Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thanksgiving celebrations

We hosted Thanksgiving again this year and I catered the turkey again like I did last year and it was a great success. Being able to get a Turkey that's all done and only having to make sides has been such a blessing. My family and hubby's parents came over and we spent the evening eating and watching football. This was Emilia's first Thanksgiving :).

When my niece came over and we realized that she was somewhat twining with my mom, we decided to take a few pictures of course. Check out my mom and her oldest granddaughter looking cute

The spread just before we sat down to eat
Hubby's mom chilling with Emilia with my brothers in the background
I love this picture of my smiley Joshua being tickled by grandma

Tman and my niece were building in the playroom
I surprised them :). Are they so adorable or what
We only took a few pictures because no one was really interested in our pictures. I love all the happy smiles in the few pictures that we took

My brother asked us to do something different than posing with happy smiles and we didn't know what to do. I guess all we do is pose with happy smiles :)
Hubby's parents with the babies
Chilling with my Beanie baby. We have matching smiles here, love it
A picture of the girls and bean :). I love my family
We are hilarious I tell you
Bean and his grandma
My mom and sister with Emilia
My mom twining with Emilia
My mom really wanted to take a picture with her 2 granddaughters
How sweet is this picture with my niece giving Emilia the biggest kiss. Love my girls
We had such a great Thanksgiving celebration and I am so happy to be starting my absolute favorite time of the year, Christmas time. This year will be really special since it's Emilia's first Christmas. Are you ready for the chaos of the holiday season? Hope you had a great Thanksgiving celebrations too and are ready for the Christmas chaos.

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  1. Ahhh, what a great Thanksgiving. The way I like it, surrounded by family :)

    I'm so ready for the holiday season ... my absolute favorite time of the year!