Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy Halloween - 2016

Happy Halloween you guys, I hope you all had a great time celebrating and trick or treating with your family. We had an awesome time and the fact that our kids (well the big boys) are old enough to know what is going makes it even more fun. I love the idea of getting dressed up as a family, I know it's not going to last forever but I will milk it for as long as I can :).

I love looking back in my blog archive and seeing the posts I wrote about a variety of events. I love that I blogged about our Halloween through the years. You can see what we wore and how we celebrated in 2012 and 2013. We were out of town in 2014 so we didn't do anything special and my absolute favorite family costume so far was in 2015.

This year was tricky with baby girl being only 3 months, I decided to keep things low key and easy while still having fun with it all. I think it worked out really well :).

I present to you this year's family costume inspired by Dr Seuss, a family of things :)
Just so you know, it's not easy getting a picture of this six pack of mine. We had to take at least 3 pictures to get a good one ;). Everyone was always doing their own thing I tell you
This was so funny because we had the camera on self timer and everyone was doing well until I joined the group and Jbird and Bean started running away.
Getting a picture of the kids proved to be even more difficult. These 4 are always a riot
We decided to go trick or treating at a nearby mall on Friday since it was during the daytime and the weather was nice. We figured that this way if it was really cold on actual Halloween we wouldn't have to stay very long.

I just love this picture of hubby with the boys
We of course got a family picture while we were out and about

My friend D was also out and about with her kids. Her baby is only 6 weeks older than Emilia
Are you loving her family Halloween costume as much as I am. We went to College together and we've since then added 7 kids total to our families. Crazy huh

Hubby and his kiddos
Chilling with my kiddos
Trick or treating at the mall went really well and was such a great idea. The boys had a ball. When we came home, I dressed baby girl in the family pumpkin costume. I need to find the pictures of the boys wearing this costume for comparison
On Halloween night, the weather was actually fairly nice so we took the boys trick or treating around hubby's parents neighborhood. They were in heaven
Tman was always at the forefront
Check them out running to the front door of one of the houses
Grandma tagged along
I love this picture of Bean having what seems to be a deep conversation with his grandma
Don't you just love that our double stroller can fit 3 comfortably, best stroller ever.
We did manage to get a group picture before we called it a night
An awesome Halloween celebration was had by all. My boys are still talking about all the candy they collected and how much they loved our outfit. Now to think about next year's outfit, I have so many ideas and best of all all 4 kids will be big enough to walk around in their costume. I cannot wait to start planning.

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