Saturday, November 19, 2016

Post partum recovery - a hair update after baby #4

We survived the first week back at work full time, wooohooo. It was a crazy week that felt like the longest week ever. You guys we have 4 pick ups and drop offs, which is absolutely insane. Right now we are doing our favorite divide and conquer technique by each taking 2 kids to alleviate the pain while hoping that very soon we will be down to only 2 drop offs. I am so happy baby girl is sleeping longer stretches at night because I really need those extra hours.

Anyway, I digress, this post is about my hair update. My hair has been falling like crazy for the last 2 months, I am officially bald, womp womp. I was really hoping and holding out hope but nah, I am balding like I did after my other pregnancies. My hair is still falling but I think the end is near. Since I was going back to work, I had to remember to style my hair in a way that would hide the baldness yet still look somewhat stylish.

My favorite time this week was attending Bean's harvest luncheon at his daycare. He was so happy to see me and wouldn't leave my sight the entire lunch. You can see what my go to hairstyle looks like in this awesome picture with my beanie baby.
When I got my hair relaxed a month ago, it was evident where the hair loss was concentrated. I mean look at my ends. I plan to do a major cut next month
Every time I comb my hair, I end up with a major amount of loss just because. It is nerve wrecking. I try not to comb my hair too much these days but what can you do

This is what my edges look like right now, yikes

I plan to style it this way when my hair is out. Though I don't plan to have my hair out much until we are done shedding like crazy
This is how I plan to style my hair to hide that major hair loss. I managed to do that for months after my other pregnancies and it worked really well
I plan to style my hair on Sundays for the week and do minimal work on it during the week. I don't want to comb it too much until we are done shedding
I love the side part look so much because most people don't even notice that I am balding plus it's super cute, I mean check me out with my mini me ;)
On my first day of work I took a few pictures with my baby girl of course. I love my go to hairstyle because it does the trick and will allow me to grow my hair back while still looking stylish :). Oh and by the way I am loving that all my clothes fit me perfectly
I hate the post partum hair loss that follows all my pregnancies but I must say my babies are totally worth that pain. I would give up all my hair any day for this adorable baby girl
Well, this is where we are with the hair loss 4 months post partum. This is usually the worst part about my post partum alopecia. I look forward to the shedding stopping completely then the hair growing back. 9 months is usually the sweet spot in the recovery and that's less than 5 months away. Silver lining :). Do you experience post partum alopecia? How do you deal with it?


  1. When I had my girls, I cut my hair right before their births. Why? I just wanted my hair off my head. Because I did this, I didn't notice any post-partum alopecia. In fact, I was not even aware there was such a thing until just recently. After they were born, my hair grew back and I thought nothing of it. Hang in there. I know that @jberzen took those pills that kept her hair nice and thick throughout the post-partum recovery. Good Luck. I look forward to more about your hair journey.

  2. I love the hairstyle with or without balding. You look fabulous. And I agree, that sweet face with those beautiful cheeks is all worth it.

  3. Awww...I know the feeling. Definitely NOT fun BUT it is worth it for that beautiful face you see everyday. Hang in there. Before you know it, it'll be a long gone memory. As Sharon said, I did use the mantabolism hair vitamins. It helped minimize the shedding a bit but not by too much because I still experienced shedding. Perhaps talk to your doctor about upping your biotin intake?

  4. Try black tea rinsing to help reduce the shedding. Your body has snapped back really great. The gift of kids surpass those sacrifices for sure.

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