Monday, June 20, 2016

Tman our Karate kid :)

My big boy Tman earned his orange belt in Karate two weekends ago and we were all so proud him. We did Soccer last Fall but he really wasn't impressed and when we started Karate this year he was just super excited about it all. At first he was all over the place never listening to the instructors and just doing his own thing. Then he slowly got better, calmer, and started listening to the instructions.

He does Karate 2 days a week and swimming 1 day a week which makes for a pretty busy week for him and us but we love how well he is doing in both. Two weeks ago the instructors told us that he was ready to test for his orange belt and I got super giddy with excitement. I love that you have to take a test and earn your belt. It's a short 10 minute test but I just love the fact that he had to earn it.

In our fashion, we packed up the entire crew to go support our Tman. Family selfie in the car with the best crew :). Don't mind my hubby, he is the king of silly faces ;)
My boys are pure chaos :)
Hubby's mom got there just in time to watch Tman take his test. The boys were super excited to see her.
My Tman was listening to the instructor and following directions, I was so proud. He also knew the names of the different techniques. I mean look at my baby's awesome form during his test

He needs to work on kicks and putting a lot more strength in his punches but he was pretty good for a 5 soon to be 6 year old.

He earned that orange belt like a boss and we were all so proud of him. Tman and his grandma showing off his orange belt :)
Tman and his parents, go Tman
I love that my Tman is really into Karate. I hope it teaches him about discipline and focus. We plan to enroll Jbird there this Summer, we think he is ready to join his brother. Have you tried Karate for your kids? You totally should particularly if they have a lot of energy to burn. I am so glad we were able to celebrate Tman earning his orange belt before the baby's arrival. Checking things off our list of things to do and loving it.


  1. Tman looks like he is really enjoying it. Bean is growing so nicely.

  2. Woohoo T-Man! Way to go. He has great form.

  3. Oh my! I was grinning reading this post like it was my own kid. So happy for him. BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO HIM!!! He'll have to give Jordan tips when she starts :-D