Monday, June 13, 2016

A baby update - Month 8

Month 8 is behind us and we are gearing up for baby at this point. Can you believe that we are a mere 3 weeks and a few days away from our due date which means that we are in the "any day now" phase of meeting our baby girl. Gulp, someone pinch me because I think I am dreaming.

Our 8th month was so awesome. We went on our babymoon and had the absolute best time. We also had our maternity shoot (we were kind of cutting it close there). The aches and pain were back in full force towards the end of this month but at this point it is completely expected, I am toting around a 5 pounder and I still work full time while tending to my 3 busy boys.

The highlight of this month was our trip to Chicago where I took so many pictures of my bump with monuments :). So here I am bumping around Chicago with my baby girl.

33 weeks with baby #4

34 weeks with baby #4 in Chicago baby
I didn't take a belly shot for the 35th week since we had our maternity photoshoot that day. I am sure I will have a belly picture I can use for her book.

36 weeks with baby #4, my big boy Tman wanted to join in on the fun :)
How sweet is this big brother giving his sister lots of kisses.
I spent the weekend cleaning baby girl's clothes and getting her stuff ready. Since I was cleaning her closet, I decided to clean my closet and the boys closet too. It was tedious but I am so glad that we are finally all caught up with that.

Baby girl's closet looking girly and including all the matchy matchy clothes :)
And look at all the pink goodness in her drawers

We only use one closet for our boys since they pretty much match everyday :). Tman doesn't match during the school year since he wears a uniform but he does on the weekend and during holidays. I only buy about 10 shirts and 10 pants each season and we rotate them everyday until the season is over. It makes our lives so easy. It started as a game and I totally got hooked on the ease of things. I present to you my boys closet all cleaned up :).
And for good measure here is my closet all cleaned up too, Tman was a riot posing in there for me :)
We are pretty much ready for this baby to come at this point. We have a few loose ends to tie before her arrival so if she could just cook for a few more weeks I would really appreciate it. We have my big boy Tman's graduation from Kindergarten this week, then Father's Day, then we are getting our carpet cleaned. I am 2 weeks away from the start of my maternity leave, woop woop. Things are about to get real up in here and I am excited about it all. July cannot come soon enough you guys. Month 9, we are ready for you. Bring it :)v

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! It is almost time!!! I love all the pictures of you and your baby bump! AWESOME!!! You did a fabulous job with their closet and are giving me ideas :-).

    You look great as usual. Praying for a happy and safe delivery for you and your grand finale!