Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hubby's graduation

A month ago, my hubby graduated with his Masters of Science in Management. To say that I am super proud of him is an understatement. We knew this wouldn't be an easy feat because he started his degree a mere few months after we found out baby #3 would be joining our family. We both worked full time and had our hands full with raising 2 soon to be 3 kids but that did not discourage my hubby.

Hubby's determination and dedication coupled with the support of our family was rewarded when he passed that last class a month ago. You guys, this is amazing and a true testament that you can do anything you put your mind to and children are not a hindrance in your life though they might slow you down :).

I remember every time we went on a trip the past 2 years, hubby always had to take a laptop with him so that he could do his homework. When we were in Cameroon, he had to find wifi so that he could submit his homework. Well all that hard work paid off because he is now the proud owner of a Masters degree.

On the day of the graduation we took the entire family with us of course. His parents, my brothers, my mom and the boys were all there to celebrate hubby's achievement. The joke is that the whole event was more than 3 hours for about 10 seconds of joy but it was worth every minute to see this awesome face on the jumbotron

Congratulations to my hubby, love this man to pieces and I am so proud of him
My mom and brother hanging out with Jbird before the ceremony
Why does everything always happen during naptime :). Luckily my kids will sleep anywhere
Our crew during the ceremony
Big boy Tman eventually woke up
My mom wrangling all the grandkids while I was taking a gazillion pictures of the ceremony
Our graduate after the ceremony
Hubby and his parents
My mom and I with the graduate
Our family pic on the day of graduation. I told you one of my kids is always asleep
My brother J with the graduate
My brother H with his family and the graduate
Love these pictures of everyone walking towards the cars

Tman was so happy to hang out with his dad and granddad. 3 generations of awesome men. Can you spy my little Bean in the background there with his grandma ;)

My mom really wanted a picture with her kids and I love this though it was so overexposed
Since hubby's graduation was in the afternoon, we decided to celebrate the next day. We were actually invited to another graduation celebration that evening. No rest for the wicked in our family.

Hubby got the night off and my mom (best companion ever), the kids and I went to the party. Don't mind the boys, they were all just waking up from another cat nap :)
I was impressed that Tman and Jbird were really into the indoor basketball

Then of course there was a dance party and my boys were all about that. I think Tman and Jbird were fighting at first, these boys of mine I tell you
My mom got in on the dancing too
I absolutely love this picture of my mom and the boys dancing. That happy grin on Jbird's face makes my day everyday
Rocking it out with my boys, I have the best crew I tell you
Nathan also got into basketball at some point
Before we knew it, we had to leave but not before taking an awesome picture with our hosts. They actually came from Houston to attend the graduation. Next year Sonja is graduating from college so we'll be partying it up in Houston with them 
We had such a great day celebrating hubby's graduation. I love that the boys behaved so well and that everyone was able to come support hubby's great achievement. This was definitely a super busy weekend for us but it was worth every minute. Congrats to my hubby.

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  1. Congrats to Neil! Such an accomplishment! And doing it while working full time is a feat in itself! Looks like a great celebration. You also are rocking that dress, you look fabulous!