Friday, June 10, 2016

Weekend fun - a photoshoot and a party

Last weekend we finally had our maternity photoshoot. We had to reschedule this photoshoot twice because of the weather and I was getting nervous because we were getting closer and closer to that uncomfortable phase of pregnancy. The photoshoot went well and I just can't wait to see the final result.

I put rollers in my hair to give me some volume and got completely dolled up on the day. I was feeling pretty good :). Look at that belly holding my baby girl, 35 weeks and growing.

Quick selfie with my hubby before we left
I wanted some pink on the boys but just a hint of it to celebrate baby girl so when I saw this idea of the white shirt with pink bow I was sold. Hubby was unsure about the whole look at first but I am glad he went with it because I think it came out together nicely :).

Check out my boys looking good during the photoshoot

Everything went well overall and the boys behaved really well with a little bribery :). We even changed into another set of outfit during the shoot. I love our photographers, they always manage to capture our family so well. I can't wait to see the final result

After the photoshoot we were invited to a birthday party. They had a bouncy house, a bubble stand and clown making balloons. We knew the kids would have fun so we made an effort to go. Boy was it a good idea, our boys had so much fun that they are still talking about the party now :).

Jbird giving the balloon maker a high five :)
Balloon hats are the coolest of course
The decoration was beautiful
My boys kept coming back for more balloons

I told you, always back for more

He made Jbird a turtle and he was so happy about it
Showing off his turtle
Big boy Tman waiting for a balloon

They had hot dogs, pizza and pretzel for lunch, my boys were in heaven. Check out Tman devouring his hot dog over there :)
We played a few games
And hung out with our friends
It was a perfect day for an outdoor party and we definitely made the most of it. I almost didn't get a family picture, so unlike me I know but the boys were just busy bees the entire time
As soon as we got in the car, the boys passed out. We definitely wore them out
They all slept until the next morning, a glorious 14 hours later. I know, I totally have to gloat because it is was a minor miracle. We did absolutely nothing productive with our lives on Sunday and we loved every minute of it.

It was a weekend well spent. I am glad we finally did our maternity photoshoot, one less thing to worry about. I love that we are slowly but surely crossing everything on our list of things to do before baby girl gets here. I hope you all had a great weekend too and are enjoying the nice weather.


  1. Those photo shoot outfits are so cute. I'm sure their sis will be so proud when she sees them.

  2. Gosh...I love love love this post! Looking forward to seeing more pictures from your photoshoot! You guys look awesome in the pictures you posted!
    You're almost there! Time is FLYING! Soon we will be celebrating your little one. By the way, your skin and hair look GREAT!