Thursday, June 2, 2016

Meeting one of my favorite bloggers in real life

We are back from our babymoon in Chicago. We had an amazing time taking on the sights in this beautiful city and I must say we thoroughly enjoyed our kid free time. One of the highlights of the trip was meeting one of my favorite bloggers in real life :).

You guys, I have enjoyed blogging over the years and have enjoyed the friendship that stemmed from it. Every time I find a new blogger I like, I keep coming back for more. Faith was one of the first bloggers I started following 6 years ago. She blogged about her wedding and her family and I was completely hooked. Her personality was so positive and upbeat that I kept coming back for more. Over the years, I realized that we had so much in common and never stopped reading :).

I always knew that if/when we met we would totally hit it off but we lived so far from each other that it was never really an option. Well, imagine my excitement when we are in Chicago and Faith posted on Instagram that she just landed in Chicago. You guys, I was so excited that I started messaging her about meeting. My hubby thought I was a complete lunatic, :). He was like, what makes you think that she is going to want to meet with you? But you guys, I feel like I've know Faith forever thanks to blogging and I just knew she would be excited too.

I messaged her my number and what do you know, I got a text from her and before we knew it we were making plans to eat brunch together a few days later. See hubby, I told you Faith would be just as excited as I was about meeting :).

The instant we met, I just knew my instincts were right. She was exactly that sweet, positive and upbeat person from the blog and we totally hit it off. We spent the entire brunch talking and laughing and connecting. It felt like we had know each other for years and let's face it we've kinda have known each other for years through our blogs :).

Brunching with Faith and Sean in Chicago :)
The food was delicious and justt for you Faith, pictures of food :)

 After brunch we of course took a few pictures outside, we are bloggers after all

I even took a picture of our husbands together, they were not impressed but were such good sport
Our trip to Chicago was so awesome and meeting Faith in real life was totally the icing on the cake. What a completely unplanned yet amazingly random meeting. Every time I read Faith's blog now, I will always giggle in my head a little thinking about all the fun we had at brunch in Chicago. Though we wont' see each other often because we don't live close to each other, I am sure there will be many more sightings in our lives. She was exactly the way I thought she would be from reading her blog and I totally loved that about her. It was so nice meeting you in real life Faith :).


  1. This is soooooo cool! I am slightly jealous! Wicked awesome!!

    I love the last pic with both your husbands! It made me chuckle! :-D

  2. This is really great that you got to meet up. Faith is amazing.

  3. Awww, I have the biggest smile on my face :) I'm gonna have the best day, lol. I had such a great time meeting you and I love it that it was just like seeing an old friend you hadn't seen in a little while! I can't wait for our next meet up, haha.

  4. That is so awesome!! When I saw you together I was trying to figure out who lived in Chicago or was that just a really great coincidence that you were both visiting.