Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hubby's graduation celebration

I am all about celebrating every little milestone in life so you best believe that we had to celebrate hubby's graduation. We decided to have a celebration at home the day after the graduation. After 2 weekends back to back of celebrations (my birthday and mother's day), we just didn't feel like dragging everyone out again :). I am getting tired over here. Plus home celebrations are low key and easy with all the kids.

We got some balloons of course, my boys love these and enjoy them long after the party
My family trying to enjoy their meals but ms. paparazzi keeps taking pictures over here :)

My sisters joined in on the celebrations, I love this picture of my peeps
Bean chilling with his grandparents
I of course made everyone go out on the deck for pictures because our pictures outside are always the best

There was so much belly loving, baby girl was definitely there in spirit :)
Our graduate hanging out with the girls
Our graduate hanging out with the boys
The kids enjoying their desert
Poor Jbird passed out from all the fun
Loving this picture of the cousins (minus Jbird) hanging out together
I almost forgot the champagne :)
And of course I took another gazillion pictures with our champagne in hand :)
Hubby with his parents
We all have the same last name :)
My mom grinning from ear to ear
My brothers and sister in law with the graduate

Father and son celebrating
We had such an awesome time celebrating hubby's accomplishment. It's always so nice to close one chapter and start a new one. Hubby is super happy to be done with this degree and how perfect that we made it happen right before baby #4 joined our family :). We are slowly but surely clearing our list of things to do before baby girl joins our family. Good job hubby, you did good.