Monday, December 5, 2016

Slumber party

You guys know how I love to host parties, any excuse is a great one to have people over and celebrate :). Well, a few months ago I bought these awesome matching jammies for me and the kids. When I showed my sisters, they told me how much they would love to match with us one day and I got an interesting idea. What if I just got everyone the same matching jammies and we could have a nice slumber party one day. My brain started working and before you knew it, I had matching jammies for all the girls. Hubby and my brothers told me flat out they weren't interested, hehehehehe.

I invited everyone over for a slumber party and they were greeted with their set of pajama. They all loved it :). It was an awesome idea and a great sleepover.

Posing with my mini-me before the party, check out my boys in the background :)
Big boy Tman and his cousin, he was so happy with the fact that everyone was wearing the same jammies
My mom and my sister, looking cute in their jammies
My sister in law and baby girl joined them for a quick photo op
Hubby's parents with the kids. Men weren't allowed so he just stayed for the pic :)
Love this pic of hubby's mom chilling with my niece
I tried to get a picture of the grandmas with the kids and chaos ensued. Emilia was so not having any of it
My mom tried to get a picture with all her grandchildren and that did not work out. She has way too many kids under the age of 5 :)
Check out everyone wearing their superhero costumes. The boys were still obsessed with PJ masks characters
Alright, let's get a family picture please. Gathering all these people was not easy
We did get a great family picture with our sea of red :)
Love this awesome family of mine
My mom tried to get a picture with all the grandchildren again and I think we nailed it
Grandma hanging out with Bean
The kids the next morning at breakfast. They were still in their super hero daze and loving the PJ masks costumes. Luckily I got some extra ones so that my niece could join the clan :)
My brother J came over to visit the next day, look at him chilling with baby girl
My mommy and my baby girl, I love this picture so much
3 generations of girls in their matching jammies, I am totally living the dream
I started making silly faces and baby girl was cracking up. Are you loving her smile as much as I do and those cheeks, ahhhh, I love her so much
My brother H with grandma and the girls
The slumber party was such a great idea. I know I am crazy with the matching but it is so much fun I can't even help myself. We totally have to do this slumber party thing again minus the matching. We had so much fun just catching up on life and having a great time. Do you do slumber parties with your family? Give it a try, you might like it ;).


  1. I love love love this!!! How awesome! You are such a great planner with the matching PJs. And I am also loving Emilia's smiles/laugh. Too cute!
    Thanks for sharing your fun evening! See you in a little over a week :-).

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  3. An entire family of twins! I love it. I can't think of a better reason to have a slumber party either.