Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weeken fun - the Halloween edition

What a crazy fun weekend we had. It was busy but definitely a good kind of busy. We had fun and the kids had fun, well at least Tman for sure.

On Friday we went to a Halloween party at a friend's house. It was awesome. We went as a family of skeletons. Tman picked his costume and we loved the idea of making everyone match. Our friends have a huge backyard where the kids got to run around for hours. It was a great success. I wish I could post all the other family costumes, there were some really good ones.

Anyhow, here is my Tman getting excited in the car, my little skeleton
Me and my littlest skeleton, Jbird's costume actually glows in the dark, pretty cool
I love this shot of the boys, you can actually see the whole costume
And the family of bones
Hubby's friend from college Cece came to visit. This was her first time meeting the boys. She was so excited and spent the entire weekend playing with the kids. Cece and Tman just hit it off right away, could be because she let him play with her Iphone all weekend long.

We had our family photos done on Saturday. The photographer came over to the house and took pics of Jbird, Tman, and of course family pics. Tman was not the easiest and I wonder if we'll have any decent pics. She is a great photographer so I hope we do. Cece was a great help during the photoshoot and she had so much fun with us that she said she is definitely coming back.

Cece and Tman playing with blocks and the Iphone. Tman's ability to smile for the camera on demand lately just amazes me. I trained my son well
Cece hanging out with the kids.
Cece brought the boys matching outfit, that's my kind of gift. I decided to put them on the kids the next day so that she can see how nice they looked. We taught Tyler this weekend to put his hand on his mouth when he coughed and clearly it was a great success because he did that over and over.
and Tman's smile is just the best, I absolutely love it
We love having visitors and we really enjoyed Cece's visit


  1. Looks like a pretty fun weekend. Beautiful pictures! I love the matching family costume!

  2. Love love love the skeleton family costume. high 5 to T-man!

  3. Family of bones! Haha... love it!

  4. Skeleton family! I love matching costume ideas. So cute!

  5. The idea of a family of bones is too cute! Looks like a fun weekend!

  6. omg, i LOVE the skeleton costumes, so much coolness to it.

    AOI has the same mega blocks as Tman :)