Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend fun - Celebrating a bachelorette

We had such a busy weekend. Well, I had a busy weekend and the boys chilled most of the time. On Saturday I hosted our girl's brunch in the morning and it was loads of fun. I love that my friends and I always schedule some time to do fun girl things and catch up with each other. As busy as our lives are it would be hard to hang out otherwise.

My brothers came over after the brunch because we had so much food left over and a really good family friend was in town and joined us for the brunch and they wanted to hang out with her. I love me some family time
After the brunch I was invited to celebrate my friend Ally's bachelorette party. She is getting married next month and I am bummed that we can't go (being a destination wedding and us being booked with trips all year didn't help). I made the effort to go celebrate her last days as a single girl. My hubby watched the boys while I was out dancing the night away.

Before I left, I of course took some pics with my boys, I mean you don't do that? Well, you should.
Tman was all about giving me kisses
 Jbird, not so much, he clearly didn't want me to leave
Hubby wanted to join in on the picture taking fun and snapped this family self portrait, my favorite kind of pic. How are we going to fit 3 kids in a self portrait? I don't know but for now we got this fitting 2 kids down to a science (of course with bean in the belly).
After all the picture taking fun, I went to the bachelorette party. We had such a fun time. The set up was awesome, I devoured those strawberries :). I couldn't drink so that was the next best thing.
Putting some cream on the shots, extra creamy please

Yeah, it was serious shot taking :)
Me and the bachelorette
The girls before we headed out to celebrate
We went to a local bar with karaoke on the weekend. I didn't sing (thank goodness) but the bachelorette definitely did
and she danced and danced
and she backed that thing up
It was amazing. She had an awesome time and frankly so did I. Thought I couldn't drink, I definitely had a ball celebrating this lady. Pregnant lady in a bar, what up
On Sunday we celebrated hubby's birthday almost 2 weeks early because my sister in law is due on his birthday. That deserve a post of his own. It was a busy but awesome weekend around here. Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. Oh what a fun weekend! I love the pic of you and Tman. That is so cute! And what a beautiful family photo!

  2. You have the most fun weekends! There's never a dull weekend day in your life, huh? That's awesome :)

  3. Such a great weekend! Those chocolate covered strawberries look delicious! and the bachlorette looks so happy -- good for her!

  4. Lol Pregnant lady in the bar - what up? Haha you're killing me!!! the bachelorette looks really fun - reminds me of the one I had for my sister many years ago :)

    Good luck with the family of 5 photos - we're still struggling with family of 3 photos lol so I have no advice to give! As usual the boys are cute!!

  5. That looks like it was a really fun bachelorette party! Hubby is looking good w/o the glasses and the picture of you kissing the boys is too sweet :)

  6. What are you doing? Pregnant woman at a bachelorette - you rock lady, you so rock :)

  7. That looks like the best time!! And those SHOTS!!! YUMMO!!!

  8. I love your weekend posts! You always have the most fun! Looks like such a good time! I want to party with you!