you the crazy things some people have told us when we told them about baby #3. Some reactions were all fun and games and other were downright rude (I think). I love that my bloggy friends are not part of this group as you were all so excited for us. Thank you for that by the way.

The only appropriate response to someone announcing (with excitement I might add) that they are expecting a baby is: Congratulations or something along those lines. If you don't approve of their choice for growing a family, keep it to yourself or only share if they ask. I am only sharing this because it's funny now in hindsight, I am not actually mad or annoyed anymore.
Anyway here are some of the crazy questions with the answers that I provided and the answers I was really thinking in my head :). Enjoy

Are you guys excited?
My response - Yes we are (as if you couldn't tell from all the excitement in our voices)
My response in my head - Nah we are not excited, what are you going to do about it? who asks these kinds of questions?

Was this baby planned or was this an accident?
My response - Planned, desired, and loved
My response in my head - First off that is none of your business but really girl, I am a grown ass woman who knows how babies are made. I do think that accidents happen but in our case we've been lucky that we've never had to worry about it. Plus so what if it was an accident, we are excited so should you.
Are you guys crazy? Can you handle all these kids?
My response - God always provide and yes we are probably crazy
My response in my head - Well, so what if we are crazy, how is that affecting your life. Since when is having 3 kids a crazy number of kids? we still have one hand available for another kid just so you know

There is no way I could possibly handle 3 kids 3 and under
My response - Good thing you are not having 3 kids 3 and under
My response in my head - It's not about you boo, when you are having your babies, don't do 3 kids 3 and under. For our family this is working out just fine.
Man, you are going to have your hands full
My response - Oh we know and we are ready for that
My response in my head - If you think that my hands are full, you should see my heart
I guess you are trying for that girl huh?
My response - Of course we are, we'll keep trying until we have one (I had to be funny)
My response in my head - Really crazy, maybe we are just trying to expand our family. Of course we would love a girl but really we want 4 kids and if that means we'll have 4 boys then thanks be to God. Plus so what if we are trying for that girl :).
You know you can have sexy time without making babies right?
My response - Really? we had no idea
My response in my head - For real, you think you have jokes
Are you trying to be like the Duggar
My response - No, they have 19 kids and we are only on baby #3
My response in my head - So what if we were trying to be like the Duggar, what does that do to you?
Man your kids are going to be really close in age
My response - It's ok, we got it
My response in my head - Actually my kids are not that close in age, a 2-year gap and an 18-month gap is actually pretty normal. It's not like we were having Irish twins or anything :).

Yeah, pretty funny right. I suppose everyone is excited for you when you are having 2 babies after that, it's time for crazy questions. At least in America, crazy Americans :).

I leave you with my favorite pics from our recent photo shoot. Tman was crazy as always, Jbird was mellow. I am surprised that we got any decent pics. This is why I love getting professional pics done, we always end up with some great pics no matter how crazy our Tman is.
This is my current favorite pic of me and my Jbirda little overexposed but still great
Isn't this the cutest face you've ever seen
My new favorite of the boys, I am not even sure how we got such a good pic but I love it
My favorite pic of Tman, too bad it's his back, I still love it though
 Look at my Jbird walking on grass and being a little unsure about it but looking oh so cool
And of course my favorite family picture right now with all 5 of us :)
The photographer did a great job. I found him through a living social deal. So worth it. I am planning on using these for our Christmas cards too, win win.


  1. I think you should have answered outloud the way you answered in your head. It would have served them right with asking such ridiculous and none of their business questions!

    Love the pictures! The last one is perfection!

  2. Lol, people never cease to amaze me. One of my friends had her 3rd baby a year ago and people were out right mean. She even changed doctors cause her doctor, asked her if she wanted to keep the baby?????? Seriously, people should just rather keep quiet if they have nothing good to say.

  3. I think people just don't know what to say, so they say whatever stupid thing comes to mind. Some are jealous that you are expanding your family and perhaps they cannot, for biological or economic reasons. I have heard people complain about other people's number of kids- meanwhile, the complainers have not had to feed, babysit, or offer ANY care or financial support to said children. I'll never understand why random folks are so invested in what others due with their reproductive powers.

    Two of the statements I read seemed pretty snarky (the planned/accident and "sexy time" comments) while the rest were probably people just trying to make a joke or they just didn't know what to say. A simple "Congratulations" always works LOL!

  4. "It ain't about you, boo!!!!" I love it! People can say some inappropriate things sometimes. I just ignore them and move on.

  5. HA! Love this post!
    Those are absolutely beautiful pictures!

  6. LMAO at your thoughts. You should have said it out loud. None of them were rude in my opinion and if they are rude enough to ask, you shouldn't worry about being rude in your response.
    I know folks are going to say the same thing to us too seeing as how we are no spring chicken. But this is what hubby and I want. I am also at a point where if someone makes a rude comment to me, I have no problem responding back rudely. The beauty of age I I know why older people are considered rude. Its just cause they don't care and are tired of foolery :-).

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics and the colors are so vibrant! Your photog did a great job! I am waiting until fall to take pics for our Christmas card this year. Your picture last year inspired me :-).

  7. I guess it doesn't matter what you do. People are always gonna have some words about it. Tell them you are having none. They think you are crazy. Tell them you are having ONLY one. They think you are crazy. Tell them you are having three. They think you are crazy. You can't win with everyone but who cares right?

  8. Your family is beautiful and am so happy to see yall adding to it! It's nothing but a blessing and I'm sorry others having said those wild things! It's good youre keeping your head high but I know that has to be so annoying, too!

  9. Children are blessings, and I am so happy for your family!!!!! You always put God first, and I love that!!! To GOD be all the GLORY!!

  10. you make beautiful babies so I say keep making them! congrats and blessings :)

  11. Oh Peg you are so funny...I would have love to see you give the responses in your head! People love to transfer their own inadequacies on you!! Congratulations and expand your family away!! Nicely said too!!

  12. Wow, I'm truly shocked. People have alot of NERVE. I heard plenty of comments when I was pregnant (but I was/am unmarried and was in law school so it was expect). Even still... I am always shocked by how incredibly nosey and judgmental people are.

    I agree with everyone else -- you shoulda shared your inner thoughts with those fools.

    On another notes, I LOVE the new pictures. They came out awesome!

    1. Josie, I know that your comment was for Peg, but I just wanted to say- even if you were unmarried and in law school, people should not have been making any rude comments to you. You were pregnant, for crying out loud! Why would any nice, reasonable, normal person make crazy comments to someone carrying a child? Don't they realize that upsetting you could be harmful for the baby? People have way too much nerve and not enough common sense.

  13. I'm glad that you didn't allow these silly comments to put a damper on your joy. Bottom line is that you don't have to answer to anyone about the decisions that you make privately with your husband :). On another note, I can't wait to hear more about the pregnancy and see all your pretty preggo pics ;)

  14. LOOK at those two side by side. Just gorgeous!!

    I hear where you are coming from. People give me ALL KINDS of crazy looks and side eyes when I say that I am have one more in a couple of years. They are all really "open" with their opinions. smh. I love your answers ;)

  15. omg i want to slap whoever said those comments to you.

  16. ha ha i'm dying over the responses in your head, so funny! since when is 3 kids excessive? I would like 5 (but we will most likely have 3 or 4 if we are able) and the first thing people ask is 'are you catholic?'. I think in North America the most common view is anything over 2 is crazy.

    ps. the matching green outfits did not go unnoticed by my eagle eyes :) lovely family of 5 photo.