Thursday, October 1, 2015

Family Pics Fall 2015

Our family pics are here and they are amazing. Seriously, I am not even kidding when I tell you that I loved every single picture. This is our third photoshoot with these awesome photographers and the way they work with kids is refreshing. Though my kids are always running around everywhere and seem to not be interested, they somehow manage to capture some awesome shots that represent our family perfectly.

My absolute favorite family pic, everyone is looking and smiling, is that a miracle or what. I am blowing this picture up and putting it on our walls
We had the photoshoot done at a nearby park. I was inspired by a picture on pinterest on a bridge and decided that I wanted pictures on a bridge with water in the background. A great concept unless you have kids that just want to jump in the water. It was tricky, we had to hold their hands so tight the whole time.

We did get this gem where no one is looking but hubby. I still like the vibe of the shot
This could have been great if Jbird and Bean were looking but check out Tman's face :)
 I love this one of us walking away
 Check out Jbird trying to escape
 Holding on tight to those kids
 We always try to do one of just the kids
Then we moved on to individual portraits and these did not disappoint. She captured the boys perfectly.

Tman and his grown up smile
 Bean and his sweet smile
 Jbird and his adorable smile
Then we tried to get all 3 together but someone was always running away, I do love the double team shots that we got. Jbird held on to Thomas the entire photoshoot, that's his favorite thing right now
 Bean couldn't wait to get away
We put Tman in charge of Bean and we got the money shot. These 3 boys of mine are absolute perfection, I love them so much
 We also wanted individual pictures with Bean for our bedroom wall
Is this an awesome shot of his face or what
 I absolutely love this picture of hubby and Bean
 The scenery was so beautiful
This is absolutely my favorite pic with my baby, so much love for my Beanie baby
 And because my hubby is so sexy particularly when he is holding our smiley baby :)
And my boys are just hilarious, Tman and that mischieviuos smile, Jbird completely focused on his Thomas the train and Bean so into that apple. This picture is everything
I am so glad that we do yearly pictures. When I look back at all the ones that we've done, I am always amazed at how much the boys have grown and how different their personalities are. Time to update our walls :). I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. Do you do family pictures? you should totally give it a try.


  1. Great pictures! Beautiful family you have! :-)

  2. Wow! The pictures all turned out great and that was a great idea to have them taken at the park. Have a lovely weekend... :)

  3. They turned out so good! You need to show us these walls! I would love to see :)

  4. These are just absolute perfection! I am with you. I can't choose my favorite one. I love ALL of them! Love love love!

    Can't wait to see them up on your wall.

  5. Beautiful family pictures. Love the tradition!

  6. I love how they came out! Your outfits coordinate nicely as well. We do pictures every year too- I like to see the progression of our family.

  7. Peg these pictures are just beautiful! And your dress...gorgeous! The boys are all growing up so fast!